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25 Task Management Software for 2024


Apr 2024


Ssshhhh………It’s a SECRET. 

We’re sharing a list of 10 free task management software to manage your workspaces without breaking the bank!                      

Are you a team leader? Or a Solopreneur?

We know, you work all day to meet your target but do you still have a ton left to handle?

Well, planning and jotting your tasks in a diary won’t help you much. To expand your client base, you need to smartly work on your productivity skills. A diary or pen and paper neither allows on-the-fly changes nor gives access to the team for mutual decision-making. It can get disorganized fast, right?

So, get started with the best and most productive task management web app to structure your projects into tasks and manage collaboration – everything into one space.


What is Task Management?

Task Management is a systematic approach that involves more than just ticking off the task lists. It starts with breaking goals into tasks and taking actionable steps to get the work done and meet the deadline for every project.

Top 25 Task Management Software

The Wait is over. Get ready to save the free and best task management software for your company. Let’s dive into detail and explore top-rated features-:

task management software

1. Kroolo

task management software

Looking for the best task management software to scale your projects and structure your tasks all in one space? Sign up with Kroolo now!  

Stop shifting platforms for managing multiple projects. Use Kroolo to create goals, manage teams, share documents, collaborate with your team, and manage your workspaces seamlessly within one centralized platform.                                                                       

Kroolo key features                          

✅ Versatility - Effortlessly create, organize, and view tasks in List, and Kanban

✅ Advanced AI integration - Filter, sort, and manage tasks with a single click using our AI tool

✅ Customizable views: Tailor your task viewing experience based on preferences like Due date, Priority, and more.

✅ Curated task panel: Simplify task updates and organization with a comprehensive task management hub


  • Startup plan: Free
  • Plus plan: $15 / User / Month
  • Business plan: $25 / User / Month


2. DragApp

DragApp task management software

Via DragApp

DragApp is a top task management software that converts your Gmail into a Team Workspace. This tool makes collaboration and teamwork happen faster with shared inboxes and customizable boards.

So, if you’re a remote worker or small business owner and want to improve your productivity, try this workflow tool to leverage the features of task management software & strengthen your collaboration with the team.

DragApp key features 

  • Offers email tracking
  • Create, assign, and manage tasks as per pre-filled instructions.


  • Forever Free plan
  •  Plus plan starts at $8 per user/per month
  • Pro plan costs $12 per user/month when billed yearly


3. Weekdone

weekdone task management software

Via Weekdone

Weekdone is a top-of-the-line software for task management that helps teams with weekly planning and goal setting.

Being an OKR software, you can align teams and people across your organization, and see in your newsfeed what others are working on. This improves collaboration & makes everyone move in one unified direction.

Weekdone key features 

  • Easy to get weekly reviews & 1:1 scheduling
  • Conduct pulse surveys with customized templates for weekly feedback


  • Free plan is available for three or fewer members
  • Premium plan starts at $108 per month, billed monthly for larger teams 


4. Basecamp

Basecamp task management software

via Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the best team productivity tools that manages every project task and its related activities with relative ease. It majorly focuses on efficient team communication and collaboration. So,

  • Which task has been approved?
  • What’s in the progress mode?

You’ll know everything to plan your actions for the next task.

Basecamp key features

  • Offers real-time communication with pings and campfires
  • Automate Check-ins
  • Bookmark to-do lists, message and comment directly with quick access


  • Free Plan
  • Paid Plan starts at $57.82/month, billed annually


5. Nifty 

Nifty task management software

via Nifty

Nifty is a flexible and feature-rich task management web app that can automate your task management and progress reporting with an in-built workflow builder.

This ideal tool is suitable for all team types as it offers customizable views, flexible board layout, and prioritization for tasks and deadlines.

Nifty key features 

  • You can bundle & segment the progress of relevant tasks together
  • Visualize the progress with a swimlane view for maximum insights
  • Offers flexibility with report view & layout


  • Nifty offers a free forever plan
  • Starter Pack: $39 per month, billed annually
  • Pro Pack: $79 per month, billed annually
  • Business Pack: $124 per month, billed annually


6. Hive 

Hive task management software

via Hive

Hive is an encompassing and the best task management tool that helps teams save time in managing multiple projects.

