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Top 10 Document Management Software in 2024


Apr 2024


Are you tired of searching for important files and documents from your overflowing cabinet drawers?

Are you struggling to manage all your documents into one central space for quick access?

Well, well, well! Not anymore. What if I tell you that from now onwards you can create, manage, store, and retrieve all your docs in one place with utmost ease? Yes, you heard it right! Start using the best document management software in your business!

According to reports by Coveo, the average employee spends 3.6 hours daily searching for information – an increase of one hour from the prior year’s report. Employees get so frustrated with having to search for documents that they start losing interest in the workplace.

And, 43% would indeed prefer to leave the job if they don’t find efficiency in information sharing and document management. This can negatively impact your organization by increasing the employee turnover ratio.

So, start investing in the best document management software and pull back your unnecessary investment in time. This will make your employees and teammates productive and efficient at the workplace and better able to work independently and in synergy for any complex projects with joint efforts.


What is a Document Management Software?

Document Management Software is a productivity platform that helps businesses conveniently convert their paper records into digital documents for a hassle-free experience.

This software system enables an organization to create a central repository for managing, tracking, and storing documents in one place. You can leverage document management for–

  • Creating contracts and invoices
  • Maintaining a detailed record of employee
  • Managing financial documents and engineering drawings
  • Managing & retrieving legal documents, product documentation, and more

Prepare a checklist to find the best document management software for your business. Importantly, make sure you prioritize security and privacy measures to safeguard your personal information and prevent the possibility of data breaches and data loss.


document management software


Top 10 Document Management Software

document management software

1. Kroolo - Best for AI document management 

document management software

Kroolo is the best document management software that lets you create and manage your docs using AI. Unlike other where you’ve manually create, here with Kroolo, you can give text or voice prompt and create your docs instantly.

Importantly, this tool is perfect for technical documents, Kroolo supports the embedding of code snippets. Maintain code formatting and clarity within your documentation effortlessly.

Best features

  • Built-in AI: Simplify document creation with AI-powered assistance
  • Versatile creation: Craft and collaborate using blank canvases or AI editors
  • Styling options: Create perfect docs with nested pages and various styling options
  • Effortless organization: Enjoy 3-level nested docs with personalized labeling
  • Personalization: Customize cover pages, icons, avatars, and banners for a unique touch


  • Simplifies document editing
  • Easy to embed your favorite tools in one place
  • Easy to summarize lengthy docs just with a prompt


May have a learning curve for new users, especially those unfamiliar with document management tools


2. ClickUp - Best for document collaboration

ClickUp document management software

via ClickUp

Want to build internal and external docs, knowledge bases, and Wikipedia? 

ClickUp is a leading employee document management software that offers thousands of features to streamline your document management process. For instance, it has ClickUp Docs, where you can easily create and customize your documents –a roadmap to next quarter's strategic docs from employee handbooks, guides, or any company’s past profiles.

This is quite a user-friendly software where you can choose the document style and format with the rich editing tools and give a well-maintained structure to your docs.

And, the best part – you can store every document in one place. No need to spend time finding needles in the haystack. Just enter the title in the search bar and find your docs with an advanced filter option.

Best features

  • Tailor your workspace according to the specific needs and workflows of your team
  • Team can collaborate on documents in real-time, enhancing efficiency and synergy
  • Seamlessly integrate with other tools such as Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive to streamline work processes


  • High degree of customization
  • User-friendly interface


  • Overwhelming feature set
  • Performance Issues including slow loading times, as the complexity of projects increases


3. Google Drive - Best for free storage, sharing, & editing documents

Google Drive document management software

via Google Drive

Google Drive is your team's most robust and commonly used free document management tool. Most organizations heavily rely on the drive to maintain their documents centrally.

Users can easily create the document and prepare a separate folder to save particular documents in that one folder for quick accessibility. The ability to create document workspace via folders and subfolders and its seamless integration makes Google Drive a big hit globally.

Once you create your doc and folder, you can collaborate with your teammates on spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and drawings. A team of up to 50 members can work on the same doc simultaneously.

Best features

  • Access your files from anywhere, on any device, through secure cloud storage.
  • Real-time editing, commenting, and sharing features allow for seamless collaboration across documents
  • Tight integration with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides enhances productivity and facilitates document management.


  • Ease of use
  • Strong collaboration features
  • Ensure reliable access and sync


  • Limited free storage
  • Dependency on internet


4. Revver – Best for searching and locating 

Revver document management software

via Revver

Revver is the best software for document management for business that comes in handy to save your team's time. This powerful document retrieval feature is designed to help freelancers and enterprises manage, organize, store, and share documents privately.

Your team members won't have to spend time searching for the document as Revver uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate file documents in a predefined location.

You can integrate Revver with some of the commonly used cloud storage apps like OnDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The best part of this tool is that it helps employers track, store, and maintain an effective record of the team's details.


