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How to Streamline and Automate Tasks with Online Software Task Management


Dec 2023


Hi there,

Freelancers, gig workers, creative people, and micro SMEs!

We know that you all are hustlers, working on multiple projects, and managing multiple tasks and teams all at the same time.

So, today there is a special gift for you.

Kroolo is here to change the way you deal with your daily matters through the use of online task management software in 2024 in the realm of streamlining and automating tasks for your projects.

Picture this: You wake in the morning and set out clearly what is to happen throughout the day. However, after a short period into the working day, you struggle against a mass of emails, details of cluttered projects, pending requests by clients, and far-reaching deadlines.

Howdy. We’ve been there too.


Unlock Productivity with a Unified Platform

According to Workato, 94% of company executives would prefer to utilize a unified platform to integrate their apps and implement process automation than rely on several platforms.

In 2024, the whole world is growing faster. The Future of Jobs reported that more than 80% of executives were speeding up work process automation and encouraging the recruitment of remote workers. This shows that the digital age presents an opportunity for people to work online through remote jobs, as freelancers, or gig workers.

However, it comes with a lot of tasks like planning and organizational work, marketing efforts, and client management.

So, how will you cope with everything without going nuts? Sign up with Kroolo. Led by automation, Kroolo's Kroo AI will be your best-kept secret for cutting through the clutter, boosting your productivity, and making work easier every day. Yes, with Kroo AI, you can automate your tasks and get it done within a few seconds.

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The Less-Known Facts About AI in Task Management 

According to the prediction by Gartner, 80% of today’s project management tasks will be eliminated by 2030, through the use of artificial intelligence. This shows that with the speed at which AI is evolving, gradually, it will integrate into our lives and become part & parcel of our routine.

However, companies are trying to unlock their potential, and Kroolo has become the forerunner in bringing Kroo AI to the frontier of online task management software. Wondering how? Let’s dive into detail -:

When you sign up with Kroolo, you can create multiple tasks and unlimited workspaces. To eliminate the process of self-creation, you can use Kroo AI. This AI buddy works on your prompt. So, you just have to enter the prompt and get your work done in seconds.  

  • Create goal
  • Create project
  • Create task
  • Create doc

P.S. You can shorten, summarize, rephrase, regenerate, and write with AI without zero hassle!

So, Kroo AI is not just a tool but a game-changing element in the realm of free online task management. It’s your all-in-one companion for creating masterpieces in tandem. Leverage this and enhance your productivity now!

Know a lit more about Kroolo – your ultimate taskmaster!


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How to Automate and Streamline Tasks in 2024 With Kroolo? 

Welcome to the automated task management software!

Imagine a digital mate who helps you tackle different tasks and manage multiple projects most effectively.

With Kroolo, you can create to-do's, rearrange, and view your tasks in various ways such as a to-do list, list view, or Kanban view. It only takes one click to filter, sort, and accomplish any action whatsoever.

Also, this AI task management tool stands out because of its advanced features that help gig workers manage tasks intelligently. It learns about your preferences and manages your tasks seamlessly. Let’s understand this in detail -:

1. Simplified task organization

Managing heaps of pending tasks is often complex, but that is not the case with Kroolo. You can generate custom task categories and tags for easy sorting of your tasks. Because, maintaining an orderly arrangement of your equipment goes a long way in facilitating smooth agile release planning, right?

2. Prioritization made easy

Come on now we have to say it as it is, no jobs are the same. You can categorize your tasks using importance or urgency and define a timeframe for each of them in Kroolo. This subsequently helps you focus on the most important activities and decreases the chances of a delay.

3. Seamless collaboration

It is critical to note that for a specific group of workers like freelancers and small-scale entrepreneurs, effective collaboration is essential. Kroolo offers real-time collaboration that gives your team the ability to communicate within these tasks, share files, and make comments.

You will no longer be required to sift through multiple emails and chat messages to obtain the critical information you need because it will be directly linked to your tasks.

4. Data-driven insights

A free task management software online will provide you with information on how you work. It will show how long you took to complete particular tasks and indicate which parts of your workflow have bottlenecks. From this, you can find some ways to improve and enhance your productivity level. This can be quite effective for small businesses and freelance workers who charge an hourly rate.

5. Visualize your workflow

For creative people and entrepreneurs, Kroolo’s Kanban board changes everything. It enables you to picture your projects, relocate tasks between various levels, as well as assessing a complete workflow. By adopting this visual approach, one would be in a position to track the journey through which tasks move from “to do” to “done”.

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6. Efficient client management

Good relations with clients are very important for freelancers and small-scale operators. With this smart task management tool, you can trace your client’s tasks, deadlines, and communication in one place. Thus, you will never be late for clients’ meetings or follow-ups, which will level up your professionalism and satisfy clients at the same time.

7. Security and data protection

The security of data is always a concern in this era of digital threats. This is something that Kroolo is deadly serious about and it has very strong security for your data. You can rest assured that your task lists, client profiles, and project information will remain safe.


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Conquer Chaos with Your Ultimate Task Whisperer 

In 2024, the chaos of cluttered tasks, haywire projects, and heaps of unanswered emails might seem overwhelming. That’s where Kroolo comes to your rescue. This online task management software is your ultimate ally that streamlines your daily grind and automates your tasks to get your work done in no time.

Sign up with Kroolo and level up your game of productivity. This online task management tool doesn’t just streamline your task organization but also helps you with seamless collaboration, client management, prioritization, and more.

Start navigating your tasks with this ultimate taskmaster now!

Take a free trial today and share your view in the comments below.



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