Teams of all sizes can use Hive to structure upcoming tasks, delegate work to a team, and collaborate within one platform, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Hive key features 

  • Comment, tag, and communicate on tasks
  • Assign tasks to internal and external users


  • Free Forever 
  • Paid Plan offers $12 /month per user for teams


task management software


7. Chanty

Chanty task management software

via Chanty

Chanty is a team collaboration tool that can convert any message into a task. It lets you discuss any task in a related flow with relevant team members through audio, video, voice message, or thread discussion.

Powered with multiple integrations, you can assign a task, set a due date, control priority and status, and streamline repetitive tasks in a Kanban Board.  

Chanty key features 

  • Offers simple and intuitive user experience
  • Offers code snippets with dev-friendly formatting


  • Free for teams with up to 10 users
  • Paid plan starts from $3 user/month 


8. nTask

nTask task management software

via nTask

nTask is an intuitive and simple task management tool that helps teams track project development, collaborate across teams, and manage single or multiple projects for professional and personal use.

This easy-to-access tool has a cleaner and easily navigated interface and is available on various platforms for download. So, create as many workspaces and teams for respective projects, purposes, and tasks for respective departments at your organization.

nTask key features

  • Create & assign tasks in a few seconds
  • Play with sleek Kanban cards to track progress
  • Create prioritization & notify your team members to seek their utmost attention


  • Premium plan starts from $3month Billed Yearly


9. ProProfs Project

Proprofs task management software

via ProProfs 

ProProfs Project is a power-packed task management software built for handling multiple projects across cross-functional teams in one single space. It lets you assign and track tasks from one single platform and streamline your processes to deliver projects on time.

The best part is - you can customize the dashboard with a simple drag-and-drop option and get all your project-related information at a glance.

So, what’s missing? ProProfs Project doesn’t have a user-friendly mobile app for seamless collaboration anytime, anywhere.

ProProfs key features

  • Multiple views for different projects
  • Get real-time notifications & alerts
  • Leverage automation for recurring tasks


  • Essential plan costs $2/user/month billed yearly
  • Premium plan costs $4/user/month billed yearly


10. Fellow

Fellow task management software

via Fellow

Fellow primarily focuses on meetings and team collaboration. This task management software for teams lets you determine key action items for your team while sharing feedback and notes.

Besides, you can create an agenda for meeting discussions and use calendar events to structure all notes from recurring meetings all in one platform. 

Fellow key features

  • Conduct a 1:1 team meeting
  • Request & track real-time feedback on meetings, recent projects, & performance


  • Free plan available 
  • Pro plan starts at $7/month/user 
  • Business plan starts at $10/month/user


11. Ayoa

Ayoa task management software

via Ayoa

Ayoa is like a one the leading project task management software where you and your team can share ideas, work together, and finish tasks.

This online whiteboarding and online brainstorning tool is super easy to use and has lots of extensive features that keeps your tasks organized and in place.

Moreover,  you can split big tasks into smaller ones, choose who's responsible for each task, leave comments, and even attach files. With Ayoa, teamwork and getting things done becomes a breeze!

Ayoa key features

  • With mind mapping, you can transform ideas into actionable tasks
  • Customizable task boards for managing tasks across different stages of completion
  • Sync tasks with your calendar to stay on top of deadlines
  • Easily share documents and files within tasks or chat


  • Free plan
  • Mind mapping plan starts at $120 per month
  • Ultmate plan starts at $156 per month


12. Infolio

Infolio is a fantastic tool for managing tasks and projects with your team. It's super easy to use and has lots of cool features to help you collaborate effectively.

You can organize tasks in different ways, chat with your team about specific projects, work together visually on boards, and customize how you track information.

