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7 Strategies to Build Trust in Teams at the Workplace Using Team Management Software


Feb 2024


Ever wondered how to turn a group of individuals into a powerhouse team?🤟 Well, for teams, freelancers, or any full-time remote employee, trust becomes the key driver in retaining an employee and building a loyal empire.🏣

According to a study, workplaces with a high reported level of trust boast 50% higher employee productivity. So, if you want to foster trust within your team, invest in the best team management software👥.

A study by WebinarCare found that 71% of project management professionals 👨‍💻reported an increase in their organizations' use of collaboration software over the past 12 months. This indicates a growing trend towards leveraging technology to enhance team management.

So, let’s dive into detail to unlock the powerful strategies to build trust and synergy within teams at the workplace.


The basics – What is Trust at the Workplace?

Trust in the workplace is the cornerstone of strong professional relationships🤝. It's the confidence and belief that colleagues and leaders operate with reliability, transparency, and integrity.

When promises are consistently kept, communication is open, and ethical behavior is the norm, trust flourishes. Competence, respect, empathy, and fairness also play vital roles.

Building trust is an ongoing process, requiring sincere efforts to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

In such an environment, employees feel secure, valued, and motivated to contribute their best to the team and the organization as a whole.


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Types of Trust You Need to Know

Manifesting to build trust at the workplace? Consider these 2 distinct types of trust  -:

1. Practical trust

Practical trust is the bedrock of reliability and competence in the workplace👩‍💻. This type of trust is built through consistent actions that demonstrate one's dedication and ability to fulfill responsibilities.

For instance, imagine a colleague who consistently meets deadlines, completes tasks diligently, and is always punctual.

Their practical trustworthiness earns them a reputation as a reliable team member. Without practical trust, micromanagement may become necessary, leading to breakdowns in communication and decreased overall productivity.

Building practical trust is essential for creating a work environment where individuals can rely on each other to fulfill their roles effectively.


2. Emotional trust

In contrast to practical trust, emotional trust revolves around creating meaningful connections and bonds within a team. This type of trust is more nuanced and involves factors such as empathy, mutual support, and emotional intelligence.

For example, consider a close-knit team where members not only collaborate on tasks 📒but also support each other on a personal level.

They feel comfortable sharing ideas💡, thoughts, and even personal challenges, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

Emotional trust is harder to quantify and often relies on the interpersonal relationships within a team.


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Challenges in Building Team Trust

Building team trust can be challenging due to various factors that influence interpersonal dynamics. Some common challenges include:-

  • Communication barriers - Inadequate or unclear communication hampers trust. Misunderstandings, lack of transparency, and poor information flow can erode trust among team members.
  • Lack of consistency - Inconsistency in behavior and actions undermines trust. Team members need to observe consistent, reliable patterns to develop trust in their colleagues and leaders.
  • Team conflicts - Unresolved conflicts create a toxic environment, eroding trust. Addressing conflicts promptly and effectively is crucial for maintaining a healthy team dynamic.
  • Lack of accountability - When team members don't take responsibility for their actions, trust is compromised. A culture of accountability is essential for building and sustaining trust.
  • Limited team bonding - Insufficient opportunities for team bonding and collaboration hinder relationship-building. Team-building activities and open communication can foster trust.
  • Leadership issues - Ineffective leadership or a lack of trust in leadership can permeate the entire team. Leaders must demonstrate trustworthiness to inspire confidence in their team.


7 Strategies to Build Trust in Teams by Using Team Management Software

Building trust in the team at the workplace is essential to foster collaboration. Uncover these 8 strategies and start practicing with the right team management software -:

1. Cultivating personal connections

Building personal connections is like weaving a tapestry of conversations, where active listening, keeping it real, and understanding each other play starring roles.

By truly engaging, being yourself, and putting ourselves in others' shoes, we're not just talking; we're connecting on a genuine level.

It's more than small talk – it's about creating a network of relationships that bring trust and support into our lives, both personally and professionally.

