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How to Stay Organized and Stress-Free with These 12 Task Management Strategies


Nov 2023


Are you a freelancer juggling to manage multiple tasks?

Or a gig worker trying to find that work-life balance?

Or a small entrepreneur wearing many hats?

You’ve probably wished for more hours in a day, right?

Well, the hustle is real. In this competitive landscape and fast-paced world, time is money, and task management strategies are the ultimate secret sauce of any entrepreneur. So, whether you’re battling with deadlines, hustling over managing multiple projects, or sailing through a ship of responsibilities, task management software comes to your rescue.

Here, we’ve discussed 12 essential task management strategies and techniques to supercharge your treasure trove of productivity. Continue reading these to claim over your tasks and time –


12 Effective Task Management Strategies and Techniques

Want to improve your task management skills? Below are tried and true strategies to streamline your tasks and foster collaboration at the workplace -:

1. Define clear objectives

The foundation of any task management technique is – having a crystal clear understanding of the project’s objectives. Take time to study the project and list out what you want to achieve. Keep sharing your plans and objectives with your team to foster collaboration.  

2. Prioritize tasks

Once you define your objectives and create tasks, prioritize them based on their importance. You can one of the popular task management strategies like the Eisenhower Matrix. This helps you categorize and set priorities between urgent and important tasks.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a useful time management tool and task management process that sorts tasks into four categories depending on their urgency and priority.

Task prioritising  

Quadrant 1: Do First (Urgent and Important)

Such tasks need immediate attention

Examples: Meeting critical deadlines, and handling emergencies


Quadrant 2: Decide (Not Urgent but Important)

These are important, non-time-sensitive tasks

Examples: Planning, skill development, and relationship-building


Quadrant 3: Delegate (Urgent but Not Important)

Delegate so that you can have time for other important issues

Examples: Routine work, meetings that others can arrange


Quadrant 4: Delete (Not Urgent Not Important)

 These are trivial and time-wasting tasks. You can minimize or avoid these tasks

Examples: Endless social media and endless web surfing

Prioritizing Quadrants 1 and 2 will be ideal to ensure proper time management and avoidance of crises. This approach increases productivity while lowering stress.


3. Break into series of smaller tasks

Divide the project into a series of smaller and more manageable tasks. Therefore, this reduces the burden and enables you to manage your resources effectively. Each objective should be specified, measurable, achievable, relevant, and within a set time frame.

4. Automate tasks

According to Harvard Business Review, up to 30% of activities for most U.S. jobs can be automated. This shows the potential of leveraging automating tasks that can save your productive hours and let you invest them into much more productive activities.

So, if you're looking for automated task management software, sign up with Kroolo!

With Kroo AI, you can automate your projects, tasks, goals, and documents just by giving a prompt. This tool will help you create your tasks and get everything done that might take a few hours longer.

automated task management software

5. Use a kanban board 

Kanban view in task management provides simpler workflows and improved visuals, encouraging transparency and expeditious delivery of tasks. With Kroolo's Kanban view, you can have quick progress updates by way of real-time tracking, and pinpointing of bottlenecks so that problems can be addressed accordingly.

Teams can view tasks in different stages clearly, providing an all-around overview that enhances teamwork and promotes accountability. Undoubtedly, Kanban has a visual appeal that promotes communication, speeds decision-making, and keeps teams in focus.

This facilitates flexibility in a way that enables an organization to make quick adjustments for the dynamics of the project and optimize the management approach towards efficient task accomplishment with a view to success.


6. Do challenging tasks first

Hop on the most complex and challenging first. Don’t procrastinate. Use the “Eat a Frog” technique to decide on which task is the scariest one and then complete that first. Take it as a challenge and collect all the required details to put everything into place for quick access. You can leverage the Task Panel in Kroolo where you can organize task updates easily, making task management fun.


In a single task panel, you can manage your task priority, status, due date, tags, dependencies, documents, and more. So when you’ve all the required and meticulously arranged information in place, you tend to work faster and smarter.

 7. Give your full attention to each task

Multitasking is a common attribute thought to improve workers’ performance but research indicates it as a liability rather than an asset. Nonetheless, the mind does not automatically multi-task but rather quickly changes its focus from task to task. 

However, it has problems because there is no such thing as multitasking. The brain of a human cannot be programmed to do several things at a time. However, that does not mean changing the direction of gaze as it is called, or rapid shifting of attention from one task to another. 

It follows a second mental shift referred to as context switching, which also involves prompt task switching. The fast concentration on and changing tasks contexts leads to decreased efficiency rather than enhanced it. One study has shown that switching between tasks reduces productivity by about forty percent. Instead, focus on finishing one thing before starting another.

8. Collaborate regularly 

Managing the entire team while looking after the ongoing project is quite a challenging task. You need a powerful online task management software that lets you manage everything at one place and helps you track your entire team. You can sign up with Kroolo to connect and chat with your team. Create channels and communicate effectively with your team through thread discussion. 

P.S. You can connect with your remote team members too, bringing every context into communication. 

9. Set time limits

Create firm boundaries for managing your tasks within a specified timeline. One important strategy to improve fidelity to deadlines is to invest in the best task management tool where you can set a reminder for your dates. In Kroolo, you can monitor the % of tasks completed and pending to check back on your dependencies. Also, you can keep your task list organized to set realistic deadlines for an overall project. 

10. Delegate tasks effectively

A project manager doesn’t need to perform everything personally. Assign tasks to team members depending on their strengths. Besides relieving you of responsibilities, effective delegation also empowers your team.

11. Communication is key

Ensure that you maintain open and honest lines of communication with your team and other individuals impacted by your project. Frequent update meetings, regular status updates, and clear documentation reduce confusion and ensure that all personnel understand what is going on.

12. Self-priority 

Remember, you're human too. Don't neglect self-care. Managing yourself is as important as task management. Burnout will not help you and your project. Therefore prioritize yourself. Spend some 'me time' with yourself to charge up your mind and body to make a productive contribution.


Don’t Wait. Take Action with Kroolo

In productivity, task management is your ticket to success and every freelancer gig worker or entrepreneur must leverage this tool to outreach the global competition. These 12 strategies are specifically designed for individual business owners who are performing several functions as well as gig workers who are planning to start their agency.

However, knowledge alone is not enough, you need to right tools to ace up your projects. That’s where Kroolo comes into the picture. It’s one of the most powerful task management software that can paradigm shift the way you manage your tasks. Don’t wait. Take action and take charge of your productivity.

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