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10 Best Digital Workplace Management Software for Modern Teams in 2024


Dec 2023


Hey team,

Do you want to make your work life easier and more efficient? 

If yes, then unlock the power of the smart workspace management software for your business. 

These tools aren't concerned just with technology but also about improving our working lives and making it super flexible. Think of working together successfully with your team, sharing resources, goals, and documents, and streamlining projects effectively. 

Well, such digital workspace tools are the superheroes in the workplace. They play an indispensable role in fostering a collaborative environment. So, let's discuss some of the best workspace management software in detail -:


What is a Digital Workplace?

The digital workplace is a concept whereby employees can work without necessarily being physically present in one place by using various tools, technologies, and platforms that have been digitized. It is a virtual environment that brings together several applications, and software to facilitate work, making processes simpler, and increasing efficiency.

Digital workplaces comprise AI workflow management tools like Kroolo, Slack, and Microsoft Teams that offer generative AI solutions, cloud storage solutions, video conferencing, and collaborative software suites such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

This is aimed at developing an easy and effective working environment where employees can fetch data, co-work on their projects, and interact with their colleagues irrespective of locations or devices they use.


Benefits of Using Digital Workplace Tools 

1. Improved collaboration

Digital workplace tools facilitate instant collaboration across geographical boundaries as it allows team members to work together in real-time. These tools provide the opportunity for instant and shared communication, files, and collaborative workplaces which boosts teamwork and collective productivity.

2. Enhanced productivity

Digital workplace software leverages the use of the latest technology that streamlines processes, automates repetitive tasks, and provides better ways of managing a project and workflow. In Kroolo, you can use Kroo AI to create goals and tasks and rephrase, shorten, or lengthen the information and important resources quickly. This saves time and enables you to concentrate on various other productive tasks.

3. Centralized Information and knowledge sharing

They provide centralized repositories for documents, data, and information, thereby making it easy to organize, search, and gain knowledge within an organization. This minimizes the duplication of efforts as well as ensuring every person can access the latest knowledge.

4. Cost savings

Utilizing digital workplace tools can lower costs linked to setting up physical offices. It substitutes the in-person physical costs with online meet-ups, interactive whiteboards, and Kanban boards to pace up with the modern tech-savvy world. 


10 Best Digital Workplace Software for Modern Teams 

1. Kroolo

Kroolo re-invents space management with a highly flexible tool that enhances collaboration, organization, and efficiency. It is an ultimate productivity suite that lets you work on multiple projects, create unlimited tasks, collaborate with teams, as well as create unlimited personalized workspaces. Also, this AI workflow automation tool lets you create goals, projects, documents, and tasks just by giving a prompt. Sounds interesting? Sign up now!

Key features

A) Workspace creation and customization

  • Create personalized workspaces: Make adjustments to workspaces according to personal preferences or team needs.
  • Unlimited workspace creation: Create and manage one or several Workspaces for different purposes.

B) Efficient task and project management

  • Task and project organization: Smoothly handle tasks, projects, and goals for each workspace to promote transparency and productivity.
  • Collaborative tools: Use collaboration apps in one software, define roles and tasks, and communicate within workspaces.

C) Team-centric organization

  • Team workspace segmentation: Create unlimited projects, tasks, and communication channels or chat in threads.
  • Focused team collaboration: Create special team areas designed to support individual teams’ needs to foster teamwork.

D) Centralized hub for enhanced connectivity

  • Unified landing platform: The organizational system allows to access different workspaces and teams in a unified environment to connect all the internal departments.
  • Cross workspace connectivity: Promote smooth communication and shared data for better collaborations across different Workspaces.

E) Security and access controls

  • Role-based permissions: Establish role-based access controls for data security within workspaces and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Data protection measures: Use strong security policies and encryption to protect data in Kroolo.

F) Integration and accessibility

  • Third-party integrations: Enhance functionality and streamline workflow by integrating with popular tools and platforms.
  • Multi-device accessibility: Workspace access from different devices for convenient and consistent work management.

Kroolo is a free workspace management software with a user-friendly interface, flexible options, and an interactive work environment that meets the requirements of each person and team- individually and as a whole. 


  • Startup Plan: Free
  • Plus Plan: $15 / User / Month
  • Business Plan: $25 / User / Month


2. Kissflow

Kissflow is flexible workspace management software for managing teams and workflows that do not require any or minimal coding skills. It focuses on keeping things simple as it helps in designing, automating, and managing workflows across different industries such as finance, marketing, HR, and project management.

Create as many unique workflows as possible using simple drag-and-drop tools without coding, as well as the application builder makes app creation straightforward. Additionally, you can come up with your own coding in case of complex requirements.


Key features 

  • No coding needed to develop or handle workflows
  • Friendly user interface
  • Pre-built reports and metrics
  • Hundreds of pre-built digital workspace templates available 


  • Basic: Starts at $1,500/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 


3. Whatfix

WhatFix is a digital adoption platform that removes the barriers between end users and true productivity. It offers in-app guidance and performance support for different software and web apps. With Whatfix, you can create dynamic step-by-step tutorials, wikis, and instant self-help for employees and customers.