Infolio key features

  • Design and customize workspaces to meet your team's specific needs
  • Use flexible Kanban boards for a visual view of task progress
  • Collaborate on documents within the platform
  • Manage tasks in projects, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines

Top of Form


Custom pricing 


13. Todoist

Todoist task management software

via Todoist

Todoist is the best software for personal task management. It stands out as a remarkably efficient task management tool, designed to cater to both individual users and teams with its sleek interface and intuitive functionality.

With its straightforward interface, you can easily create, share, and prioritize tasks. Collaboration is made easy by sharing lists and assigning tasks to team members. Plus, you can add labels and priority tags to keep your tasks organized.

Todoist key features

  • Helps users prioritize tasks, ensuring critical projects are addressed first
  • Users can create projects and sub-projects to organize tasks
  • Allows setting up recurring tasks for regular activities


  • Beginner plan is free
  • Pro plan starts at $4per month
  • Business plan starts at $6per member/month


14. Trello

Trello task management software

via Trello

Trello emerges as a top contender in task management software, acclaimed for its versatility and user-friendly interface.

At its core, Trello utilizes the Kanban board system, enabling users to visualize their projects in a highly interactive, card-based layout that can be customized to fit any workflow or project type.

You can have a clear view of your ‘To-Do’, ‘In-Progress’ and ‘Completed’ to manage your priorities and deadlines accordingly.

Trello key features

  • Trello’s board and card system offers a comprehensive project overview for tracking progress
  • Boards, lists, and cards can be customized for various projects
  • Enable clear team communication through comments, file attachments, & task assignments on cards


  • Free plan is available
  • Standard plan starts at $5 per user/month
  • Premium plan starts at $10 per user/month
  • Enterprise plan starts at $17.5 per user/month


15. Infinity

Infinity task management software

via Infinity

Infinity is a popular task management software for small business owners and startups. This tool lets you create, manage and organize your tasks in order to meet the deadline before time.

Beyond streamlining your projects and sub-tasks, Infinity facilitates team collaboration efficiently. Moreover, you can also track the time spent by your team members on specific projects.

Infinity key features

  • Offers flexibility in structuring projects and tasks with customizable boards, folders, and tabs
  • Users can switch between List, Calendar, Gantt, and Kanban views to visualize data
  • Uses attributes for every task like priority, status, deadlines, and more
  • Team members can comment, assign tasks, set statuses, and receive notifications


  • Pro plan starts at $9/ per month
  • Unlimited plan starts at $149/ per month


16. Hitask

Hitask task management software

via Hitask

Hitask is a user-friendly task management tool that simplifies project organization. Its clean interface keeps teams focused on work, not complexity. With easy task assignment, deadline setting, and project creation, it's perfect for small to medium teams.

Hitask seamlessly integrates with calendars, preventing scheduling clashes and keeping everyone aligned. It's the go-to choice for teams valuing efficiency and simplicity in task management.

Hitask key featureshhhhh

  • Easy task creation, aided by intuitive calendar and color-coding features for prioritization
  • Facilitating task assignment, file sharing, and team communication
  • Syncs deadlines and events across platforms
  • Users can differentiate personal tasks from team projects for better clarity and organization


  • Free plan is available
  • Business plan starts at $5 per user / month
  • Enterprise plan starts at $20 per user / month


17. Smartsheet

Smartsheet task management software

via Smartsheet

Smartsheet is the best task management software for spreadsheet lovers. This tool is the best for keeping your information organized.

Moreover, if you don’t want to learn complex Excel formulas and looking for something beyond task management, try using Smartsheet. It lets you create and manage multiple projects, tasks, and to-do lists and track the health of each project.

Smartsheet key features

  • Comment, attach documents, and work simultaneously on the same sheet to stay aligned
  • Automate repetitive tasks, set up rules for sending notifications, updating fields, or creating tasks
  • Customize project views in grid, card, Gantt chart, or calendar format


  • Free plan is available
  • Pro plan starts at $7per user/​month
  • Business plan starts at $25per user/​month


task management software


18. BIGContacts

BIGContacts task management software

via BIGContacts

BIGContacts is a powerful CRM task management software that streamlines your business operations and bring all tasks and related data to one unified platform. It lets you track and monitor all your to-dos in one place and manage them specifically with team calendar. 

