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kroolo-done-iconSmart notifications
kroolo-done-iconIntegration with 20+ Apps
kroolo-done-iconCreate & summarize projects using AI
kroolo-done-icon Summarize tasks, suggest sub-tasks using AI

Why Kroolo is the Best Jira Alternative?

Move over, Jira – Kroolos taking the lead! Introducing the ultimate project management tool for Agile teams. Create multiple workspaces effortlessly and glide between projects without duplication. Unlike Jira, enjoy the game-changer cross-project overview. Its time to upgrade, make the switch, and dominate your projects with Kroolo!
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Compare features with Jira

Compare features with Jira
Compare features with Jira
Task view - List, Kanbancompare-iconcompare-icon
Custom Task statusescompare-iconcompare-icon
Integration with third-party Appscompare-iconcompare-icon
Manage multiple Workspacescompare-iconcompare-icon
Cross Projects overviewcompare-iconcompare-icon
Create project using AIcompare-iconcompare-icon
Summarize project using AIcompare-iconcompare-icon
Project Discussionscompare-iconcompare-icon
Summarize Tasks, Suggest Subtasks using AIcompare-iconcompare-icon
Summarize Tasks, Suggest Subtasks using AIcompare-iconcompare-icon
App embeds (Google Apps, Figma, Notion)compare-iconcompare-icon
Custom fields and columnscompare-iconcompare-icon
Team Goal / OKRscompare-iconcompare-icon
Smart Docscompare-iconcompare-icon
Chat with Doc using AIcompare-iconcompare-icon
Import Native Google Docscompare-iconcompare-icon
Team Channels / Real-time Chats / Direct Messages compare-iconcompare-icon
Smart Notificationscompare-iconcompare-icon
Every feature Available for FREE forevercompare-iconcompare-icon
Generate a Goal in 8 seconds

Speak or type your prompt and watch your goal get instantly generated in less than 8 seconds. Create sub goals and OKRs with a simple prompt and monitor your teams performance from a single dashboard.


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