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Bouncing Back: 6 Strategies to Reduce Burnout for Freelancers and Gig Workers


Dec 2023


With the fast-moving landscape of freelancing and gig work, there comes a time of exhaustion when one keeps on balancing between different undertakings, deadlines, and clients.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, a graphic designer, a programmer, or a gig worker in any industry, the pressure to perform and the irregularity of work can weigh upon your psychological and physical welfare. One must learn to maintain a distance between personal and professional life.

Research by Deloitte found that 77% of workers have experienced burnout at their current job. Surprisingly, depression (a possible burnout outcome) can cost companies $51B in lowered productivity alone. However, chronic fatigue is not merely psychological, it involves deep physical as well as psychological, and professional exhaustion.

But fear not! There are ways to bounce back and reclaim your balance with the best task management software. Let's discuss in detail -:


6 Strategies to Overcome Burnout for Freelancers and Gig Workers 

Burnout is more than an excuse. It is an occupational phenomenon that occurs due to chronic workplace stress. This mental exhaustion has a serious impact on employee’s well-being. In 2023, burnout is on the rise - but it's more complicated than you think. So, let’s discuss how to overcome burnout for a healthy and productive environment -:

1. Establish boundaries

  • Define work hours

Specify exact working hours that fit your productive times. For instance, one should set his working hours to conform with his time habits like being a night owl. You need to explain these hours to your clients and coworkers, informing them to contact you for work-related issues during these times.

  • Create a dedicated workspace

Decide on a particular spot at home as your workplace. It was anything that showed it was a place of work, even if it was just a separate room or a desk. This assists in mentally detaching work from personal life to be at work in the place and leave it behind when you go home.

2. Practice self-care

  • Exercise regularly

Add physical movements to your routine. Make this a habit and give some time to your health too. You can go for a morning walk, add yoga to your routine or evening walk to boost your energy levels and activate your mental well-being. This will de-stress your mind and make you feel fresh the next day at work.

  • Look after nutritious meals & sound sleep

Ensure you have a meal plan for a balanced diet and enough sleep. A properly fed body with adequate sleep can significantly improve mental clarity and general health. Numerous studies have associated short sleep — defined as sleeping fewer than 7 hours per night — with a greater risk of weight gain and a higher body mass index (BMI)

  • Mindfulness practices

Practice mindfulness by engaging in activities such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or yoga. Such practices aid in minimizing stress, enhancing concentration, and promoting a healthy mindset.

For instance, set aside 20 minutes for a quick workout or yoga session in the morning. Practice mindfulness during lunch breaks, meditating or doing breathing exercises for a few minutes to relax and get ready for your after-lunch activities.

3. Embrace time management techniques

Time is the centerpiece for any founder, employee, or freelancer. It’s the discipline and commitment to time that makes all the difference.

  • The two-minute rule

If you can do it in 2 minutes, do it immediately. Don’t procrastinate. This rule is beneficial in getting rid of tiny tasks that can pile up, resulting in overwhelmingness.

  • Time blocking with buffer zones

Ensure that there is some buffer time between tasks and appointments in consideration of unforeseen circumstances and catching up on the arrears if needed. This ensures flexible scheduling and allows handling of some unexpected delays without breaking your whole schedule.

  • The 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle)

Outline the most significant activities that account for 80% of your output. Rather than trying to do everything equally. Focus your energy on high-impact tasks. Because a small percentage of focused effort can have an outsized effect on your project. Try this 80/20 Rule now!

Pareto Principle - best task management software

  • Reverse calendar planning

First, begin with a deadline or an endpoint, and break down the goal into smaller tasks or milestones leading to the goal. The technique also makes large projects seem achievable by highlighting the individual steps that lead to the final goal or outcome. 

  • Parkinson's law

In other words, work always expands to fill the time available for its completion (the saying goes, “the best way to increase the amount of work is to expand the deadline”). Establish tight deadlines for tasks to keep them from needless stretches. Imposing restrictions helps people to focus on one thing and become more productive.