Importantly, this tool aims to enhance business relationships and sales processes by offering intelligent reports to monitor the progress of each project.

BIGContacts key features

  • Offers an intuitive platform to track and manage business relationships
  • Visualize and manage sales pipeline from initial contact to close, providing insights into sales forecasts and team performance
  • Easily monitor client interactions with logs for calls, emails, meetings, and tasks
  • Automate marketing campaigns with email marketing and follow-up reminders


Custom pricing


19. MeisterTask

MeisterTask task management software

via MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a highly efficient task management tool designed to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.

With its intuitive interface, users can easily navigate through various features, ensuring smooth operation for both individuals and teams. Central to its functionality are visual project boards, offering customizable layouts for organizing tasks and tracking progress effortlessly.

MeisterTask key features

  • Fosters real-time communication, task assignments, and progress tracking
  • Offers robust integrations with tools like Slack, GitHub, and Zapier
  • Customize project boards to fit any workflow, from simple to-do lists to complex multi-stage projects
  • Prioritizes data security and privacy with encrypted data and strict access controls


  • Free plan 
  • Pro plan starts at $6 per user per month
  • Business plan starts at $12 per user per month


20. Casual

Casual is a popular task management software that lets you arrange your tasks the way it fits perfect. t particularly suitable for teams who thrive on visual cues and less conventional project management methods.

This unique format allows for the easy mapping out of projects, from simple tasks to complex workflows, enabling teams to see the bigger picture and how each piece of the puzzle fits together.

Casual key features

  • Offers visual project planning with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Adaptable for various teams
  • Easy Integration with popular tools like Google Drive and Dropbox


  • Personal plan starts at $ 10/month

  • Starter plan starts at $ 25/month


21. Tasklog

Tasklog task management software

via Tasklog

Tasklog is a to-do based task management software designing specifically for small businesses and freelancers to track time spent and expenses incurred. Typically, this tool helps you maintain and monitor all your daily tasks at one place in one dashboard.

From creating projects to preparing to-do lists and delegating tasks, Tasklog lets you monitor the productivity of employee, prioritize task and track their health at every level.

Tasklog key features

  • Offers detailed time tracking, allowing users to log hours on tasks and projects accurately
  • Simplified interface for task management and to-do lists, keeping users organized
  • Includes a Pomodoro timer for focused work sessions and breaks


  • Offers $9 per month
  • Offers $199 for lifetime 


22. FunctionFox

FuctionFox task management software

via FunctionFox

FunctionFox stands out especially for creative professionals and agencies. Where Tasklog focuses on individual productivity and time management, FunctionFox caters to the needs of creative teams requiring robust project management features and time-tracking functionality.

FunctionFox key features

  • Offers project management and scheduling for task assignments, deadlines, and scheduling
  • Facilitates time tracking and expense reporting
  • Customizable dashboards and reports


  • Classic plan starts at $10
  • Premier plan starts at $15


23. Any.do

Any.do is an interesting to-do list application best for personal or workplace use. Such a task management tool gives you a quick overview of all your tasks and accordingly you can prioritize them as per your due dates.

Any.do key features

  • Offers cross-device synchronization
  • Promotes daily planning "Moment" feature for task prioritization
  • Seamlessly connects with email, calendar, and other productivity tools
  • Offers an easy-to-use platform for managing tasks, projects, and personal goals.
  • Automatically categorizes tasks with a smart To-Do list


  • Free plan is available
  • Premium plan starts with $5 per month
  • Family plan starts with $8 per month for 4 members


24. WebWork Tracker

WebWork task management software

via WebWork Tracker

WebWork Tracker is a great tool for keeping track of time and managing tasks effectively. It's useful for freelancers and teams of any size. The best thing about it is how well it tracks time accurately and fits into different workflows.

Plus, it's easy to use! The interface is user-friendly, so you won't get lost trying to figure out how to use it. Overall, if your team cares about being accountable and analyzing productivity in detail, WebWork Tracker is a must-have tool.