  • Enhances the user's ability to search and locate specific content within documents using search algorithms
  • Easily find documents and content related to specific locations or areas of interest
  • Allows seamless integration with other document management platforms


  • Efficient document retrieval
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Highly accessible
  • No storage limitations


  • Over-reliance on location services
  • Learning curve for advanced features


5. Confluence - Best remote-friendly team workspace

Confluence document management software

via Confluence

Confluence is a remote-friendly team workspace software that empowers collaboration and document management. This tool is best suited for small-scale, mid-scale, and large-scale organizations for creating, sharing, organizing, and discussing work with teams of any size.

It offers built-in features where teams can create and share their ideas, edit documents in real time, and keep everyone informed with notifications. Additionally, powerful dashboard support, reporting features, and integration tools together make Confluence a winning choice for teammates.

Best features

  • Creates a unified platform for teams to collaborate on projects, documents, and ideas in real-time
  • Offers an extensive library of templates, making it easier to start projects, plans, meeting notes
  • Seamless integration with Jira, Bitbucket, and other Atlassian tools by linking projects, tasks, and workflows
  • Allows for organizing content in a nested structure


  • Rich content creation
  • Robust integration and plugins available
  • Access controls and permissions


  • Overwhelming features and customization options
  • Limited offline functionality
  • Advanced pricing may seems costlier compared to others


document management software


6. PaperSave - Best automation & document management solution

According to a Perforce survey of over 1,000 employees found that 83% of workers lose time to versioning issues every day. Well, with PaperSave you can save your time smartly.

PaperSave is an industry-leading best software for document management that streamlines your business processes and workflows and gets 70% faster approvals.

This incredibly smart software helps individuals, teams, or businesses of any size to manage their important files and documents efficiently. Importantly, it is integrated with CRM and ERP solutions that help you provide 90% more efficient document filing and retrieval at the helm. 

Best features

  • Offers a centralized system to easily capture, store, and retrieve documents significantly
  • Automates repetitive processes, such as invoice approvals and expense reporting
  • Easily integrates with popular ERP systems, CRM software, and other business applications
  • Offers robust security measures, including access controls and audit trails, to protect sensitive information


  • Reduces manual tasks and helps teams focus on more strategic work
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Enhanced access control


  • Initial setup complexity
  • Training requirement
  • Limited mobile experience


7. Alfresco - Best for large enterprises

Alfresco document management software

via Alfresco

Do you know? You can manage your documents in integration with 60+ applications like Documentum, FileNet, and OpenText.

Alfresco is the best content management tool that makes your document management process simple. This software emphasizes smooth operation and streamlining of workflows. You can leverage some of the powerful features like file sharing, document scanning, storage facility, and more and track your document with minimal effort.

Yes, this tool performs more than what you have asked for without any hiccups. Try this open-source document management software and handle less critical content for your business.

Best features

  • Offers advanced features for document capture, management, and distribution
  • Includes robust tools that support team collaboration
  • Provides extensive security features and compliance tools to help businesses meet regulatory requirements


  • Flexible deployment options
  • Offers customization
  • Provides strong integration capabilities


  • Complexity with the initial setup
  • Cost of ownership might be high considering custom deployments and ongoing maintenance


8. Master Control – Best for compliance

Master Control document management software

via Master Control

Master Control stands out as the leading document management software for businesses prioritizing compliance.

Its robust platform not only facilitates the secure storage and organization of documents but also streamlines the audit process, making it easier for companies to prove compliance.

With features that support collaboration, version control, and access management, Master Control significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and transparency.

Best features

  • Provides top-tier encryption and secure data centers for safe document storage
  • Customizable workflows automate tasks like document review, approval, and distribution
  • Enables real-time collaboration with commenting and feedback tools
  • Includes audit trail and compliance reporting
  • Granular user permissions ensure only authorized personnel access sensitive information


  • Regulatory compliance focus
  • Automated workflows for efficiency
  • Advanced security measures


  • Learning curve for users to fully master
  • Higher cost for robust capabilities and compliance features


9. DocuWare – Best for integration  

DocuWare document management software

via DocuWare

DocuWare stands out as a sophisticated document management system designed to optimize document organization across various industries. This platform streamlines the capture, storage, and sharing of documents, making it easier for teams to collaborate and retrieve information efficiently.  

Such a document management software uses cloud-based document management, combining cloud storage and office automation for a digital workplace. It enables a 'cloud workflow,' allowing scalable services based on specific needs, with the option to expand as reliability is established.

Best features

  • Automatically categorizes and indexes documents for easy retrieval, using AI
  • Offers cloud-based and on-premises storage solutions, ensuring that documents are both accessible and protected.
  • Simplifies complex processes by automating workflows & reducing manual tasks


  • Offers AI-powered indexing and search capabilities
  • Supports both cloud and on-premises deployments
  • Seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party applications


  • Setting up and customizing workflows can be complex
  • Cost may be a concern for small businesses or those with minimal neds


10. PandaDoc – Best for complex documents

PandaDoc document management software

via PandaDoc

PandaDoc stands out as a specialized solution for managing complex documents, particularly excelling in the creation, tracking, and signing of intricate proposals, contracts, and agreements. It streamlines document workflows, making it easier for teams to collaborate on detailed documents that require precise formatting and compliance with legal standards.

