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10 Best AI Project Management Tools & Software for 2024 | Kroolo


Feb 2024


Feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending task 😤juggling and constant deadline tracking?

Enter the superhero of project management—artificial intelligence (AI)🤖!

AI project management

Say goodbye to the stress of tedious administrative tasks that have been stealing your precious time. AI tools are here to tackle your pain points, making project management a breeze🏖.

Imagine a world where AI effortlessly streamlines your workflow, leaving you with more time⏳ for team bonding and those well-deserved happy hours.

Discover the transformative power of AI project management as we unveil the 8 best tools designed to intelligently solve your project management challenges.


What Is AI Project Management Software?

AI Project Management

AI project management software utilizes artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of project planning🤹‍♂️, execution, and monitoring. 

By analyzing data, AI can identify patterns, make predictions👩‍💻, and automate certain tasks, allowing human project managers to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work.

It helps prioritize tasks📚, sets up schedules like a pro, and even makes decisions based on the context. It's all about boosting efficiency and teamwork. 

So, how do these sophisticated tools work behind the scenes? Let’s unveil the mechanisms and then jump into the top tools of the year🥇!


Key Features of AI Project Management Tools

When selecting an AI project management tool, consider the following key features and aspects to ensure it meets your project needs:

1, Intuitive AI insights

Seek a tool that doesn't just automate tasks but offers intuitive AI-driven insights📜. It should not only predict risks but proactively recommend solutions, empowering your team to make informed decisions swiftly.

2. Scalability 

Go for a tool that's not just for now but for the future too. It should be flexible and adaptable, growing with your team and projects👨‍💻 to ensure you're always one step ahead.

3. Cost and ROI

Evaluate the cost of the tool about the value💰 it brings to your project. Consider the potential return on investment (ROI) in terms of time savings and improved project outcomes.

4. Integration

Choose a tool that doesn't just integrate with existing software but innovates through seamless integration. It should bridge gaps between disparate tools, creating a unified ecosystem that amplifies productivity and collaboration


AI project management


10 Top AI Project Management Tools & Software of the Year 

Here are some of the top AI project management tools and software for the year:-

1. Kroolo

Kroolo isn't just your run-of-the-mill project management tool—it's your ticket to project mastery! Picture effortlessly juggling multiple projects like a seasoned pro, all thanks to our AI-powered software.

Say goodbye to hours lost in the project management maze—Kroo AI is your trusty co-pilot, slashing creation time from hours to mere seconds!


  • Need a project set up? Done in 6 seconds
  • Tasks to assign? Instantly created
  • Documents to draft? A blink-and-you'll-miss-it 8 seconds
  • Setting goals? Just 5 seconds flat

And that's not all—Kroo AI isn't just about speed, it's about versatility. Whether you need to regenerate, summarize, lengthen, or shorten, it's got you covered.

AI project management

Gone are the days of manual grind. Kroolo's document management software revolutionizes the way you work, making project and task management a breeze. Invite your team aboard and watch as seamless collaboration becomes the new norm.

Our AI Assistant, 'Kroo AI', takes the reins on project and task creation, goal management, and document handling, leaving you free to focus on the big picture.

So, why waste another moment wrestling with manual tasks? Let Kroolo be your guiding light in the world of project management.

P.S.: Simply enter the prompt, and let the magic unfold!


2. Notion 

notion AI Project Management

via Notion

Notion is the all-in-one champ for organizing your docs, knowledge base, and projects. It nails project management by seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics.

Seriously, it's a game-changer, making project management a breeze. The interface is pure elegance, a hit with everyone. Project boards?

They're both functional and easy on the eyes. Plus, Notion spices things up with AI-powered writing and summarization tools.

Need to summarize meeting notes or whip up a draft? Notion's got your back. It's not groundbreaking, but having it all in one place? Total convenience.


  • Aesthetic project boards that seamlessly marry form and function
  • Offers AI-powered writing and summarization tools


3. Forecast

Forecast AI Project Management

via Forecast

Forecast is a top-notch AI tool, that streamlines project management from kick-off to completion. With a unified platform, it effortlessly handles project creation, budgeting, resource allocation, task management, invoicing, and reporting.

