9 Online Tools for Team Collaboration
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9 Online Tools for Team Collaboration to Try in 2024


Nov 2023


On an average, 

How many emails 📧 do you exchange with your colleagues every day?

How much time do you invest in connecting your teammates 🔗 to brief on goals? 

If your answers are ‘better not shared,' it’s time to draw your attention towards productivity tools!

So, stop wasting your time arranging everything manually. Start investing in online tools for team collaboration. This will boost your productivity 10x for sure. Don’t trust us? Probe, ponder and then trust us. 

best online team collaboration tools for business

Gone are the days when the whole team used to sit in one meeting room to analyze the problem for hours. Now, Kroolo’s best tool for team collaboration is going to be history for time-sensitive projects and discussions that demand prompt delegation and response. 

Well, undoubtedly, some of the best online team collaboration tools are on the rise. 83% of professionals rely on technology to connect with their teams.

And it’s no wonder the collaboration software will be worth more than $8.5 billion in the next 5 years, as stated by Global Market Insights. From communication to project management and task delegation, technology offers an abundance of options to spring up communication and make digital teamwork a win with the latest software.

Okay, so let’s understand collaboration software in detail -:


What is Collaboration Software?

Collaboration Software is a platform designed typically for maximizing the effectiveness of teamwork, making communication clear and transparent on one central platform.

It helps teams work together to achieve their common goals🎯, openly share their knowledge & collaborate documents online, and participate in making decisions creatively together. 

With some of the best web tools to collaborate documents online, you can work with your project mates to brainstorm ideas, share and seek knowledge and information, and give access to data and reports for analyzing the stages of projects.

Such software supports remote work, streamlines your workflow, and strengthens team communication at the helm.


collaborate documents online


9 Best Online Team Collaboration Tools To 10x Your Productivity

1. Kroolo – Best for managing every project detail in one space 

Kroolo is an all-in-one integrated productivity management platform. It is one of the best online team collaboration tools for business to connect thousands of employees located in every corner with different time zones. From operating every team, or individual, to managing every piece of work, task, and goal in one, Kroolo offers efficient communication features and tools in one space.

With Kroo AI, you can give the prompt, automate the delegation, build processes, and communicate your most complex tasks in real-time. The best part is that you don’t have to hop on to different platforms to manage your project and communication.

Try this best online team collaboration tools for business and get everything done here with just one click. 

best online team collaboration tools for business

2. monday.com - Best for managing tasks & workflows

monday.com is a full-fledged productivity platform where all your processes, tools, and teams work together. So, if you have a lead for application development for a small business, you can leverage this tool to build custom work apps with a low code framework. Yes, you can build any workflow that you want.

Monday dot com 

All you have to do is create a sales pipeline using a template and customize it based on the agile workflows for your design, product, and R&D teams.

Now, once you have created your workflow, you can tag your teammates to announce, delegate, assign tasks and documents, and many more. So, eliminate manual communication and shift towards automation!

3. Slack – Best for team chats 

Slack is the premier communication tool that makes connecting easy and full of fun. It is every organization’s second home to take off an instant message and connect with members through direct chats or specific threads.

With all your teammates, chats, and documents related to one particular project, it helps you manage everything in one place to make it move much faster. 


It offers fast, secure, and instant messaging and users love the user-friendliness of this platform. A digitally native or even a newbie can create specific channels about different projects, topics, and non-professional subjects without any hassle. 

4. Trello- Best for task collaboration 

Trello is among the best online productivity tools for task collaboration. With a Kanban board-style interface, this tool makes your collaboration easier on specific tasks. It uses cards that you can nest under different boards for creating visual to-do lists. 


Also, from planning weekly sprints to maintaining a timeline, you can easily identify the gaps that might impede your team’s progress. This is a great tool for creating simple workflows. However, you cannot rely on Trello than on Kroolo in case of complex projects and workflows. 

5. Notion: Best for collaborative workspaces

Notion is one of the best platforms for managing your simple async work and storing all important files. This is user-friendly, especially for distributed teams where you can edit the file in one time zone and another team can modify information without losing connectivity. Use Notion and keep every member of your team posted with amendments made.


