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Document Management Best Practices: Organizing Your Productivity Workspace


Nov 2023


Want to save trillions of hours from searching documents?

In a world full of chaos, finding a piece of information is equal to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Today, in this fast-paced world, document management software has brought a paradigm shift in the market by facilitating collaboration and thereby improving productivity at par.📚

document management software for business

And, you can’t ignore the fact that document management best practices holds prime importance to meet the goal. Without leveraging the best productivity tool, it can be quite challenging to sort off, categorize, and structure even the smallest document for decision-making, right?

So, that’s where small business document management software comes into the picture.

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or multiscale corporation leader, the influx of data and realm of information will grow consistently with the growing business.

Therefore, it’s time to invest in the best document management tool 🗞and win the competitive landscape like a modern-day savior.

Fasten your seat belt & let's take a drive to uncover the benefits of a document management system in detail -:


10 Best Document Management Practices To Know 

Do you know?

95% of corporate information exists on paper. It is estimated that the average worker prints out 45 sheets of paper per day. And, adding to it, 46% of workers find it sometimes or almost always challenging to find the information they’re looking for.

These figures point out the urge to leverage document management tools to save paper resources and keep documents organized in one place to avoid wasting time in searching.

So, as we approach 2024, it’s time to explore the alternative and most productive solutions to manage every bill and receipt. Businesses have already started with automated functions and are replacing paper with progressive technology. Here are key document management system benefits:

1. Employees can access it from anywhere

One of the key advantages of document management software for business is its ability to provide file access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It gives unparalleled accessibility to your employees, and can leverage this tool on any device. Such accessibility is of utmost importance in today’s incessantly growing remote work landscapes.

2. Easy retrieval of files and documents 

As discussed above, the document management tool works like a central repository and eliminates the need to request your teammates to share access to the documents.

You won’t believe the fact that employees spend six days in a year on average, trying to find documents. 

This means that you can dramatically improve the speed of your business just by using modern document management software. In Kroolo, you can securely store, manage, and retrieve your document to improve workflow efficiency and reduce the time wastage on searching it. 

Create as many workspaces as you want and store as many documents as you want for quick access at any point in time.

3. Better collaboration

In a recent Nintex survey of 1,000 respondents, 49 percent said they struggled to find documents, 43 percent faced roadblocks with sharing documents, and 33 had issues with document versioning.

Such an inefficient process can hamper your team collaboration and bring delays in communication and productive meeting discussions. With Kroolo, you can collaborate with your remote team with just one click. 

This tool lets you create, search, and share the document with your peers for quick reviewing. Besides, you can even track your document and maintain a high level of control over the sensitivity of data. Such a smart investment lets you spend more time on more productive tasks, right?

4. Version control 

Well, according to a Perforce survey of over 1,000 employees found that 83% of workers lose time to versioning issues every day.

Versioning refers to maintaining the history of a file or document throughout its entire lifecycle. In other words, it is the process of managing and tracking every change made to your document.

Typically, document management software tracks a series of documents that are collectively reviewed, revised, and approved, culminating in a final version.

5. Enhanced security and automation

Undoubtedly, security is the major concern for document management solutions, and that’s where Kroolo comes to your rescue. This tool helps you prevent the loss of sensitive data and minimize the dependencies of paper documents.

Thanks to the robust capabilities of DMS that comply with the regulations and ensure maintain privacy and record retention effectively with no chances of breaches or loss.

6. Document styling keeps everything organized 

No need to maintain a pen and paper to organize your important information. Instead, use Document management software like Kroolo and explore a plethora of styling options. Use Doc Inline Editor or Clash command for perfect editing & styling.

This makes your document look well-organized and meticulous. So, start creating and sharing docs or wikis with built-in AI!

7. Streamlined approval processes

With document management software like Kroolo, you can automate approval workflows, ensuring that documents are reviewed, approved, and distributed efficiently. This eliminates bottlenecks in the approval process and accelerates decision-making.

8. Compliance and audit trail

Document management systems offer robust compliance features, enabling businesses to adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards. They also maintain a comprehensive audit trail, tracking all document activities and ensuring accountability.

9. Customizable metadata

Metadata allows you to tag documents with additional information such as keywords, categories, and author details, making it easier to search and categorize documents effectively. Kroolo provides customizable metadata fields to tailor document organization to your specific needs.

10. Integration with existing tools

Kroolo seamlessly integrates with a variety of existing tools and platforms, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and project management software, enhancing workflow efficiency and collaboration across different teams and departments.


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Managing Documents with Kroolo

Here's how you can manage your docs hassle-free with Kroolo -: 

1. Create doc using AI 

Break free from the traditional constraints of document creation. With Kroolo, explore a world of possibilities, from blank canvases to AI-powered editors. Templates or generative AI, the choice is yours. Simply prompt and watch as your document takes shape effortlessly.

2. Chat with Doc

Say goodbye to tedious page-by-page searches. Kroolo's AI Chat function simplifies document context. Upload your file, ask questions, and receive automated responses. It's like chatting with a document expert!

3. Styling made fun

Design the perfect document with nested pages and a plethora of styling options. Embed files, images, links, and more. Use inline editing or slash commands for precise customization. Make your document as unique as you are!

4. Personalization

Add your personal touch with customizable avatars and banners. Give your document a distinct identity that resonates with your style and personality.

5. Easy sharing

Creating documents is easy; sharing them is even simpler! Seamlessly share your documents with projects, tasks, or goals. Contextual referencing made effortless.

6. Inline & page comments

Kroolo facilitates easy communication with inline and page comments. Reply, react, and collaborate seamlessly with your team members.

7. Sub-doc management

Dive deeper into document organization with Kroolo's sub-doc feature. Create subpages, link them with parent documents, and manage them effortlessly. Tagging and duplication options add another layer of convenience.

8. Import docs easily

Bring your external documents into Kroolo with ease. Whether it's native docs, Confluence pages, Notion wikis, or Google Docs, Kroolo's native integration capabilities ensure a smooth import process.

Experience the future of document management with Kroolo. Sign up now and revolutionize your document collaboration!


document management software for business


Stop Searching. Start Organizing with Kroolo 

In this ever-evolving age of information technology, it makes sense to combine document management software and project management systems to manage your workspace in one place.

This not only saves your time but makes you more productive at the workplace when you keep every piece of information organized and synchronized. Ultimately, this software makes team collaboration smoother and easier and helps them focus more on their core actively.  

Well, Kroolo offers countless integrations and doc editing features with automation to speed up your workflows and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Want to sync all your documents in one place and save your trillion hours searching for files? Sign up with Kroolo and start a free trial today.



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