Automation and smart insights bring efficiency to your business. Forecast integrates seamlessly with your existing software as an all-in-one project management solution.

Elevate internal operations, boost cross-team collaboration, and enhance overall efficiency and profitability by managing projects, resources, and financials on this user-friendly platform.


  • AI-powered insights for proactive risk management and decision-making
  • Real-time tailored recommendations to enhance team efficiency and focus
  • Predictive analytics for accurate forecasting of task completion and budget consumption


4. Ayanza

Ayanza AI Project Management

via Ayanza introduces Ayanza, a compassionate AI personal assistant committed to optimizing team well-being, workflow, and success.

Ayanza's thoughtful design features a user-friendly interface hosting various project management templates and a chat-enabled newsfeed board, creating a social-media-like environment for team updates. Immerse yourself in Ayanza's AI-powered project management, promoting not just performance but harmonious team collaboration.

The mission is to simplify tasks, fostering a more humane work environment where communication is easy, tasks are streamlined, and professional life becomes not just efficient but more enjoyable. Embrace Ayanza for a work experience that cares.


  • Access a user-friendly interface with diverse templates 
  • Stay synchronized with real-time updates through a dynamic newsfeed board
  • Foster collaboration with group chats and DM features


5. Timely

Timely AI Project Management

via Timely

Timely is a commonly used AI time-tracking sidekick! This nifty tool is a game-changer for businesses, streamlining everything from payroll to project management.

With its smart AI, entering time becomes a breeze, freeing up your team to focus on what truly matters. Keep tabs on tasks effortlessly, thanks to Timely's insightful analysis.

Say goodbye to time-tracking headaches and hello to smoother operations with Timely by your side!


  • Track time spent in every web and desktop app automatically
  • use accurate company time data to improve project rates and budget


6. Teamwork

Timework AI Project Management

via Teamwork

Teamwork isn't your average PM tool—it's a powerhouse. Messaging, file uploads, time tracking, and task lists are just the beginning. Managers can effortlessly schedule, assign, and track tasks. The AI project management feature generates invoices based on expenses and work hours.

It's mobile-friendly for on-the-go teams. From workload management to workflow automation, and project templates to AI-generated invoices, Teamwork provides a clear overview of projects.

Plus, seamless integration with other tools makes reporting and analytics a breeze. It's an all-in-one solution for efficient project management.


  • Track every billable minute with built-in time-tracking tools
  • Split your budget & see a complete budget breakdown, for any project


7. Project Insight

Project Insight AI Project Management

via Project Insight

Ever heard of Project Insight? It's a Microsoft gem that LinkedIn snapped up. This tool is a lifesaver for project management: progress tracking, budget handling, resource allocation, you name it. Plus, it's infused with AI.

Picture this: AI turbocharging your team's productivity. In today's interconnected business world, you need tools that sync tasks effortlessly. Project Insight's AI features nail it: progress tracking, quality checks, cost and timeline predictions – the works.

And the best part? It won't break the bank. From free to enterprise-level plans, there's something for everyone. So, if you're all about staying on top of client progress and project status, Project Insight is the way to go!


  • AI-assisted quick project proposal drafting
  • Track project costs and expenses, budget for future expenses
  • Offers real-time communication for efficient team collaboration


8. Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI AI Project Management

via Stepsize AI

Hey there! Imagine never having to sweat over those weekly progress reports again—Stepsize AI has got your back! It keeps a sharp eye on your project management software, soaking up every detail and using its AI smarts to understand sprint goals and task connections.

The best part? It crafts those reports for you, no lifting a finger required!

Currently cozying up with Jira boards and Linear teams, it's soon to be pals with other trackers too. With its keen sense of context, a knack for concise updates, and a knack for linking progress to objectives, it's a game-changer.

Plus, it's security-first and won't peek at your data. And guess what? Your first taste of its magic is free! Ready to bid farewell to report headaches?


  • Filters and conveys essential insights for readability, avoiding data overload
  • Links project progress directly to overarching objectives


9. Trello by Atlassian

An illlustration showing the Calendar view of a Trello board

via Trello

Trello stands out as a visually intuitive tool for project management, renowned for its simplicity and flexibility. It employs a board-and-card system that allows teams to organize projects, tasks, and deadlines in a highly visual manner, making it easy to track progress and manage workflows.

Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it ideal for a wide range of projects, from simple task management to complex collaborative efforts.


  • Board-and-card system enables easy organization and prioritization of projects
  • Customizable lists and cards allow for detailed task management
  • Offers integration with other tools to enhance functionality, like calendars, analytics
  • Automates common tasks and workflows, helping teams save time and stay focused


10. Asana

Work together icon

via Asana

Asana is a project management tool that is designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work with ease. It stands out for its clarity and ease of use, offering features that help teams stay on schedule and communicate about tasks and projects efficiently.

From small projects to strategic initiatives, Asana enables teams to map out each stage of a project, ensuring everyone knows what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.


  • Offers a structured format for breaking down work into tasks and projects, with custom fields and priorities
  • Visualizes project plans to see how tasks are connected and to keep work on track
  • Connects smoothly with other tools, including email, calendar, and document storage services, to streamline workflows


5 Benefits Of Using AI Tools for Project Management

Using AI tools for project management can offer several benefits:- 

1. Enhanced efficiency: AI tools can automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling, resource allocation, and progress tracking. This automation frees up valuable time for project managers and team members to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of the project.

2. Improved decision making: AI-powered analytics can process large amounts of data to provide valuable insights and predictions. Project managers can leverage this information to make more informed decisions, identify potential risks, and optimize project workflows.

3. Optimized resource allocation: AI algorithms can analyze historical data and current project parameters to recommend optimal resource allocation strategies. This helps ensure that resources are allocated efficiently, reducing wastage and improving project outcomes.

4. Better risk management: AI tools can identify potential risks and issues early in the project lifecycle by analyzing historical project data and current trends. This proactive approach allows project managers to implement mitigation strategies and minimize the impact of risks on project timelines and budgets.

5. Real-time monitoring & reporting: AI-powered project management tools can provide real-time monitoring of project progress, performance metrics, and key milestones. This allows project managers to quickly identify deviations from the plan and take corrective actions as needed. Additionally, AI tools can generate automated reports, saving time and effort on manual reporting tasks.

Overall, leveraging AI tools in project management can lead to increased efficiency, improved decision-making, optimized resource allocation, better risk management, and enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities.


How to Use AI in Project Management with Kroolo AI

Using Kroolo AI in project management integrates various AI-powered features to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and drive project success. Here's how you can leverage Kroolo AI for effective project management:-

1. Create project in 6 sec

Use Kroolo AI to create projects instantly by providing text or voice prompts. With a library of over 100 project templates, you can kickstart your projects without starting from scratch.

2. Chat with project

Utilize Kroolo AI's project chat functionality to discuss any aspect of your project directly within the platform. This centralizes communication and ensures that all team members are on the same page. This feature lets you create sub-tasks, and longer or shorten or rewrite project summaries using Kroo AI. 

3. Integrate and embed files

Easily embed files from various platforms such as Google apps, Loom, and Figma directly into your project boards. Kroolo AI also offers integration with over 20 apps, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

4. Manage sprints for agile teams

Kroolo AI offers sprint management capabilities for Agile teams. Easily create or manage sprints within the Project boards. Define backlogs and seamlessly move tasks across the sprints. This feature is perfect for Agile teams of any size, providing the flexibility and organization needed for efficient project execution.

5. Import project boards with ease

Importing project boards into Kroolo AI is a breeze. Whether you're using Trello, Jira, Linear, Asana, Monday, or other favorite apps, Kroolo AI allows you to integrate or migrate project boards seamlessly. Sync boards within seconds to get started, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted workflow.


ai project management


Work Intelligently with the Right AI Project Management Tools 

That’s all.

AI in project management is not just a technology but a game-changer feature to speed up your tasks and save a zillion hours. Explore these 8 best AI project management tools and manage your multiple projects just like a breeze.

Kroolo offers the best AI-driven project management feature to boost your productivity to the next best level. So, sign up with us and create, organize, and track your projects all in one dashboard.

Streamline your projects and eliminate unnecessary hassle like a pro!🏄‍♀️

Let’s get started!🛩


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