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10 Management Techniques To Try with Top Team Management Tool


Apr 2024


Are you finding it challenging to keep your team productive🤕 and connected in today's fast-paced business environment?

With projects becoming more complex🤢and remote work on the rise, maintaining team cohesion can be tough.

But did you know that companies using comprehensive team management strategies can improve team performance by up to 30%? That's according to a report by McKinsey!🤩

To help you harness this potential, we've curated a list of "10 Management Techniques To Try with Top Team Management Tool."

These techniques, powered by cutting-edge technology💻, are designed to streamline processes, foster communication, and boost overall efficiency.

Ready to unlock your team's full potential? Let's dive in!🏊‍♀️


What are Management Techniques?

Management techniques are specific approaches or methods employed by leaders and managers to effectively plan📃, organize, coordinate, and control activities within an organization🏨.

These techniques are designed to enhance productivity, improve communication, and achieve organizational goals🎯.


Team Management Tool


10 Management Techniques to Implement with the Right Team Management Tool

Here we’ve discussed some of the well-known team management techniques to guide leaders in optimizing team performance and achieving desired outcomes -:

1. Start at the top

It's super important to begin with the leaders in a company🪜. If everyone in charge isn't supportive, efforts to make things better won't work well.

If the big bosses don't agree, it's like throwing away time and money💰. If managers act like they don't care or make things worse, it makes things go bad. Bad management could be the reason why people aren't happy and that needs fixing.

Find out where people need to get better, like in talking to each other🗣️, and teach them what they need. Making sure everyone is working together is the key to doing well🥇.


2. Prioritize feedback

Employees value it as much as communication📩, boosting engagement. Start with one-on-one check-ins between managers and employees. Encourage regular team reviews led by middle management.

Adjust the frequency based on each team's preference to avoid it feeling forced. Managers should discuss preferred feedback methods with their direct reports🗃.

Studies by Gallup found that employees receiving regular feedback are three times more likely to be engaged, while Deloitte reports a 14% higher engagement rate in organizations where feedback is a norm.


3. Hire the right candidate

Ever wondered how effortless team building and management could be?

With our smart workspace management software, the process is a breeze🍹! Add members, define roles, and tailor team settings for personalized workspaces.

During hiring, do you want to streamline candidate assessments and ensure a perfect fit? Utilize our team management toolkit. Engage potential team members in virtual assessments with collaborative features.


4. Delegate with finesse

Distribute tasks📚 according to team members' strengths. Use the best team management tool to define roles clearly for team members such as Owner, Manager, Member, or Guest based on permissions and access control🛡.

Effective delegation fosters collaboration, ensuring everyone's skills contribute to the team's goals🥅. With Kroolo, you can seamlessly assign and track responsibilities, making the delegation process efficient and transparent.

Sign up today and start promoting a culture of shared success and productivity🚀.Top of Form


5. 360-degree feedback systems

Implement a 360-degree feedback system that enables employees to receive feedback💌 from their managers, peers, and direct reports. Such a holistic approach to feedback can provide diverse perspectives on an employee's performance, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Research indicates that organizations employing 360-degree feedback mechanisms experience a 32% reduction in employee turnover🧑‍🤝‍🧑.

This highlights the system’s effectiveness in improving job satisfaction and retention rates by fostering an environment of open communication🗣 and continuous improvement.


6. Regular one-on-one meetings

Regular one-on-one meetings with your team are game-changers💻. Beyond just tasks, these sessions become personalized journeys into your team members' career goals.

By addressing concerns and offering genuine support🫂, you foster a tight-knit crew. Plus, these meetings create a space for open dialogue, where ideas can flow freely💭, and innovation thrives.

It's a🎖win-win – your team feels the love, and the organization gets to see its stars shine.


7. Flexible work policy

Imagine implementing a robust flexible work policy within your team – enabling options like remote work and flexible hours. It's akin to instilling a culture of trust, emphasizing your confidence in the team's competence.

By integrating such arrangements, you not only recognize the pivotal role of work-life balance but also actively bolster job satisfaction and overall engagement🔗.

Now, to streamline this flexibility seamlessly, picture leveraging an online team management tool. It's akin to establishing a virtual workspace, ensuring optimal communication📳 and collaboration irrespective of physical location.