Parkinson's law - best task management software

Combining some of these time management methods could help freelancers and gig workers achieve an effective workflow and improve their productivity while ensuring they avoid exhaustion. Try various techniques until you find the perfect blend that fits your work approach and tastes.

4. Take short breaks 

Productivity and the avoidance of burnout necessitate regular breaks.

Like the Pomodoro Technique, the ‘52-17 method’ recommends working for 52 min followed by 17 min break. There will be a period of uninterrupted focus on tasks before a revitalizing short break during worked-focused time.

Such breaks include brisk walks, stretches, meditations, mindfulness, or stepping away from work as countermeasures for mental fatigue and work-life balance.

Trial and error on work-break ratios to arrive at the best balance between productivity and quality of life. What is important is finding a balance that supports productivity with no signs of burnout. Incorporate these strategic breaks in your daily productivity.

5. Review and adjust goals

Freelancers and gig workers have to review their goals and priorities regularly. It is also important to review your workload to check whether your goals need to be altered in the light of professional or personal circumstances. Ensure that your present workload is compatible with your immediate and long-term well-being.

Importantly, be flexible enough to amend your goals, objectives, and workload. Therefore, if adding more projects is not good for your mental health and work-life balance, say no or renegotiate the dates of your workload effectively.

Here, flexibility is of the essence and it enables adjusting strategies to your ever-changing needs. Because, re-assessing and adjusting your goals means that at least your workload remains within your control, keeping your work life livable.

6. Embrace downtime

Downtime is not a luxury but a necessity. It is very important to give yourself guilt-free breaks from work. You don’t have to run with the productivity machine every day.

Taking breaks, enjoying the times that come, and having fun with them is a way of clearing your mind. It invigorates your creativity and energy, thus preventing burnout. You should know that time does not stand still. So work and enjoy yourself to the fullest to avoid any possible chances of burnout.

Thus, downtime is not simply a “break”, but rather an investment into your long-term health and productivity.


Using Kroo AI to Avoid Burnout

In today’s world of freelance working, small companies, and gig work, time is wealth. That’s where you get a helping hand from your co-pilot Kroo AI. Its rapid speed has made what used to eat up hours of your precious time now take just seconds.

1. Project creation in 6 seconds

Think of making a new project in just a few minutes without getting lost in numerous tools. With one glance at Kroo AI, you will be relieved of the administrative part of your work letting you concentrate at the heart of your job. Enter the prompt and create your project!

2. Instant task generation

Instant task generation means biding adieu to arduous task-list preparation. With Kroo AI, you can create multiple tasks, define roles, and assign on the spot, making it possible to instantly start working without spending hours listing down all the details.

3. Document creation in 8 seconds

In search of a new project or an update of a proposal? Kroo AI gives you documentation within seconds to spare you from the sluggishness of tedious document development. The quickness with which your ideas come forth gives you more time to refine them.

4. Re-generation, summarization, length alteration

Time-intensive work can be done for editing and refining. Kroo AI’s ability to quickly re-write, summarize, or shorten document length makes it easier for your content to be trimmed without exhausting you. Give the right prompt and make your long-stretched document scannable and accessible. 

5. Brainstorming 

At times, ideation becomes a hurdle. This is what makes Kroo AI your best brainstorming partner. Leverage this tool and collaborate in brainstorming ideas, which bypasses the strain of ideating alone. With its fast functions, you will not only speed up your work but also free yourself from tedious tasks that can lead to burnout.

As your AI co-pilot Kroo AI frees your time, simplifies your routines, and gives you mental room for all that’s worth to you at work.


Overcome Burnout & Achieve Success with Kroolo

Burnout cannot be fought as a freelancer or a gig worker without the focus on self-care. These are six strong strategies that you can implement to bounce back stronger than before. Never forget that self-care is not selfish but important caregiving for you to feel good and be productive.

Typically, with the help of Kroolo – unique productivity management software,you can manage everything, from the simplest tasks to the most complex, and streamline your project with a better approach. 

Adopt these strategies to invest in yourself. Let Kroolo become your partner for optimal productivity and wellness.

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