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Automated Task Management Software - 5 Ways Workflow Automation Improves Productivity


Nov 2023


Have you ever found yourself stuck with a set of repetitive tasks?

Have you ever wished for an extra hour in your routine?

Well, it’s time to look forward to leveraging automated task management software to streamline workflow.

You don’t need to crack a code or be a genius with technology. A basic understanding of any productivity software will help to leverage workflow automation software.

Let’s understand more about workflow automation and break it down into simple actionable steps -:


What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow Automation refers to performing tasks repeatedly and routinely which do not require user input. Rather than manually entering your data👨‍💻, workflow automation will do it according to a set of rules.

Some of the best automated task management software automating workflows can help employees focus on their core activities and skill-based tasks instead of monotonous tasks, making the entire team productive.

To get this done, use task automation software like Kroolo, which has a user-friendly interface and low code for the entire team. 

Well, there’s no secret that the automation industry is growing at a breakneck📈. Therefore, it’s time for your business to make smart moves and leverage workflow automation solutions to avoid being laggards.

According to Deloitte, the market is growing at a rate of 20% per year and the industry is expected to surpass $5 billion by 2024. 


 best automated task management software


Why Invest in Workflow Automation?

Setting up a new process or launching a new segment of your business welcomes a lot of work and strategic formulation. However, you need to invest in the task workflow management system to streamline every task, track who's doing what, and set up a system of everything.

Some of the major benefits of investing in workflow automation:-

(A) Automation of workflows allows you to save time

Six out of 10 small companies🏢 that use automation at work say their employees have more time and opportunity to work on creative projects and tasks.

(B) Workflow automation reduces data mistakes

38% of Zapier users automate their data entry. 34% of knowledge workers surveyed also say that automating data entry 📅helps reduce error.

(C) Scaling businesses rely on workflow automation

66% of small and mid-size business owners say that automation is essential for running their business. It helps them compete with bigger competitors and allows them to work faster💨, close more deals, and save time on administrative work.


5 Ways to Introduce Workflow Automation Steps to Improve Productivity

1. Plan your operations

Headstart with a new task or job. Compare it with any old work and see if you notice a pattern. Once you have that in place, automate the repetitive tasks. Schedule🗓, assign tasks for recurring jobs, and delegate services to the right team 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦to optimize your employee’s efficiency.

2. Design visual workflows

This works quite well in the tech world as well, visually and graphically, depicting the precise path any workflow follows in the system. That way, monitoring the exact bottleneck or speed of any operation in your organization is easier.

3. Code-free workflow design

A good workflow pattern 📋is built on top of a no-code business process automation platform. This is a simple and direct approach, where the primary concern is automating the process and handling data and execution.

You should probably outline the entire process before using workflow software to automate tasks📒. Writing out your workflow in a Doc would do it, but creating a visual representation in workflow management software would be more helpful in identifying bottlenecks. 

4. Identify opportunities for integration

When you create a workflow, the input can come from different places like -:

  • A form on your website that allows your viewers to express what they would like to see!
  • An email
  • A chatbot
  • An instant message
  • A shared or signed document
  • A database
  • A third-party app

While selecting the right workflow automation, check which integrations your business process management software supports.

5. Measure KPIs and improve your workflow

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you are ready to go with your new automated workflow system. Your end users, or let’s say the team who’s going to work on it, will give feedback on the process based on their usage, and it is imperative to repair the weak links🔗 at this stage.

Then, you’re able to do the final step, which would be to measure the key performance indicators and optimize your workflow.

Continuously monitoring and measuring your workflow 🕵will highlight bottlenecks and help you suggest areas for optimization.


 best automated task management software


Workflow Automation Examples

Automation of workflow is an essential tool for improving productivity for freelancers, gig workers, and small entrepreneurs since it makes repetitive activities easier, saves labor, and improves total productivity. 

Here we've discussed some examples of workflow automation -:

1. Time savings

Mostly, freelancers, gig workers, and small-scale entrepreneurs usually wear different hats 🎓for their businesses. They deal with clients, administration works and also the main job. This can save them precious time⏳. 

For example, they could automatically respond to emails📩, so potential clients will get the acknowledgment and the entrepreneur will direct their attention to the essential tasks. 

This could be done through email autoresponders/chatbots, where premeditated responses are sent as a result of a particular trigger/inquiry.

2. Task automation

Automation of recurrent tasks such as invoice and payment reminders. For example, invoicing software can develop invoices using predefined templates and deliver them to customers on schedule. 

Overdue payments can also be traced using these scheduled payment reminders🗓, thus making it unnecessary to track down or call individual debtors about missed payments.

3. Project management

It is common for freelancers and gig workers to work on several tasks at a time. Workflow automation tools would be helpful by offering project management services where various tasks have been simplified, deadlines are clear and collaboration is streamlined.

To illustrate, project management software can aid a freelancer in automating the assignment of tasks, notifications, and the tracking of progress to guarantee that the project proceeds smoothly.

4. Social media management

Small entrepreneurs frequently rely on social media for marketing. Automation can schedule posts, manage content distribution, and even respond to basic inquiries.

For instance, a social media management tool can schedule and post content at optimal times, ensuring a consistent online presence 🌐without manual posting.


Benefits of Workflow Automation 

best automated task management software

1. Increased efficiency 

Workflow automation automates repetitive tasks and makes processes more efficient. This means that tasks are finished quicker, with fewer mistakes. With the automation of routine tasks, employees can concentrate on more critical, value-added tasks, resulting in higher productivity.

2. Cost savings

By automation, we are making things easier than doing it by manual labor, which could result in large savings in cost in the long term. It prevents costly errors made by humans, and it is also used to optimize the use of resources, thus reducing overhead costs.

3. Faster turnaround time

Workflows can automatically accelerate the completion of tasks and approval procedures. What this means is that projects and tasks can be completed quicker, which results in faster responsive time for customers, clients, or internal stakeholders. It also helps cut operation bottlenecks.

4. Improved compliance and accountability

Automation can ensure compliance with organizational policies, industry regulations, and laws. It leaves a clean audit trail of changes to a workflow that is easy to hold people accountable for. It is even more important in industries like healthcare and finance, which are subject to strict regulatory requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is the use of technology to automate and streamline repetitive tasks, processes, and activities within an organization. It’s about creating automated workflows of actions and decision logic to make processes more efficient, eliminate mistakes, and save time.

2. How workflow automation can improve your team’s productivity?

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced human errors
  • Consistent and standardized processes
  • Greater adherence to governance and policies
  • Work becomes more visible and trackable
  • Time and cost savings

3. With workflow automation, what kinds of tasks and processes can be automated?

Workflow automation can automate almost any repetitive process or rule-based task. Common examples include -

  • Data entry and data validation
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Report generation
  • Data synchronization between applications

4. Should I learn coding to automate workflow?

Many automation tools and platforms provide no-code or low-code options that enable users to create and deploy automated workflows through graphical user interfaces and pre-built components. You can benefit from some coding skills in case of complex or customized solutions.


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The Final Words 

Apart from notifications, calendar integrations, reminders, and visual representation of data, look for more features while choosing the free automated task management software.

For instance, Kroolo offers Kroo AI to get your tasks done in less time. So, what used to take hours now takes seconds.

All you have to do is give a prompt, summarize the task, make it shorter or longer, and regenerate your paragraphs in a few seconds.

Sounds interesting? Well, it is. Get started with Kroolo and start automating your workflow.

Create a free workspace now to improve the efficiency and productivity of your team!



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