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11 Agile Games to Boost Performance with Team Productivity Software


Feb 2024


Hey, ever thought about how some teams just click while others struggle🏋️‍♂️?

It's all about the magic mix of agile methods, fun games, and killer productivity software.

Imagine teams bonding over interactive activities, honing skills like problem-solving and communication. And with top-notch productivity tools, it's like adding rocket fuel to collaboration🤝.

Stats back it up: In 2022, Agile adopters saw a 60% revenue boost and 25% higher productivity. Plus, 88% say agile improves their performance and overall team synergy at the workplace.

Ready to dive in and discover how agile games and team productivity software can transform your team's performance at the workplace? Let's unlock that winning formula together!


What are Agile Games?

Agile games are like the superheroes of team collaboration – they make learning and applying Agile principles a total blast! These games are a crucial component of agile methodologies, which emphasize collaboration, adaptability, and iterative development.

The goal is to instill agile values and practices while promoting a culture of collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement within the team👥.

Such games are widely used in training sessions, workshops, and team-building activities to make learning agile concepts more interactive and memorable. 

So, if you're looking to sprinkle some excitement into learning, agile games are the way to go – turning work into a friendly, engaging adventure! 🎉✨


How to Use Team Productivity Software for Agile Games 

1. Plan and schedule

Use the software to plan and schedule agile games, setting clear objectives, timelines, and roles for each team member.

2. Collaborative platforms

Choose software with collaborative features such as virtual whiteboards or shared documents, allowing team members to brainstorm ideas and work together in real time.

3. Task management

Utilize task management tools within the software to assign tasks, track progress, and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the Agile games.

4. Feedback channels

Set up feedback channels within the software to gather input from team members during and after the agile games, facilitating continuous improvement and learning.

5. Documentation & knowledge sharing

Encourage the team to document key insights, learnings, and outcomes of the agile games within the software, creating a valuable knowledge base for future reference and reflection.


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Agile Games to Enhance Team Performance in 2024

Revolutionize your teamwork and make agile principle learning fun and easy with these smart interactive games -:

1. Ball Point Game 

Ball point game

The Ball Point Game is a popular agile team-building exercise where teams pass a ball around a table. Split into 3-minute sprints, teams strategize for a minute, pass the ball for a minute, then tally points and reflect.

The catch is that only the person who pops the first bubble and the person who pops the last bubble in each round earn points for their team. So, while everyone participates by popping bubbles, it's the timing and coordination of the first and last pops that contribute to the team's score.

It adds a fun challenge and encourages teams to strategize and work together to maximize their points during each round of the game. 🎈🏆


2. Paper airplane 

The Paper Airplane Game is like a team-building sky adventure! Each person gets a piece of paper, folds it into a plane, and writes a fun fact about themselves. Then, we throw our planes and pick up a random one.

Guess what? That's your new friend!

It's a quick, fun way to connect and learn about each other. Now, here's the cool part – it's not just about making planes; it's about teamwork, communication, and breaking the ice.

This game turns strangers into pals and boosts team spirit. So, unfold those paper wings and let the friendly flight begin! 🛫✨


3. Agile Clock

The Agile Clock is like a friendly guide for teams diving into agile concepts. Imagine a big chart with stickers representing key agile ideas🗨 in simple words.

For example, "Customers and Teams Talking More" could be a sticker with a chat symbol.

Arrange these stickers like numbers on a clock🕞, and maybe add some cute drawings. So, this becomes a visual cheat sheet!

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Agile Clock Game


4. Cholocate Bar

In the Chocolate Bar Game, developers take charge, turning the team into chocolatiers. Here's the scoop: one person becomes the product manager, crafting a chocolate bar with fillings, toppings, and the type of chocolate. The rest become customers, giving feedback and suggesting tweaks.

It's a taste test where the product manager adjusts the chocolate bar to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth, considering special dietary requests like gluten-free or dairy-free.🍬

This delicious activity is like a scrum simulation, teaching teams about iterations, customer feedback, and the art of continual improvement. It's a mouthwatering way to learn and grow together! 🍫👩‍🍳

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Kroolo empowers your team to customize tasks, manage roles, and refine workflows effortlessly, just like crafting the perfect chocolate bar.

5. Emoji Communication Game

Emoji games

The Emoji Communication Game is a fun way to practice clear and effective communication using emojis😉! Here's how it works: Teams are given a scenario or message, and they have to communicate it using only emojis.

