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Breaking Down Silos: 8 Strategies for Seamless Cross-Functional Collaboration


Jan 2024


Did you know?

Most teams waste 20 hours each month because of poor teamwork. 📈

Siloed contact teams waste 15% of their day fighting problems in communication. 💬

The numbers show a lot about the high price of ineffective teamwork. And, besides financial breakdown, ineffective teamwork makes things sluggish, and that in total, hinders growth.

Investing your finances into the best team management software is not just an option; it's a key way to invest in the well-being of your team and organization. Three out of five companies (61 percent) say the solution to reaching their strategic goals is collaborating more across functions, paired with faster decision-making.

P.S.: Good teamwork isn't just a fancy word; it's the base for being productive and successful in today's connected job market.👜


What is Cross-Functional Collaboration?

Working together between people or groups from different parts, skills, and fields in a company is called cross-functional collaboration.🤼‍♀️

Only about a third (36 percent) of companies prioritize a few cross-functional capabilities at the company level and expect functional leaders to identify how they contribute to the mission. According to Deloitte’s research, shifting towards cross-functional team collaboration often improves performance and breaks down silos in the organization.

best team management software

It's all about bringing people together with different skills, knowledge, and diverse opinions to work as a team on a project or task. For instance, in a cross-functional collaboration, a small business team develops a mobile app -:

  • Development & marketing: Make sure the app design matches the brand and target audience.
  • Sales feedback: Understanding customers helps make app improvements needed.
  • Finance oversight: Ensures project stays within budget. Regular meetings help set goals for a successful, user-focused app that meets technical needs and business aims.


Why do Freelancers, Gig Workers, or Small Business Teams Need This?

According to a PwC survey, 55% of organizations work in silos and are fighting the negative sides of it every day.  It’s true that working in silos obstructs communication, impacts employee productivity, and leads to bitterness and poor employee well-being.

And, that is where cross-functional team collaboration comes into the picture. It’s extremely important for freelancers, part-time workers or small business teams for several reasons -

  • Diverse expertise: It brings together varied skill sets and knowledge, offering access to a range of expertise that individuals might lack individually.
  • Innovative solutions: By amalgamating different perspectives, cross-functional collaboration fosters innovative problem-solving, and comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Working as a team makes tasks easier, cuts down on extra work, and speeds up everything. This helps finish projects faster. 🌪
  • Networking opportunities: Working together can help freelancers and small business groups find more people to work with and make deals, reaching out for bigger chances.
  • Adaptability: In a changing job world, teamwork lets us be flexible and adjust to new market patterns and requirements quickly.
  • Continuous learning: It helps people keep learning and getting better, adding to personal growth as well as the group's shared knowledge.💡

In the end, working together across different jobs makes these people stronger. It lets them use many kinds of skills and get help from others to do better in their work. They also learn new things from peers with different experiences.


8 Strategies to Break Down Silos for Seamless Cross-Functional Collaboration 

1. Communication and creativity protocols 

Working together in different areas is about joining people from different teams. This approach fosters new ideas that might not have been considered if they were only working in separate groups. It happens only when different skills come together.

For instance, imagine a situation where the team is making software & selling it to work together. They are creating new features for an app.

The sales team knows the problems and likes of customers. Meanwhile, the product development team has skills in new product development (NPD). 

When they team up and share their ideas, the groups make something better that works well. This teamwork creates an app that not only helps customers but also adds fun parts to make it unique exceeding their benchmarks.


2. Speed up problem solving

Have you ever wondered how groups can solve complicated problems easily? When different skills work together, solving problems changes the game.

Picture an auto company where engineers, supply chain experts, and quality check teams work together to improve how they get car parts. Their joint actions make things easier, stopping production delays early and making the product better.

Now, link this skill to task-handling tools like Kroolo where you've created a strong force for fixing problems. Kroolo helps to split big jobs into smaller tasks, letting you make small jobs and monitor them easily.

best team management software

Monitoring and solving problems becomes quite easier in a list view. But it doesn’t stop there! You can sort and use colors to show problems based on importance, making sure you fix the important ones quickly. This helps work together smoothly between different teams or groups.


3. Holistic decision-making approach

More than half (55 percent) of companies work in silos, with each function making its own decisions on which capabilities matter most.

To make these choices strong, we need good data availability and Kroolo’s dashboard is the real catch. You can review and track your multiple goals in a single dashboard in list and tile view. No need to track goals separately. 📶

cross functional team collaboration

This will give cross-functional teams a big view of everything in one spot allowing easy project management and making teamwork a bliss. Sign up with Kroolo and make your decision-making smarter than ever.


4. Staff engagement

Staff engagement is like the lifeblood of any cross-functional team that builds a culture and discipline of work in the organization. The key to effective staff communication is involving in-house and remote teams together via online meetings for brainstorming and decision-making sessions.👨‍💻

Most organizations depend on online team collaboration software to maintain seamless communication despite geographical locations and time zones.

Kroolo is your strongest productivity partner that lets you comment within docs, chats, and tags with your team to connect easily across platforms. This makes the company work better and their customers happier. So, join in, give your knowledge, and together let's improve systems that lead to victory!


5. Faster project completion

Finishing projects faster is all about teams working well together. This makes communication smooth and speeds up timeframes.

You can leverage Kroolo to build and manage teams across workspaces. It lets you add members, define roles clearly, and customize team settings for smoother collaboration. This makes teamwork even more powerful and helps you work together with ease. In total, this makes managing projects easier and tasks quicker without impacting the quality standards.


6. Strategizing resource allocation

Certainly! Let's picture a marketing team where Sarah is in charge of social media and Tom looks after content creation. Sarah is very busy with requests for content, while Tom has nothing much to do waiting for approval. It's a common example of bad use of resources within the team.

Working well together can solve problems and share tasks to make work equal. This change would make sure that neither Sarah nor Tom feels too much or not used enough. It's not just about dividing work equally; it's about making a good place to work for all and making sure everyone is productive.

best team management software

When Kroolo joins, this team becomes stronger. Kroolo's @mention and DM features help you allocate and keep track of resources right away. This makes sure that project requests are followed and properly communicated.


7. Build team loyalty and trust 

When a team works individually, they play the blame game and don’t maintain accountability protocols. However, a team that works in synergy and stands firm in every season; and learns from their mistakes often builds a sense of loyalty.

So, when each person takes control of a certain job, every member thinks their part is important to the team's victory. Conflicts between different groups get settled fast because they all share responsibility. In turn, working together on projects with many jobs builds strong friendships and trust among the group and this creates a peaceful workplace where teamwork thrives.


8. Collaborative tools & technology

Investing in the right online collaboration tool can effectively and efficiently contribute towards the growth and prosperity of your team.

According to a study by McKinsey, companies that embrace digital collaboration tools can improve productivity by up to 20-30%. Such a tool streamlines the collaboration process and improves employee engagement at the workplace. 📞

So, when a team is adept with such tools, it promotes a culture of agility and efficiency that helps them manage projects and tasks and makes collaboration more streamlined.


Break Silos. Build Success with Kroolo

Cross cross-functional collaboration team is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a competitive market. However, not every manager is bold enough to implement the cross-functional collaboration approach of shared accountability. But, once you start using the best online team management software, you can deliver a lot more for your team.

By leveraging the 8 strategies, you can improve collaboration, communication, and trust between your teams and create a more productive way to profitability, especially during times of significant change.

So, break down your old school silos' way of working and sign up for a FREE Kroolo account.

Step into the world of productivity and bring synergy within your cross-functional team for a healthy work environment.


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