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Task management made simple with Kroolo’s Task Management Software. Create, manage and share tasks within teams or members.

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Task management with super ease

Effortlessly create, organize, view unlimited tasks in multiple ways - List, Kanban, Calendar. Filter, sort, and manage tasks with a single click, supported by our advanced AI Task Management tool.
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 advanced AI Task Management tool
View tasks for your project


View tasks the way you want to see

Within Project boards, group and view tasks based on your needs - List, Board Timeline and Kanban view. Go ahead and filter or group them to refine the view.

Gruop tasks for your project


Filter tasks basis your preference

Customize your task viewing experience with our online task management tool. Switch between different ways of viewing tasks, be it filtering or sorting, either by Due date, Priority, Status, Assignee, Tags and more. Organize and save your view as a template.


Curated task panel to manage tasks easily

Task panel helps to organize task updates easily, making the task management fun. In a single panel, all task details are managed including priority, status, due date, tags, dependencies, documents and more. Multiple task sub-nesting can be easily achieved.
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 Intuitive Task Boards


Intuitive Task Boards

Within Task board, all task events are easily accessible - task details, task dependencies, add subtasks, manage checklists, manage attachments and have task level discussion.

Manage Task Automation


Manage Task Automation

Manage Task automation efficiently, using pre-defined Task automation templates. Simply define rule and tigger the Workflow instantly.


Generates Subtasks instanlty

Subtasks can be easily created instantly using AI. Using tasks meta info, AI creates Tasks and Subtasks. You can choose which generated tasks you want.
Generates Subtasks instanlty
Task Milestone and task board


Task Milestone

Within Task board, all task events are easily accessible - task dependencies, add subtasks, manage checklists, manage attachment and can have task level discussion.

Manage Custom Statuses


Manage Custom Statuses

You can decide the project task status based on your project needs. From Marketing to Engineering projects, customize your Task statuses.


Manage Custom Fields

Pick from any pre-defined custom fields, example, Currency, Text, Dropdown, Numbers or others, to configure your desired project views. Hide and show the columns based on your needs.
 Manage Custom Fields
More Features
More Features. More Flexibility

Kroolo offers tons of features, from creating project using AI, to linking tasks, to embedding apps, to initiate project discussions or many more.

Manage task dependencies

Task dependencies like Waiting On or Blocking, gives tasks clear action path for next level.

More Features
Manage multiple checklist

Create as man Checklists and mark them as Done when actioned.

More Features
Task level comments

Chat at Task level, to have focused collaboration within teams.

More Features
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