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Effortlessly manage multiple documents with Document Management Software such as Kroolo, consolidating Docs or Wikis into one streamlined platform.

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Documents - A New Way to Collaborate!

Craft and collaborate on Docs using a blank canvas or AI editor. Explore a variety of templates, or leverage generative AI capabilities with Kroo AI to simplify. Use a simple prompt and let our document management software make doc creation easy.
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 A New Way to Collaborate!


Doc styling couldn’t be more fun

Create a perfect Doc with nested pages and styling options. Embed file, images, links, docs, tables, codes and more, to format documents for any need, from product roadmaps to knowledge bases. Either use Doc inline editor or slash command for perfect editing & styling.

Chat with doc


Chat with doc

Reading through multiple pages is tough. We have simplified the Doc context by giving AI Chat functionality from Doc/PDF uploaded file. Get automated response on ques or chat ask specific questions you may have.


Personalize Doc the way you feel like

Whether it’s updating the cover page or doc icon, you can choose your preferred avatar or banner, to give a personalized feel to the Doc.
Personalize your doc
Add Doc to project, tasks


Add Doc to project, tasks

Creating Doc is easy, sharing Doc is simpler! Share Doc with any projects, task or goal to make reference easy and contextual. Any type of Doc can be shared.

Inline & page comments


Inline & page comments

Whether Page Comments or Inline Comments, Kroolo offers easy text editor to write the comments. Reply and react on the comments made easy.


Manage sub doc

Create as many subpages, sub docs as possible to link with the parent Doc. Kroolo offers ability to tag the Doc, for cross-referencing and filtering. You can duplicate the subpages, sub docs also to create child reference.
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Manage sub doc
Importing external Docs


Import Doc

Importing external Docs couldn’t be more easier! Whether you are managing native Docs, Confluence pages, Notion Wikies or Google Docs, Kroolo offers native integration capabilities to import any rich text format Docs.

Create as many Doc


Create as many Doc

Using Kroo AI, create as many Docs as possible.You can tag, filter, duplicate or share any Doc which you have created, as well as maintain Doc status in Draft, In progress or Locked mode.

More Features. More Flexibility

Docs comes loaded with 20+ features! Create, Manage and Share Docs within your Workspaces or Teams.

Manage doc status

Define Doc status based on your Workflows - Draft, In progress or Locked

@ mention

Mention anyone within Workspace to crosse-refer Doc instantly.

Doc embeds

Embed anything in the Doc - files, apps, links, videos.

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