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Best 5 Document Collaboration Tools in 2024 (Pros, Cons, Pricing)


Nov 2023


Looking for business document management software for your team?

In this competitive landscape, productive document collaboration has become the cornerstone of every business. Whether you’re a freelancer, gig worker, or a small business owner, creating, sharing, editing, and organizing docs have become a daily ritual for your business.

That’s the magic wand of document management software.

But with hundreds of document management tools available, how will you select the best one? Well, that’s quite challenging, right?

So, here we have hand-picked some of the best document collaboration tools with detailed pricing. Explore below and make the right choice for enhancing your team’s productivity at the helm -:


What is Document Collaboration Software? How Does it Work?

An online document collaboration tool is a software that allows several users to simultaneously work on one document or set of documents irrespective of their location. You can manage every piece of information in one central space and organize your data mess in a structured way for quick retrieval.

Some of the free document management tools such as Kroolo are necessary for effective collaboration, managing different versions of the same documents or ideas, and fostering transparent communication within the group.

Here's how document collaboration software typically works-

Most of the document collaboration tools are cloud-based—the documents are kept on a remote server, not on individual computers. Users can always log on to the internet, access, and amend documents at any time.

  • Cloud-based storage: The document owner usually invites users to work together on a document or through an access link. Security and privacy are ensured because only the owner may view, edit, or comment on the document.
  • Real-time editing: This allows a lot of users to edit the same document simultaneously. Modifications made by one user are immediately evident for the other users which speeds up cooperation and reduces the problem of versions.
  • Commenting and discussion: The collaboration tool also comes with a comment or chat feature. Users could post discussions for the document or specific changes within the platform.
  • Version history: Document collaboration tools usually keep a record of all changes in the document and therefore have a version history. This is helpful when tracking differences between versions, which can help resolve conflict. Users can also go back to the earlier version if necessary.
  • Notifications and alerts: Users are normally informed when the changes are incorporated into the document or whenever there are references in comments and discussions. It makes sure that people remain informed and active. Many tools allow for offline work and subsequent synchronization with the server when the connection is restored.
  • File sharing: Most collaboration tools contain a feature for file sharing, which enables file uploading and sharing of a variety of document types such as text files, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
  • Integration: Such software might also integrate with other productivity and communication tools such as emails, calendars, project management software, and chat platforms, to create an all-inclusive platform for document creation and revision.
  • Security and privacy: Such tools usually have security features such as encryption, access control, and data banking, so that the integrity and confidentiality of documents are well protected.


Best 5 Document Collaboration Tools for 2024

1. Kroolo 

Kroolo is a document management software for gig workers and small businesses. It lets you create, and share docs or wikis with a variety of templates and AI capabilities.

You can create a perfect document with nested pages and a variety of styling options. Start embedding files, images, codes, tables, and documents and format documents – from product roadmaps to knowledge-based. You can even use the slash command or Doc inline editor for perfectly styling and editing your document.


Kroo AI is a game-changing feature at Kroolo that saves hours and gets your work done in the blink of an eye. Write a prompt and create a task or goal project or any document within a jiffy. You can shorten the paragraph or extend the content, paraphrase, summarise, or regenerate the result with the magic of Kroo AI.

Kroolo pros

  • Offers celestial hub of integrations to avoid switching tabs
  • Easy to set timelines with project milestones to map out every step of your project
  • Chat, tag, @mention, create channel and threads
  • Offers light mode and night mode for better viewability
  • Reunite all Goal OKRs metrics in a single dashboard

Kroolo cons 

  • No offline mode is available

Kroolo pricing 

  • Startup: Free
  • Plus: $15 / User / Month
  • Business: $25 / User / Month


2. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is an affordable document management software that fosters team collaboration through file sharing. It offers real-time document editing for teams promoting creation and coordination in one place. Start assigning docs, add due dates, and @mention people to chat within the document itself.


Dropbox Paper pros

  • Create your to-do lists with due dates for meticulous planning
  • Leverage media integration for creating dynamic docs
  • Give your team personal planning space
  • Have a zoom in and out of timelines to view weekly & yearly plans
  • Best for writers for systematic content collaboration

Dropbox Paper cons

  • Doesn’t offer any offline mode
  • Limited capabilities for mobile applications

Dropbox Paper pricing

  • Plus: US$9.99/month
  • Essentials: US$18/month
  • Business: US$20/user/month
  • Business Plus: US$26/user/month

3. DocuX

DocuX is an end-to-end document management software for managing, approving, collaborating, and storing documents and contracts in one place. Ditch the back and forth and manage everything here in one place – keeping everything secure.

This personal document management software gives you summary and direct action tabs for zipping through personal goals or professional projects keeping everything secure and in sync. Well, workspace creation is the new-age virtual assistant here!


DocuX pros

  • It has strong versioning that ensures users are working on the latest version
  • Offers AI automation to sort, move, and track your doc
  • Paid plans offer unlimited e-signature documents for giving internal approval
  • Control, secure, and protect your contracts and documents with password protection, download restrictions, and permissions

DocuX cons

  • You can access it in offline mode

DocuX pricing

  • Personal: Free for life
  • Pro: $9/month (unlimited)
  • Team: $29/month (unlimited)


4. Trello

Trello is a powerful document management and collaboration tool that brings all your tasks, teammates, and tools together in one place. You can review your tasks and see who’s doing what and what else needs to be done with a board view, list view, and cards.

Try this productivity powerhouse and empower your teams to create and keep tasks in order, arrange meetings, and set deadlines to deliver on time.

It offers a variety of integrations so your team can connect with the app without leaving Trello. Browse integrations here.


Trello pros

  • Easy to use
  • Create rules, buttons, and commands with automation capabilities

Trello cons

  • Using a lot of boards can be a little overwhelming

Trello pricing

  • Free
  • Standard: $5 per user
  • Premium: $10 per user
  • Enterprise: $17.50  per user


5. Jira

Jira is one of the best document management software that offers an extensive range of features for managing, organizing, and tracking projects efficiently. You can use timelines for mapping the big picture of your tasks and communicating the updates to stakeholders. In a nutshell, ensure that your team stays on the same page.

Leverage this tool for managing customer inquiries, and requests and responding to their concern swiftly by creating a project in Jira.


Jira pros

  • Break large, complex projects into manageable tasks through scrum boards
  • Offers critical insights through systematic reporting and dashboards
  • Offers drag-and-drop automation to speed up the process

Jira cons

  • Bit complex to use and requires training for new users

Jira pricing

  • Free
  • Standard: $8.15 per user 
  • Premium: $16 per user


Break Silos. Not Flow of Exchange 

And it's a wrap! 

Selecting the right online document collaboration tool ensures that no information or document goes unnoticed. Such tools have an easy learning curve and offer friction-free cross-functional collaboration that makes team communication clear and transparent.

While it could be overwhelming to get your hands on the best document collaboration software, note that Kroolo has been purpose-built with the latest technology.

Say goodbye to software clutter and welcome a hassle-free experience with your end-to-end document creation, sharing, and management. Explore a suite of AI automation and get your work done without breaking the bank.

Sign up with Kroolo to spend less time & get more work done, faster and efficiently!


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