8. Levegaing online team management software

Team Management Tool

Leverage the power of technology by adopting Kroolo and other work management tools to connect, streamline tasks, and create a centralized hub for efficient team collaboration:-

✅ Unified workspaces: Create multiple workspaces and consolidate them all into a unified hub. Manage all your work-related activities from a single, organized location.

✅ Smart project board: Let Kroolo's advanced AI take charge of constructing project boards, eliminating the need for manual setup and ensuring intelligent organization

✅ Rapid project creation: With Kroolo, initiating new projects is a breeze. The platform enables users to create projects in less than 5 seconds through either text or voice input

Visual workflow: Enjoy visual representation options for your team's work, such as Kanban boards, or List view to manage work at personal & professional levels

Goal tracking: Track progress📊seamlessly towards personal, team, and company goals with features like SMART goals, OKRs, and goal tracking all in one dashboard 

Asynchronous progress updates: Efficiently share progress💹 updates with tools like Kroolo, allowing project status updates directly tied to completed work.

Integration capabilities: Seamlessly integrate among 20+ apps with Kroolo, reducing app switching and manual work to create a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Channel thread management: Create channels and utilize thread discussions to manage conversations centrally📶ensuring organized communication. With Kroolo, enjoy the flexibility to reply, forward, react, mention, and attach files within threads for perfect collaboration🤝.

Direct message collaboration: Kroolo provides flexibility for team members to interact through direct messages, allowing attachment of files📂, reactions, thread links🖇, and more, making it an ideal collaboration tool.


9. Apply Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule, asserts that a small portion of efforts💪 leads to a majority of results. Applying it to team productivity means identifying high-impact tasks, optimizing resources, and using project management tools📲 for efficiency.

Encouraging collaboration, effective communication, and continuous improvement further enhances productivity.

This strategic approach ensures the team focuses energy on tasks yielding significant outcomes, and driving success.

Example: In a social media team, the Pareto Principle might play out as 80% of engagement, reach, and content success generated by the strategic efforts of 20% of the team, perhaps led by a social media expert. Identifying and leveraging the unique skills of this high-impact individual can be a game-changer. By focusing on their expertise in content creation, audience engagement, or trend analysis🗾, the team can optimize its social media strategy, driving more significant results with targeted efforts.


10. Implement time management techniques

  • Eat the Frog

Encourage team members to tackle their most challenging tasks first thing in the morning. This approach, based on Mark Twain’s philosophy that if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day, ensures that the task most likely to be procrastinated gets completed, setting a positive tone for the day.

  • Timeboxing

Allocate fixed periods, or "boxes," for specific activities, including work tasks and breaks. This technique helps in preventing tasks from stretching indefinitely due to distractions or procrastination, making it easier for remote teams to manage their workload efficiently.

  • Timeblocking

Similar to timeboxing, timeblocking involves planning out each day in blocks of time, dedicating each block to a specific task or group of tasks. This helps team members stay organized and focused, reducing the cognitive load of deciding what to work on next.

  • The 1-3-5 Rule

Every day, have each team member identify 1 large task, 3 medium tasks, and 5 small tasks to complete. This prioritization technique ensures a mix of task sizes and priorities, enabling team members to make substantial progress on their workload while maintaining flexibility.

  • Get Things Done (GTD)

Implement the GTD methodology by teaching team members to capture all their tasks in a trusted system, categorize them, and then focus on what's actionable. Regular review of this system helps in keeping track of tasks and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • The "Do It Now" principle

Promote a culture of addressing tasks as soon as possible rather than postponing them. This principle is particularly effective for small tasks that can be completed quickly but often get delayed, leading to unnecessary buildup and stress.


Team Management Tool


Connect Your Team with the Best Team Management Tool

To sum it up, connecting your team🥨 with the best team management tool is like giving your team superpowers. It's not just about having cool features but also using smart strategies to make your team awesome.

By picking the right tool and using clever ways to manage things, you're making sure your team works super well together.

It's not just a tech upgrade; it's a game-changer that helps your team be efficient, talk easily, and succeed in today's work world.

So, sign up with Kroolo and get ready for a positive change, where your team becomes a superhero squad with the right tools and strategies! 🚀

Let’s get started!

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