For example, they might have to convey "Join me at the meeting room sharp at 2 PM" or "I'm feeling happy and excited on cracking the new deal💰!" This makes team communication much more interactive and creative to express ideas, emotions, and even actions.

Well, it's like a modern-day charade but with emojis! This game not only strengthens teamwork but also enhances understanding of non-verbal communication in a fun and interactive way.🎉


6. Agile Bingo

Bingo game

Agile Bingo is like your favorite game with a work twist! Instead of numbers, each square on the bingo card has an agile-related term or concept, like "sprint," "user story," or "self-organizing."

As your team goes about their Agile work, they mark off squares that match things they encounter or discuss.

The goal? To get a row, column, or diagonal marked off, just like regular bingo. It's a sneaky way to reinforce Agile knowledge while having a blast! Plus, who doesn't love shouting "Bingo!" in the middle of a team meeting? 🎉🚀


7. Non Musical Chairs

The Non-Musical Chairs game is like the regular game without the music stopping. Instead of losing a chair, you collect points by doing tasks or answering questions. Every round, one chair goes away until someone wins.

It's a bit like a mix of working together, thinking fast, and trying to get a chair. Here, players work together, strategize, and cheer for each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

As tasks or questions pop up, team members have to think on their feet, promoting quick decision-making.

In short, it injects energy, laughter, and a sense of teamwork into the team, enhancing collaboration and building stronger connections. 🪑🤝✨


8. Penny Game

The Penny Game is a nifty agile activity where teams aim to maximize profits🤑 using just pennies! Teams receive a stack of pennies and must collaborate to turn them into as many heads as possible in a set time. It’s like a penny-flipping frenzy!

The catch? Each flip cost mirrors real-world project costs.

This game teaches teams about iteration, communication, and the impact of small decisions on the overall outcome. It's a pocket-sized lesson in Agile principles, emphasizing collaboration, adaptability, and the importance of understanding project economics.

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9. Marshmallow Tower

Marshmallow gam e

The Marshmallow Tower game is a wild ride for your developers as they team up to build the quirkiest structure ever!

Split into groups of four, armed with spaghetti, string, tape, and a marshmallow, the challenge is to create the tallest freestanding tower with the marshmallow on top. Simple, right? Not so fast!

With only 20 minutes per round, teams dive into a brainstorming frenzy, quickly learning the ropes of collaboration.

Expect some tower tumbles🗼, but that's the beauty of it! Each collapse becomes a lesson, encouraging teams to refine their tactics and embrace the iterative journey of teamwork. 🍢🏗️


10. Sandwich Game

Sandwich game

Get ready for the Sandwich Game – it's bound to be a hit with your developers, and there's a tasty prize waiting at the end! This game isn't just about making sandwiches; it's a crash course in teamwork.

Picture this: one team member becomes the sandwich maestro, giving super literal instructions on how to build the perfect sandwich🥪. No room for vagueness here – it's all about being crystal clear, from picking up the knife 🔪to slicing those bread squares just right🔲.

As your team gets busy constructing, they'll be sharpening their collaboration skills and learning to listen and work seamlessly together. It's teamwork, with a side of mouth-watering fun! 🥪🎉


11. Murder Mystery 

The Murder Mystery Game is a thrilling and interactive experience🤩 that turns your team into detectives 🕵️‍♀️on the hunt for a fictional culprit. Each participant is assigned a character and a backstory, and then, the "crime" occurs.

Murder Mystery game

Team members must investigate, interrogate, and piece together clues to unveil the mystery. The challenge lies in collaboration, as everyone plays a crucial role in solving the case. Whether it's uncovering alibis or deciphering cryptic notes, the game fosters teamwork, critical thinking 🤔, and communication.

Beyond the suspenseful plot, the Murder Mystery Game is a unique and engaging way to strengthen bonds and enhance problem-solving skills. 🕵️🔍🎭


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Turn Learning into Play with Agile Games

So, to wrap it up, agile games, paired with team productivity software, are like the ultimate tag team of learning and fun! They take those complex concepts and turn them into interactive adventures that you enjoy.

Whether you're leveling up collaboration, sharpening problem-solving skills, or embracing adaptability, these games, 🤹‍♂️alongside your trusty team productivity software, redefine how we learn and grow.

It's not just about ticking off tasks; it's about diving into exciting challenges that leave a real impact. So, let's keep this adventure going, turning every learning moment into a thrilling ride toward success! 🚀🎮

Sign up with Kroolo and implement the agile principle just like your routine habit.