Key features 

  • Has a searchable knowledge base and community board
  • Improves workflows with AI-powered technology
  • Offers easy integration of third-party apps


Whatfix offers different packages based on your needs. Click for a custom quote.


4. TruGrid

TruGrid allows your team to work from any device, leaving the office network safe from security breaches in case of internet exposure. Unlike VPN, which could be subject to ransomware attacks, this software ensures that your remote computer connections remain secure against such threats.

Additionally, Trugrid provides only pre-authenticated connections that can access corporate networks. In addition, this software works as a shield for targeted networks that protect you or your personal information from attacks. 


Key features

  • Offers access to remote desktop, DaaS, VDI & hosting secure service 
  • Safe remote work without a VPN
  • Authentication is required to access the network


  • Basic: $12/month per user
  • Business: $15/month starts at 10 users


5. Loom

Loom is a video messaging app that lets you capture your computer screen, and both the microphone and camera to share it with anyone in real-time. This digital workplace tool substitutes emails and live meetings with online peer-to-peer meetups making async work easier and smarter. 


Key features

  • Easy to save video links in the cloud 
  • You can restrict your video with security and access
  • Easy to edit and trim the video 


  • Starter plan: Free for up to 25 videos/per person
  • Business: $8 per creator/month


6. Miro

Miro is a visual collaboration tool used for creating online whiteboards for brainstorming and writing notes or visualizing concepts to help the team collaborate and communicate without any time zone. You can use templates to get your work done in less time, and more productively. 


Key Features

  • Engage users in online whiteboards for collaboration purposes
  • Conduct effective webinars using video, screen sharing, or presentation mode
  • Digitize handwritten sticky notes
  • Pre-built templates or a custom template


  • Free plan: Unlimited users but limits the number of boards to 3 and feature sets.
  • Team: $8 per user/month
  • Business: $16 per user/month


7. AvePoint

For businesses utilizing Microsoft 365, AvePoint is undeniably the best digital workplace solution. AvePoint gives you the ability to efficiently deal with Office 365 migration, and manage, and improve teamwork through its integrated Microsoft Teams solution.

It is appropriate for the efficient running of SaaS operations. It eases the flow of content, communication, and Office 365 services’ information in a contemporary cloud environment. 

AvePoint’s cloud management enables you to control and optimize cloud-based operations for improved security and enhanced productivity. Audit reporting, content migration, secure content sharing, and content synchronization across Microsoft 365 tenants are also under this level of control.


Key features

  • Facilitates hassle-free migration
  • Easy to use for beginners

AvePoint pricing

  • Available upon request


8. Trainual

Trainual is a cloud-based training and knowledge management platform for onboarding, SOPs, process documentation, and learning management. You can leverage this tool to centralize your agency or organization for learning modules and automating the training and onboarding processes. 


Key features

  • Free templates available for documenting processes
  • Easy to plug in other workplace apps you already have
  • Easy to create effective employee onboarding & SOP policies


  • Build: $49/month (5 seats included. No additional seats)
  • Train: $99/month (10 seats included. Additional seats $3/month)
  • Scale: $199/month (20 seats included. Additional seats $4/month)


9. Lessonly

Lessonly is team training software that makes sales learning and coaching easier for driving improved enablement and results. Provide sellers with the required skills and content, engage them through customized conversations as well and leverage analytics for better decision making. 


Key features

  • Manage all your content in one place 
  • Automatically update with a double check on the accuracy
  • Easy to retrieve the information
  • Make amendments in real-time & extract valuable insights 


Available upon request.


10. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 has everything you will find in other digital workplace tools. It offers several visualization options and effective task-tracking tools to track down the progress of your project without much hassle.

Additionally, you can save time on repetitive tasks by automation or customizable Kanban boards and printable Gantt charts. This will help you visualize project management and let your employees see your viewpoint. Moreover, it has made task management simpler by drag-and-drop features that can be adjusted on the fly and are especially useful in a visual workplace.


Key features

  • Fully customizable & offers task automation
  • Offers a wide range of digital collaboration features 
  • Easy document sharing
  • Made communication easier with messaging & video calls 


  • BasicRs. 1,393/ month / billed annually
  • Enterprise: Rs. 12,994/ month / billed annually


Work Digitally. Work Smartly with Kroolo

As we wrap up, remember: these digital workplace tools are not only gadgets but also game changers. Such tools will help you to break through the barriers, work together with synergy, and give your best for every challenging project. 

So, whether you're running a startup, agency, or freelancer, leverage the power of digital workspace software and manage projects, goals, tasks, and documents seamlessly in one central place. Dodge the chaos and work on your projects hassle-free. No Mess. No Stress.

Sign up with AI-powered workspace management and create unlimited personalized workspace now in a few seconds! 


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