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A Guide to Task Batching with the Online Tools for Task Management


Mar 2024


Ever feel like you're working hard, but not much is getting done🏋️‍♀️?

Well, here's a shocker😵 – on average, people are only productive for about two hours and 53 minutes each day.

And get this, almost one-third of teams don't finish even 40% of their weekly tasks! Only a bit more than half of the time spent on tasks is productive.

If this sounds like your hustle, switching things up is high time. It’s time to start task batching with the online tool for task management to turn your productivity game around🤹‍♂️!

Ready to make those hours count? Continue reading👇!


What is Task Batching?

Task batching is a productivity time management technique where similar tasks are grouped together and performed during a specific time period.

Instead of handling tasks individually as they come, task batching involves focusing on a specific type of activity or related set of tasks 📚during a dedicated block of time.

The main objective is to minimize context-switching and increase overall efficiency by allowing individuals to concentrate on similar cognitive or physical processes.

For example, if you have a list of emails 📧to respond to, instead of answering them 💻one by one as they arrive, you can batch them together and allocate a specific time to address all your emails at once. This reduces the mental effort required to switch between different types of tasks and can improve focus and productivity💡.


What are the Benefits of Task Batching?

Task batching offers several advantages to boost productivity and efficiency at workplace -:

1. Enhanced focus

By concentrating on similar tasks🧘‍♂️, the mind can get into a 'flow' state, minimizing distractions. A study by the American Psychological Association suggests that task-switching can cause a 40% loss in productivity.

2. Time conservation

Batching tasks reduces the start-up and slow-down time📊 needed when switching between different types of tasks. Inc. magazine reports that it can save up to an hour per day typically lost in transition.

3. Stress reduction

Optimize your time with task batching, allowing for shorter intervals between batches. Utilize these brief pauses to recharge – take a break🍹, hydrate, or enjoy a short walk🚶. Your mental well-being hinges on these moments! In fact, incorporating a 15-second break every ten minutes can slash fatigue😍by a whopping 50%. Prioritize your mental health through strategic breaks in your task-batching routine.

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4. Better quality work

With improved focus, the quality of work often improves. Research from the University of Michigan supports the idea that productivity per task is higher when multi-tasking is avoided.

5. Increased creative thinking

With less mental clutter from constant task-switching, there's more room for creative thinking. A study by the British Psychological Society revealed that creative solutions often come from uninterrupted thought.


Best Task Management Software for Individuals


Time Blocking V/S Task Batching

Time Blocking V/S Task Batching

Time blocking and task batching are both productivity techniques aimed at organizing and optimizing your workflow, but they have different approaches and focuses -:

 Time Blocking

Time blocking involves setting aside specific blocks of time for different activities or types of tasks. It's a proactive approach where you allocate predetermined time slots to various categories of work throughout your day or week.

For example, you might reserve the first two hours of your morning for focused, deep work, the mid-morning🌻 for meetings and collaboration, and the afternoon for administrative tasks📒.

📚 Task Batching

Task batching, on the other hand, is about grouping similar tasks and tackling them during dedicated time intervals. It's a more reactive approach, where you focus on specific types of activities during predefined blocks.

For instance, if you have emails, phone calls📞, and data entry to do, instead of handling them as they come, you might batch all your emails📥 during one period, handle phone calls in another, and address data entry tasks in yet another.


Task Batching with Online Tools for Task Management

Implementing task batching with online tools for task management involves a systematic approach. Here's a step-by-step guide:-

1. Choose the right software

Selecting task management software that aligns with your preferences is crucial. Opt for a well-chosen platform, such as Kroolo, offering features like task categorization, priority settings, and user-friendly interfaces.

With Kroolo, effortlessly create, organize, and view unlimited tasks in diverse formats like List, or Kanban view.

Utilize advanced AI tools for streamlined task management, enabling easy filtering, sorting, and one-click task management. It's the optimal choice for a seamless and efficient workflow.

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2. Create task categories

Organize your tasks into categories based on their nature or urgency. This helps in better planning and allocation of time. Efficiently manage your workload with Kroolo by organizing tasks into categories based on their nature or urgency.

This strategic approach facilitates better planning and time allocation. Kroolo's flexibility empowers you to seamlessly switch between various task views, whether it's filtering or sorting.


3. Organize task updates

Look for the best task management software that lets you organize task updates easily. You can invest in Kroolo to organize your task updates seamlessly.

This top-tier task management software helps you with setting priority, status, due date, tags, dependencies, documents, and more in a single, user-friendly panel. With its multiple task sub-nesting, you can simplify even the most complex projects🤗.

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best task management software for individuals

4. Schedule batching sessions

Set up specific times when you focus on doing similar tasks together. This is like creating special blocks in your schedule📆 just for certain types of work. It helps you concentrate better and avoids things distracting you🕺.

So, if you have a bunch of similar tasks,👩‍🏫plan a time to do them all together. It makes getting things done easier and keeps you from getting sidetracked by other stuff. 

Did you know that lost productivity costs between $450 billion and $550 billion per year?


5. Limit task switching

Avoid switching between tasks frequently to prevent loss of productivity. Complete one batch of tasks before moving on to the next. This helps you stay focused and get things done efficiently.

You can visualize this process using Kroolo’s Kanban Board, where you can easily move tasks around by dragging and dropping them. It's like organizing your tasks on a digital board, making it easier to see what needs to be done and what's already complete.

Kroolo’s Kanban Board - Limit task switching

6. Evaluate and adjust

Make it a habit to review how you're doing with task batching regularly. Take a close look at what's working well and what could be better. This way, you can fine-tune your strategy and make improvements based on feedback and results.

It's like giving your task batching process a tune-up to keep things running smoothly and to ensure you're always on the path to maximum efficiency. Keep evaluating and adjusting to stay at the top of your productivity game.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is task batching and how does it improve productivity?

Task batching is the method of organizing work by grouping similar tasks to focus on during a dedicated time period, which can improve productivity by reducing the mental fatigue associated with task-switching and allowing for deeper focus.

2. Which task management software is most effective for task batching?

The effectiveness can vary depending on personal preferences, but popular choices include Kroolo, or Asana, as they offer features that help organize tasks into batches and prioritize them effectively.

3. How often should I batch tasks, and for how long?

It's generally recommended to batch tasks daily or weekly, dedicating specific time blocks - typically ranging from 1 to 4 hours - depending on the complexity and urgency of the tasks.

4. Are there specific industries or professions where task batching is particularly beneficial?

Industries with repetitive tasks or strict deadlines, such as project management, content creation, or customer service, can greatly benefit from task batching to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

5. Can task batching work for all types of tasks?

Yes, task batching is versatile and can be applied to various types of tasks, from emails and administrative duties to creative projects. The key is to identify tasks that share similarities in their execution.

6. Why Kroolo is your go-to option for task batching?

  • You can create, organize, and view tasks in List, or Kanban views.
  • With a single click, filter, sort, and conquer tasks using our advanced AI tool.
  • Seamlessly switch between views based on Due date, Priority, Status, Assignee, & Tags
  • Manage all task details in one powerful panel—priorities, statuses, due dates, tags, dependencies, documents, & multiple sub-nests

7. Is task batching suitable for collaborative work or team projects?

  • Absolutely. Task batching can be adapted for collaborative work by aligning team members' schedules for joint batching sessions. Communication and coordination are essential to ensure everyone is on the same page.


best task management software for individuals


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