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Have Slack-like experience in Kroolo, for Teams to effectively collaborate, share updates and execute actions quickly. Channels and group messages come bundled together.

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Multiple channels in workspace

Create Channels, invite members, and engage in discussions across Teams. Experience personalized communication through direct messages, our online collaboration management tool enables you to maintain seamless conversations. Enjoy the perfect collaboration between Teams.
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 Multiple channels in workspace
collaboration with Teams


As many Threads in a Channel

Create channel and discuss using threads so all conversations are managed centrally. Kroolo allows flexibility to reply, forward, react, at mention, attach files in the threads. Enjoy perfect collaboration within Teams.

collaborate with your team members through Direct messages


Direct message. With one or many.

Kroolo gives flexibility to interact or collaborate with your team members through Direct messages. You can attach files, reactions, thread links and more within the DM, which makes it a perfect collaboration tool.


@ mention anything

Kroolo brings @ mention to next level. @ mention anything - be it, People, Projects, Tasks, Goal, Doc so that cross-reference becomes easier across entire Workspace. Find everything in ONE mention!
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More Features. More Flexibility

Kroolo offers better Collaboration features in one platform. Individual members, Team or anyone in Workspace can collaborate seamlessly.

Pin message

Pin message for easy reference for everyone

Manage attachments

Any attachment we can be added in Channel or Direct messages.

Add any files

Add or manage any file type in the Channels

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