WebWork Tracker key features

  • Simplifies scheduling by automating repetitive task assignments
  • Offers precise time monitoring for each task and project
  • Provides exhaustive reports on time allocation and workload distribution


  • Pro plan starts at $3.99 per user/month
  • Plus plan starts at $6.39 per user/month
  • Premium plan starts at $9.59 per user/month


25. Paymo

Paymo task management software

via Paymo

Paymo is a comprehensive solution tailored not just for task management, but also for project time tracking and invoicing. It is one of the best tool for freelancers and agencies that need to keep a close eye on billable hours alongside managing their projects and tasks.

What sets Paymo apart is its ability to provide a holistic view of projects, from initiation to completion and billing, thereby reducing the need to juggle multiple tools.

Paymo key features

  • Combines task management, project time tracking, and invoicing in one platform
  • Allows easy allocation and management of resources alongside tasks
  • From initiation to completion and billing, everything is visible in one seamless timeline.


  • Free plan is available 
  • Starter plan starts at $5.9/ user / month

  • Small Office plan starts at $10.9/ user / month


Why Kroolo is the Best Task Management Software?

Here are some of the uncommon reasons to choose Kroolo for your task management needs -:

1. Simple task handling

Kroolo makes task creation and organization a breeze, allowing users to manage unlimited tasks across List, Kanban, and Calendar views effortlessly.

2. Smart filtering and sorting

Kroolo's advanced AI Task management tool simplifies task handling with one-click filtering and sorting options based on various criteria like Due date, Priority, Status, Assignee, and Tags.

3. Tailored task viewing

Users can tailor their task viewing experience to their liking, seamlessly switching between different views and organizing tasks according to their preferences. Customized views can be saved for quick access.

4. Centralized task management

Kroolo's task panel provides a central hub for managing all task details, including priority, status, due date, tags, dependencies, and documents. This streamlined approach simplifies task updates and enhances organization.

5. Effortless task hierarchy

Kroolo facilitates easy task sub-nesting, allowing users to create multiple task hierarchies effortlessly. This feature promotes clarity and organization within tasks and projects.


How to Manage your Tasks using Kroolo?

Here's a step-by-step guide to using Kroolo:-

  1. Access the project dashboard where all your tasks are listed
  2. Click on 'View' to see your existing tasks listed. Your current tasks will appear
  3. Click on 'Add Task' to create a new task within the list
  4. Enter the task name and hit 'Enter'. Your new task will be seamlessly added to the list
  5. Customize your task by adjusting its status, priority, due date, assignee, and tags as needed
  6. For additional options, click on the ellipsis ('…') to edit the task, add sub-tasks, clone tasks, move tasks to other projects, and more
  7. Explore the Kanban view for effortless organization of your tasks, providing a visual representation for better management

With these simple steps, you can efficiently manage your tasks using Kroolo, enhancing productivity and organization within your projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose the best task management software?

There are a myriad of task management software available for teams to choose from. To solve your puzzle, we offer a few guidelines -:

  • Try a free plan before making a purchase
  • Check out reviews and read testimonials
  • Check out your roadmap and list out must-have features

2. What are the benefits of task management software for teams?

Task Management Software improves task organization, helps you with prioritization, facilitates hassle-free communication & communication, real-time tracking, automated reminders, and task creation, and more that add overall value to your projects.

3. Which is the best task management software?

Some of the best task management software are – Kroolo, Hive, Chanty, Fellow, and more. Consider your requirements and choose variably your best fit.

4. Can task management software make my team more productive?

Yes, of course. According to MarketSplash, Task management tools and productivity software contribute to a 28% enhancement in task completion rates.


task management software


Boost Productivity with the Best Task Management Tool

In a world full of hassle, look for smarter ways to manage your tasks and every minute project detail on time. Get started with these emerging digital tools to create, assign, manage, track, and access your tasks more efficiently and productively than before.

If you haven’t started using task management software already, the above-discussed lists would be much more convincing.

So, drop your old-school methods and adopt the best task management strategies in your business to manage multiple projects all in one space with Kroolo!

Sign up for free today & streamline every project and related task within your Workspace.



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