However, if you want to c
reate channels, invite members, and engage in discussions across Teams, shift to Kroolo for seamless communication.

6. Airtable – Best for building next-gen apps 

Airtable is a low-code collaboration platform where you can integrate critical workflows and build more powerful applications. This enterprise collaboration software lets you display your data and processes in a single, well-organized place. 


It comes with pre-built templates and lets you integrate tools like Drive and Slack. So, with this next-gen software, your team can easily design and deploy the applications making valuable information accessible all across the enterprise. 

 7. Zoom – Best for video conferencing & audio meetups

Without a doubt, Zoom is the leading collaboration tool for leveraging video and audio communication with just one click. So, if you work with remote employees or want to connect with your prospects, Zoom could be the best choice. Typically, it brings your team together on a single platform with its power-packed features. 


Importantly, up to 100 interactive video participants can conveniently engage with a vast audience in live virtual discussions and meetups. And this tool is scalable for small-scale, medium, and multi-scale corporations. So, run your demo sessions, conduct remote interviews, and train candidates for sales calls with Zoom and boost team collaboration.

8. Toggl Track – Best for time tracking & project planning

Are you working with remote employees? 

Want to track how much time they spend on their assigned tasks? 


Try the Toggl Track
tool now! This is the best and most advanced tool to plan, manage, track, and monitor your projects. It offers a calendar-based workspace and lets you set reminders and schedule reports to your email inbox. Moreover, if you bill clients on an hourly basis, this tool can be a great bet. 

9. Jira – Best for agile projects 

Jira is an agile project management tool from SaaS giant Atlassian. It lets developers track issues and bugs, including ticket workflows and helpdesk and help users prepare roadmaps for product development. This tool comes with simple drag-and-drop functionality where you can easily create and manage your tasks, to-do list, and documents easily. 


Moreover, it also gives teams the option to use Kanban Board and review reports such as Velocity charts, Sprint Reports, and Burnup charts. You can integrate Jira with your code flagging tools, too. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the popular types of collaboration tools?

Some of the popular types of online collaboration tools for teams are -:

  • Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing 
  • Tools for collaborative workspace 
  • Time Tracking & CRM 
  • File sharing 
  • Designing Collaboration Tool and more.

2. Why should I use collaboration tools for my business?

Leveraging online collaboration tools can be transformative for your team and overall business as it -:

  • Streamline communication with stakeholders
  • Enhance team’s productivity with real-time project tracking 
  • Empower remote and in-house teams to work together 
  • Break down silos with cross-functional collaboration

3. What are some of the free virtual collaboration tools?

Some of the free virtual collaboration tools are Slack, Zoom, Notion, Kroolo, Toggl and more.

4. What factors to look for while purchasing an online collaboration tool?

Factors to consider while selecting the best online collaboration tool for your team are -:

  • Emphasize the ease of usage and compatibility 
  • Ask for integrations and cloud syncing capability  
  • Look for quality features rather than amass quantity 
  • Pay attention to privacy options  
  • Determine the price-to-performance ratio

5. What is the difference between collaboration software and other software?

Collaboration software enables individuals and teams to communicate, share, and manage their documents in a digital workspace. It is typically built for cross-functional work until other software focuses on different aspects of the business. 


collaborate documents online


Enhance Team Productivity and Workflow Efficiency with Kroolo

Online tools for team collaboration are the adhesive that binds a team and their collective work to bring the best results to the organization.

Due to the massive advancements in productivity software, freelancers and established companies have realized and integrated collaboration tools to foster teams and efficiently streamline their workflow. 

Selecting the best collaboration platform like Kroolo helps you manage your workflows by providing a myriad of tools and advanced features.

Such features contribute significantly to enterprise teams by facilitating basic chats and communications and centralizing the entire project in one place. 

No more switching tabs to complete the work. Sign up at Kroolo and manage collaboration simpler and easier than ever.


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