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Enterprise Document Management: Maximizing Productivity with AI


Jun 2024


Are you still creating or managing documents manually?

Well, note that manual documentation often leads to significant data losses & financial breakdowns.

This means that having a structured and organized enterprise document management takes the work out of documentation and automates each task intelligently. 

So, whether, you’re a dedicated product manager or business owner or a freelancer, having a well structured document management software is extremely vital for a shooting success of your business.

Today, let’s discuss more about enterprise document management in detail -:


What is Enterprise Document Management (EDM)?

Enterprise Document Management (EDM) refers to a system used by organizations to manage, store, and control the creation, storage, and distribution of documents and other content.

It involves a suite of tools and processes designed to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver documents and information related to organizational processes.

The primary goal of enterprise document management software is to automate and optimize document management process to improve efficiency, compliance, and collaboration.


How Does Enterprise Document Management (EDM) Work?

How Does Enterprise Document Management (EDM) Work?

Enterprise Document Management (EDM) is a system used by organizations to manage, store, and control the lifecycle of documents within an enterprise.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of how EDM works:

1. Document capture

  • Scanning: Physical documents are converted into digital format through scanning.
  • Importing: Digital documents, such as emails, PDFs, and Word documents, are imported into the system.
  • Indexing: Metadata (e.g., document type, author, date) is added to make the documents searchable.

2. Document storage

  • Central repository: Documents are stored in a centralized digital repository, often on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Folder structure: Documents are organized in a logical folder structure, which may mirror the organization’s workflow or departments.
  • Redundancy & backup: Regular backups and redundancy measures are implemented to ensure data safety.


Enterprise document management

3. Document management

  • Version control: Keeps track of different versions of a document, allowing users to revert to previous versions if necessary.
  • Access control: Permissions and access levels are set, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access, edit, or delete documents.
  • Audit trails: Logs all actions taken on a document, providing an audit trail for compliance and security purposes.

4. Document retrieval

  • Search functionality: Users can search for documents using metadata, keywords, full-text search, and other criteria.
  • Filters & tags: Documents can be filtered and tagged for easier retrieval and categorization.

5. Document workflow

  • Approval processes: Documents can be routed through predefined approval processes, ensuring proper review and authorization.
  • Notifications: Alerts and notifications are sent to users for tasks such as approvals, reviews, or updates.
  • Collaboration tools: Features such as annotations, comments, and simultaneous editing enable collaborative work on documents.

6. Integration

  • Enterprise systems: EDM integrates with other enterprise systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS).
  • APIs & connectors: Provide the means to integrate with third-party applications and services.

7. Compliance & security

  • Regulatory compliance: EDM systems help ensure documents meet industry regulations and standards (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA).
  • Data encryption: Protects documents during transmission and storage.
  • Digital signatures: Ensures authenticity and integrity of documents.

8. Archiving & disposal

  • Archival policies: Define when documents should be archived, ensuring that they are stored for the required period.
  • Disposal policies: Define when and how documents should be securely disposed of, in compliance with regulations and organizational policies.

Invest in the best enterprise document management software to streamline all your docs and improve productivity with doc-centric processes.


Take Advantage of Automated Document Management with Kroolo

Take Advantage of Automated Document Management with Kroolo

Kroolo revolutionizes how organizations handle documents by integrating advanced AI-driven functionalities that enhance productivity and simplify document management enterprise.

Here’s a detailed look at the features that make Kroolo a game-changer in automated document management:

1. Chat with PDF/Doc

  • AI Chat functionality: Reading through multiple pages of a document can be daunting. With Kroolo, you can simplify this process by chatting directly with your uploaded PDF or Doc file.
  • Automated responses: Receive instant, automated responses to any questions or queries you have about the document.
  • Ask specific questions: Pose specific questions about the content, and get concise, relevant answers without having to sift through pages of information.

2. Manage sub documents

  • Subpages & sub docs: Create as many subpages and sub-documents as needed, linking them with the parent document for organized and hierarchical document management.
  • Cross-referencing & filtering: Easily tag documents to enable cross-referencing and filtering, streamlining the document retrieval process.
  • Child references: Duplicate subpages or sub-documents to create child references, ensuring consistent and comprehensive documentation.

3. Highlight and chat

  • Interactive PDF highlighting: Highlight specific sections within a PDF and initiate a chat about the highlighted content.
  • Contextual queries: Engage in context-specific queries, making it easier to focus on and understand particular parts of the document.


enterprise document management


Automate Your Document Management Enterprise with Kroolo

In summary, enterprise document management tools (EDM) with AI offers a transformative solution to the challenges of manual document handling.

By automating tasks and streamlining processes, EDM enhances efficiency, compliance, and collaboration.

Solutions like Kroolo exemplify the potential of AI-driven document management, simplifying tasks through features such as AI chat, sub-document management, and interactive highlighting.

Want to automate your doc management process? Sign up with Kroolo now!



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