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Switch to Kroolo - the only AI-first Productivity Hub to seamlessly organize projects, track progress, collaborate effectively, and share updates on a unified project board. It's not just about doing things; it's about doing them quickly and efficiently with Kroolo!

kroolo-done-iconSmart notifications
kroolo-done-iconCreate Goals using AI
kroolo-done-iconChat with Doc using AI
kroolo-done-icon Create Team Channels / Chats / Direct Messages

Why Kroolo is the Best Trello Alternative?

Meet Kroolo – the ultimate Trello upgrade youve been waiting for! 🚀 Kroolos got the moves with killer features that make Trello look like a warm-up act. Effortlessly conquer workspaces, projects, tasks, goals – you name it in one single interface! Think of it as your personal assistant, organizing everything you need under one roof. No more app juggling. So, why settle for basic when you can have the best?
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Compare features with Trello

Compare features with Trello
 features with Trello
Task view - List, Kanbancompare-donecompare-done
Integration with third-party Appscompare-donecompare-done
Manage multiple Workspacescompare-donecompare-done
Cross Projects overviewcompare-donecompare-done
Create project using AIcompare-donecompare-done
Summarize project using AIcompare-donecompare-done
Project Discussionscompare-donecompare-done
Summarize Tasks, Suggest Subtasks using AIcompare-donecompare-done
Custom Task statusescompare-donecompare-done
App embeds (Google Apps, Figma, Notion)compare-donecompare-done
Custom fields and columnscompare-donecompare-done
Team Goal / OKRscompare-donecompare-done
Smart Docscompare-donecompare-done
Chat with Doc using AIcompare-donecompare-done
Import Native Google Docscompare-donecompare-done
Team Channels / Real-time Chats / Direct Messagescompare-donecompare-done
Smart Notificationscompare-donecompare-done
Every feature Available for FREE forevercompare-donecompare-done
Generate a Goal in 8 seconds

Speak or type your prompt and watch your goal get instantly generated in less than 8 seconds. Create sub goals and OKRs with a simple prompt and monitor your teams performance from a single dashboard.


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