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12 Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Collaboration with Team Productivity Software


Feb 2024


Have you ever been standing in front of a blank canvas📜 and waiting for this burst of inspiration to arrive? 

We’ve all been there – the search for that perfect idea💡, that game-changer to get everything set in motion.

So, strap in because we’re entering the world of brainstorming techniques that are like magnets for ideas. It doesn’t actively participate in the teamwork 👥👤but brings fresh perspectives and helps freelancers to turn those gears with team productivity software and see how their ideas take off.

Now is the time to dive, create, and reinvent your brainstorming. So, let's start the journey of sparking ideas and things happening. 🚀✨


What is a Brainstorming Technique?

Brainstorming is a method of working in groups to produce many ideas to promote creative thinking🧘 and cooperation. It is usually characterized by several people gathering to discuss 💭and exchange ideas and comments spontaneously.

The main principles of the brainstorming technique include:-

1. Free expression

Participants are urged to share any thought that comes across their minds 🧠without immediate criticism or evaluation.

2. Quantity over quality

The purpose is to create lots of ideas knowing that the best resolutions often come from exploring many possibilities🏄‍♂️.

3. Non-hierarchical environment

Everyone’s contribution is equal, creating an atmosphere that lacks prejudice and where all are welcome.

4. Building on ideas

Participants can use each other’s suggestions and create more innovativeand polished ideas.

5. Time constraints

Brainstorming can take place through different platforms such as face-to-face meetings👨‍💻, team productivity tools like Kroolo, or a combination of both It’s a popular approach to problem-solving, developing new ideas, and project planning.


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12 Brainstorming Techniques to Implement with Team Productivity Software

Explore these unique 12 brainstorming techniques for measuring the productivity of software development teams and freelancers to fuel innovation & enhance project outcomes -:

1. Starbursting

Team Productivity Software - Starbursting

Starbursting is a brainstorming technique that involves asking questions instead of providing solutions. It means that you have to encapsulate an idea or issue with some set of “Wh-” questions—

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

First, this method promotes holistic investigation 🔍and makes for an overall investigation of different aspects of the given topic. By systematically addressing these queries, teams can identify potential challenges, opportunities, and aspects that may not be immediately obvious.

In short, starbursting strengthens critical thinking🙇, providing a comprehensive and holistic view of the subject matter that can lead to more informed choices made during the process of creativity.



Team Productivity Software - SCAMPER 

SCAMPER is a creative thinking and brainstorming method aimed at stimulating innovation and the creation of new ideas. SCAMPER is the acronym for various methods of approaching and adjusting an existing idea. Here's what each letter represents:

1. S - Substitute: So, consider replacing or substituting one element of the idea with something else.

2. C - Combine: Consider different elements or ideas to be combined.

3. A - Adapt: Consider how you could adapt your creativity in a completely new environment.

4. M - Modify: Think of how some elements of the idea can be adapted or transformed to make it better.

5. P - Put to Another Use: Find other ways that the idea can be used or applied.

6. E - Eliminate: Identify what parts of the idea could be abandoned or made simpler.

7. R - Reverse: Look at the opposite or different aspects of the idea and come up with something fresh.

SCAMPER invites people or teams to see problems or ideas from different angles, stimulating creativity and innovation. It is fluid, and a popular technique used in brainstorming sessions to inspire innovative thinking and come up with breakthrough ideas.


3. Round Robin technique 

Team Productivity Software - Round Robin technique 

Round Robin is one of the participatory methods in which participants put forward their ideas in turn, in a rotational way. The team members take turns to air their views to ensure that everybody is considered.

This structured approach creates an environment of equal participation, where different viewpoints are not only encouraged but also have the same opportunity as everyone else needs to be heard.

The Round Robin is a useful tool for fostering inclusion and coming up with balanced solutions in team discussions and brainstorming💫.


4. Brainwriting

Brainwriting is an example of a collaborative ideation technique where team members generate ideas in writing. Instead of traditional brainstorming, individuals write their thoughts about a particular topic on separate sheets of paper.📃

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They secondly share their ideas with others who develop them further. This approach fosters heterogeneous contributions, reduces groupthink, and facilitates concurrent idea generation.

The advantage of brainwriting is that it promotes creativity and inclusivity in a team, ensuring that plenty of perspectives are taken into account during the ideation process.


5. Brain Netting

Imagine you are brainstorming and minds connected like a digital web – that’s nothing but Brain Netting. It is this cool technique of brainstorming in real-time where the minds blend thoughts to weave🧘‍♀️ into a creative canvas.

Imagine a virtual room where minds touch, converse, and come up with amazing ideas.

With Brain netting, the sky is the limit🌨 – it’s like having a brainstorming party where ideas are flowing and developing with every click. So, come on as we all gather around the virtual table and weave a web of brilliance together! 🧠🕸️


6. The Six Thinking Hats

Edward de Bono invented The Six Thinking Hats as a creative problem-solving technique. It involves approaching a problem or decision from six distinct perspectives, each represented by a metaphorical "thinking hat." These hats are:

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1. White Hat (Facts): Concentrates on available information, data, and facts🎲.

