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Managing multiple Teams within Workspaces is easy with Kroolo Teams. Create, manage and invite members within Teams without having to manually import members into the Teams.

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Multiple teams in workspace

Add members, define roles, and customize team settings to create personalized workspaces. Enjoy seamless onboarding of team members, in ourĀ smart workspace management software, for smooth collaboration ensuring efficient productivity.
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 Multiple teams in workspace
 Create team for your project


Create Team for any or all purposes

Creating Team is as easy as a single click. Customize the needs of Team creation, based on your preference. Example, Sales team can be further broken into smaller teams, Sales Excellence, Sales Renewal, Sales Academy or similar.



Add and Manage multiple members

Invite and manage multiple members in the Team.Members in the workspace can be automatically added, Non Workspace members is invited on need basis and managed by the Team owner.


Define specific roles to members

Within kroolo you can define specific role for your Team members, example as an Owner, Editor, Viewer or simply as a Guest. Depending on the permission and access control, member has a specific role to play in the Team.
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 Define specific roles
Yet have questions about Team Management?
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