Best features

  • Robust editing tools for easy document creation with formatting, images, and templates.
  • Legally binding e-signatures for quick and secure online signing.
  • Collaboration features for multiple users with commenting, revision tracking, and approval workflows.
  • Provides insights on recipient interaction, including time on each page and notifications for document actions.


  • Proficient in creating and managing complex legal documents with high customization
  • Easily integrates with CRM, payment, and cloud storage platforms


  • Mastering advanced features and capabilities may take some time
  • Higher-tier plans may be needed to access powerful tools


Why Kroolo is the Best Document Management Software?

Kroolo stands as the premier choice for document management software due to its exceptional features and benefits:-

1. AI-powered instant document creation

Kroolo empowers business analysts with AI capabilities, allowing instant document creation through intuitive prompts that can be further refined based on specific needs.

2. Create document summaries

For QA managers facing the task of reviewing extensive test management documents, Kroolo's AI summarization feature swiftly condenses content, saving valuable time and facilitating quick analysis.

3. Interactive document 

Kroolo enables users to interact with documents by asking specific questions, creating an efficient and dynamic experience that saves hours of analysis time.

4. Doc styling 

With Kroolo, create flawless documents with nested pages, styling options, and the ability to embed files, images, links, tables, codes, and more. Whether you're working on product roadmaps or knowledge bases, Kroolo offers a versatile platform for your document formatting needs. Choose between the Doc inline editor or slash commands for perfect editing and styling.

5. Organized sub-docs with 3-level nesting

Kroolo enhances document organization with the ability to create sub-docs featuring three levels of nesting in a single click. Personalize each sub-doc with specific icons and labels for quick identification, providing an organized and efficient document structure.

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How to Organize and Manage Documents Using Kroolo?

Organizing and managing documents with Kroolo is a seamless and efficient process. Here's a guide on how to make the most out of Kroolo's document management features:-

1. Create docs using AI

Traditional document tools like Google Docs or Confluence often involve manual processes that can be time-consuming. With Kroolo's native AI capabilities, document creation becomes instant and intuitive. Utilize simple prompts for the initial creation and further refine with options like re-generation, rewriting, and adjusting the length to suit specific needs.

2. Chat with docs

Reading and summarizing documents can be a time-consuming task, especially for QA managers reviewing extensive test management documents. Kroolo's AI chat feature enables instant document summarization using prompts. Save hours of analysis time by asking specific questions regarding the document for a more focused review.

3. Embeds in docs

When you need to reference files from various external sources like Figma, Loom, or Google Apps within a document, Kroolo's Doc Embeds feature comes to your aid. Embed all your favorite apps seamlessly inside your document, creating a centralized hub for easy reference. Ideal for creative directors wanting all client-related files in one place.

4. Import files to doc

For those struggling with scattered documents across multiple platforms, Kroolo's Doc Importer simplifies the process. If you're an IT consultant needing to refer to documents from Google, Confluence, Dropbox, and more, import them effortlessly into a single workspace. Manage all your documents seamlessly without the hassle of switching between platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best document management software for the team?

Some of the popular document management software for teams are-

  • Kroolo
  • ClickUp
  • Alfresco
  • Google Drive
  • PaperSave

This software helps the team in editing and version control and improves document security and access control.

  1. Can I access my document from any corner, anytime by using Kroolo? 

Yes, Kroolo is the most modern document management software that helps users access their documents, edit, track, monitor, and retrieve them from anywhere with an internet connection.

  1. How can DMS improve the productivity of my team?

Boost your team’s productivity 10x by using DMS. It will help you -:

  • Manage a document repository
  • Makes doc-sharing & collaboration and processes much easier
  • Easy to find any dated file or document with an advanced search filter
  • Enhances compliance with document retention policies and regulations
  1. Does DMS provide version control?

Yes, automated version control and instant file retrieval are essential features of advanced DMS systems. It lets you retrieve important docs instantly without any additional hassle.


document management software


Level Up Your Document Management System With Kroolo

Managing documents is a prerequisite when you start a business or planning to shoot it beyond the borders. It not only simplifies your information gathering and retrieval tasks but also helps you facilitate collaboration, comprehensive data security, and cloud-based doc storage with overall knowledge management at the helm.

Kroolo is an ideal choice for teams looking for a meticulous and comprehensive DMS. It helps you scale projects by offering a myriad of features and functionality all in one place.

So, eliminate the chaos of mismanagement and start streamlining every minute of data in one centralized space with us.

Sign up with Kroolo and create your first document now!

Let's get started.



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