2. Red Hat (Emotions): Talks about feelings, intuitions, and gut reactions without having to rationalize them.

3. Black Hat (Critical judgment): Identifies potential threats, vulnerabilities, and obstacles.

4. Yellow Hat (Optimism): Positive characteristics, advantages, and opportunities.

5. Green Hat (Creativity): Builds creative thinking, brainstorming new ideas, and investigating alternatives🕵️‍♂️.

6. Blue Hat (Control): Manage the thinking process, lead discussions, and define the agenda📒.


Suppose a freelance graphic designer is stuck when working on a project. Wearing the 🎩“Green Hat” (creativity), they develop new ideas and innovative design concepts without group discussion.

Later, at a virtual team meeting they wear the 🤠“Blue Hat” (control) together to brainstorm and improve their thoughts collectively. The “Red Hat” (emotions) gives the team an option to share their instincts, and the “Black Hat” gives a possibility to analyze possible risks.

“Yellow Hat” (optimism) suggests accenting strengths. Six Thinking Hats allows freelancers and teams to overcome creative problems effortlessly, supported by comprehensive and efficient decision-making.


7. The Gap analysis

Ever dreamed of goals 🎯as if they were just out of reach? That’s where the gap analysis comes to the rescue!

It’s like a GPS for success, showing you the area between where you start and where you want to end up. Picture this: You target stellar project delivery, but timelines go over the top. Gap analysis identifies the gap, allows you to tighten the ship up, and voila – smoother sailings!

It’s your project superhero, finding the gaps and making sure of a victory🏅. So, next time you size up those targets let the gap be your strategic partner! 🚀🎯


8. How Now Wow Technique 

“How Now Wow” is an urgent ideas framework that faces immediate needs (“Now”), short-term objectives (“How”), and long-term vision (“Wow”). Freelancers can take advantage of this by linking tasks to their project schedules.

When combined with Kroolo, a productivity software that includes all project management features, freelancers work on their projects efficiently.

Kroolo’s dashboard enables the organization of tasks in a list or board view, matching perfectly “How Now Wow” allows multitasking with the right balance between urgent tasks, short-term objectives, and long-term viewpoints.


9. Storming figure 

Storming figure is a brainstorming technique that uses graphs📈 and drawings to provoke creativity. Instead of using their verbal language, team members make use of drawings, diagrams📊, or infographics to convey and develop ideas collectively.

This approach facilitates a more visual and intuitive exploration of ideas, promoting understanding among team members. Key aspects of storming forming are -:

  • Visual expression: Emphasizes the use of drawings and diagrams.
  • Enhanced communication: Helps in clearer communication through pictorial representation.
  • Creative exploration: Accelerates innovative thinking that relies on visual creativity.
  • Collaborative dynamics: Make team collaboration stronger by visually sharing and contributing to ideas.


10. Lightning Decision Jam

LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam) is a fast, systematic ideation process suitable for making quick decisions. It is a short version of design thinking🤔, enabling teams to come up with ideas, share them, and rank them quickly.

Through time-boxed activities, LDJ offers focused discussions 👨‍🏫and guards against overthinking. For remote teams, LDJ is a highly effective tool because it facilitates virtual brainstorming among team members from different walks of life. The LDJ methodology includes:

  • Time-boxed sessions: Ensures swift decision cycles
  • Visual collaboration: Sharing of real-time ideas via digital means
  • Prioritization techniques: Facilitates rapid alignment on major priorities
  • Remote-friendly: Flexible in virtual settings, promoting remote team interactions


11. The Idea Napkin

Imagine “The Idea Napkin” as your change companion an imaginary doodle napkin for the brain flow. This playful gadget makes it easy to doodle, sketch, and write down your casual thoughts on the fly. It is just like that instant napkin you pick at a coffee house when inspiration dawns.

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With this digital version, you can take your light bulb moments anywhere anytime. It is where genius meets convenience your creativity can also find a nice spot to unwind and flourish; the Idea Napkin. There you go, napkin up and let your great ideas flow!


12. Crawford Slip Writing

Have you ever heard about Crawford Slip Writing?

team productivity software

It’s like the MVP for note-taking.

Imagine if all your thoughts were well arranged on pieces of paper or sticky notes. Each slip is a stone, that encapsulates thoughts without the mess. It’s the secret sauce of creative chaos—no more jottings on the margins of a notebook forgotten immediately.

Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how one could live without this!


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Harmonize Creativity with Team Productivity Software 

Absolutely! Brainstorming should be a creative meeting not just another thing to do. It’s the opportunity to create something special, especially if your brainstorming technique is as varied as the thinking styles that you find in your group.

Regardless of whether you are doing things on your own or as part of a team, there is this great satisfaction in seeing your ideas transform into reality. It is like planting seeds and watching them blossom.

Thus, let the imaginative thoughts run wild and when you have your pearls of wisdom why not select a tool that customizes your workflow to turn inspiration into reality? It’s the magical touch that breathes life into your brainstorming brilliance! ✨🌟

Sign up with Kroolo and start your journey to creativity now just like never before!


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