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You can use tools like Kroolo to enhance your team's productivity. Create channels effortlessly, invite members seamlessly, and stimulate discussions across teams. Experience the power of personalized communication📞 through direct messages📩, fostering a collaborative environment.


2. Build transparency 

Establishing transparency is a foundational step in cultivating trust within a workplace.

Research indicates a direct correlation between high-trust environments and reduced stress levels, with employees in such settings experiencing a remarkable 74% less stress.

Additionally, workplaces characterized by a high level of trust demonstrate a substantial 50% increase in employee productivity.

Transparency promotes open communication, clear expectations, and a sense of shared purpose, creating a positive work culture📝 where individuals feel valued and supported.

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With Kroolo's project management, it’s easier than ever to put all of this into practice:-

  • Create dedicated channels where team members can openly share updates👩‍🏫, progress, and challenges
  • Reply, forward, react, mention team members, and attach files📂 directly within the threads
  • This, in turn, contributes to enhanced well-being and heightened productivity among team members.

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3. Encourage collaboration

Collaborating with your team goes beyond sharing coffee; it's about weaving trust and shared goals🎯 into a beautiful tapestry. Before diving in, make sure everyone's on the same page—clarify goals and responsibilities.

Kroolo’s Document Management 📰makes teamwork a breeze, offering a central hub for brainstorming and real-time editing. Monitor changes effortlessly and organize team activities.

Embed files, images, links🔗, and more to tailor documents, from roadmaps to knowledge bases. 

Kroolo's inline editor and slash commands ensure seamless editing, fostering a collaborative atmosphere, whether in-person or virtual.


4. Efficient workload management

Efficient workload management is crucial. This brings clarity to the team on – who is accountable to whom or who will be responsible for which tasks.

To bring direction to your tasks, roles, and responsibilities, you can sign up with the best team productivity software like Kroolo.

It lets you assign, track tasks, and set deadlines seamlessly while collaborating within a centralized system. Tailor Team creation to your preferences, customizing roles like Owner, Manager, Member, or Guest for each member.

CREATE TEAMWith specific roles aligned to permissions and access control, every team member contributes uniquely.

Kroolo's team management feature ensures effective task management, fostering a collaborative environment where each role plays a defined part in achieving team goals.


5. Be quiet sometimes

Actively listen and check for understanding by paraphrasing what you’ve heard.

Use a variety of feedback tools to ensure everyone has the chance for their voice to be heard. You must engage in dialogue with employees, allowing them to ask questions, get answers, and voice concerns.

Do your best to stop “talking at” your employees – they want real, two-way conversations.


6. Celebrate small wins and success

When your team consistently achieves success, it boosts their credibility and, in turn, builds trust. By highlighting these wins and acknowledging exceptional performance, you're reinforcing the connection between success and trust.

And with Kroolo's goal management, celebrating these victories 🏅becomes even easier. When goals and key results are tracked in a centralized dashboard, everyone can easily see the progress being made, promoting openness and trust.

goal trackingBy defining measures and key results for each objective, team members understand what success looks like and can align their efforts accordingly.

The efficiency of tracking multiple goals in one place saves time and demonstrates a commitment to achieving shared objectives, enhancing collaboration and trust among team members.


7. Show love to your team

Let's talk about showing some love to your team. No one wants to feel like a robot🤖, right? So, instead of just focusing on work, take a genuine interest in your people.

Ask about their lives outside the office, their hobbies, or weekend plans🍹. It's the little things that build trust.

And caring means more than just training – think cross-team collaborations, mentoring, or giving them extra responsibilities.

Investing in their growth shows you value them not just as workers but as individuals, making the workplace a high-trust haven.


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Foster Trust with the Best Team Management Software

To sum it up, trust is the secret sauce for a workplace that truly rocks. Keep the vibes flowing by chatting openly, making your space safe, and being crystal clear.

Don't forget to give those pats on the back for a job well done.

Oh, and about team management software, such tools are like the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making everything smoother.

Sign up with Kroolo and enhance team collaboration and coordination at your workplace.

So, let's hit those high notes and make our teams shine! 🌟🎶