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Best Online Project Management Collaboration Tool: 6 Reasons Why You Need Them


Nov 2023


According to research by Pega, employees are asked to switch apps over 1,100 times a day, or nearly once a minute – adding unnecessary complexity that reduces efficiency and frustrates them.

So, how many apps do your team use?

Well, there’s a good chance of losing up to 80% of productive time each day just to context switching. Workers reported that they spend nearly one hour a day looking for information between collaboration, storage, and messaging apps, and half of workers fear the information will get lost in the shuffle.

When you try to multitask or hold multiple pieces of information in your memory, you tend to burn out or start feeling stressed. This altogether leaves a negative impact on your workplace. That’s where online project management collaboration tool come to your rescue.

Collaboration software helps teams to share their stress by delegating responsibilities and assigning who will do what. This tool also contributes significantly to fostering team relationships by improving communication over documents from any location and at any point in time.

So, leverage the best online team collaboration tools and optimize the speed of your tasks to boost efficiency in the organization.

Let’s discuss the power of collaboration software and how you can leverage them -:


6 Reasons to Implement Online Tools for Team Collaboration

1.  Stop spending hours searching for information

According to McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend nearly 9 hours per working week collecting the necessary information to achieve their tasks. They often gather information through a myriad of applications, shared drives, and emails to figure out where the data is.

A communication platform for your company becomes the system of record for conversations. You can bring all the conversations under one roof instead of having them scattered over multiple apps.

This is possible when you introduce the best online team collaboration tools for small businesses like Kroolo for your team to streamline your workspace. 

It lets you chat in DM, create channels, and continue your conversation in threads keeping every piece of communication centralized.

best online team collaboration tools for small business

2. Easy to conduct productive meetings

A status report is the most crucial feature of popular online collaboration tools for business. It lets you share updates on your assigned tasks regularly, and you can leverage such information in meetings to make strategic discussions.

Make use of Kroolo - the best collaboration tool to put notes or prepare a to-do list and action items together before the meeting. This makes your meeting quite productive, where you can plan implementation instead of focusing and discussing information gathering. 

3. Strive with creative ideas and discussion 

McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) finds that twice as much potential value lies in using social tools to enhance communications, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within and across enterprises. You can even save combinations of images, words, documents, and files at any time for quick retrieval. IBM found that more diversity in collaborative environments often led to more engaged, collaborative, and communicative teams.

Yes, some of the best online collaboration tools for business like Kroolo give the flexibility to interact and collaborate with team members through DM which initiates the sharing of creative ideas and healthy discussion.

So, sign up with Kroolo and share your creative ideas in threads for one or many projects.

online collaboration tools for business

4. Offers location flexibility

Want to hire the best talent? Not necessarily, you can hire on an in-house basis. Your candidates can be from any corner of the world and you can’t have them in the same room all the time physically. So, in that case, a collaboration tool enables you to construct a virtual office space where everyone can be present.

With the ability to manage your notifications, you can pick and choose when to be distracted. So, working remotely, shortening long commutes, and utilizing office space that cost you a fortune — all made possible by collaboration tools. And that's a perk for gig workers, right?

5. Keep communication and tasks separated 

When you have collaboration tools for your business, you can group the communication about work in threads and then work on tasks under two separate buckets. For instance, communication is not only needed to share a project but also helps you to look at the trends and stay abreast with the latest courses.

Collaboration tools help you spend the right amount of time on the right amount of tasks. It lets you track the time spent by each employee on any particular task to determine their productivity level. So, you can chat about the latest trends and at the same time manage your tasks within such tools.

6. Makes communication accessible 

For the past 20 years, email has been the default tool for collaboration, but it’s showing its age. Data is difficult to access, everything goes into one big inbox, and the approval process and conversations are intermingled with offers, alerts, and many other things.

Email is hard to progress from because you can't be forever scrolling through it, always trying to get it to zero and using it as a to-do list.

When you use it as collaboration software, you can chat and share doc access via email and tag the users with @mention so no important link or attachment gets lost. 


best online team collaboration tools


How to Choose the Right Collaboration Software For Your Team?

Selecting the best software for team communication is a key decision that dramatically affects productivity, communication, and project management. To make an informed choice, you should consider several factors in detail, as outlined below:

1.  Identify your needs and objectives

Before delving into the selection process, you must have a solid understanding of what your collaboration needs and goals are to begin with. 

  • What will you use the software for, and what specific tasks or projects will it perform? 
  • Are you searching for a tool to support remote working, project management, or communication? 

Note: Having a clear and SMART goal in mind will help you make the most informed decision.

2. User-friendly interface

Collaboration software should be easy for your team to work with. Look for a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by anyone. A cleaner interface and easy navigation altogether make a good fit for your team. 

3. Compatibility and integration

Make sure the collaboration software integrates easily with your current tools and platforms, such as email, calendars, and productivity suites. Kroolo offers dozens of integration apps, so you don’t have to switch between tools. It lets you focus on your work and create, manage, track the progress of your tasks, and share everything under one workspace. 

4. Scalability

Ask yourself if the software can grow with your company’s expansion. Will it scale to support more users, projects, or data as your requirements expand? If your business is growing rapidly, it’s time to invest in robust and scalable team collaboration tools. Explore the pricing packages of Kroolo and choose the ideal plan for your business. 

5. Innovation 

Don’t miss innovation while choosing the right team collaboration tool. Kroolo has a Kroo AI feature that lets you create and manage your tasks and projects just by giving a prompt. This amps up your productivity and makes your work smarter. Don't trust us? Try and trust us!

6. Collaboration features

Evaluate every collaboration feature (free and paid) provided by the software. Importantly, for the free version, look for tools that allow real-time chat, document collaboration and editing, task assignment, file versioning, and project tracking to ease up team collaboration. You can even take a free trial!

7. Mobile accessibility

When everyone is working remotely, it’s essential to have a mobile, accessible, and compatible collaboration tool. Make sure that the software comes with mobile applications or responsive web design for accessing it on the move and to collaborate remotely.

8. Customization and flexibility

Different workplaces have different workflows and methods. Select software that can be customized to fit your unique requirements. This could be creating custom fields, automating workflows, or adding integrations.

9. User permissions and access control

Not everyone on the team should have access to the full range of information. Look for collaboration software that offers role-based access control so that individuals can only see and change what’s relevant to their role.

10. Security and compliance

Security and compliance are vital, especially when dealing with sensitive information. Make sure the online tools for team collaboration are equipped with solid security features, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and GDPR or HIPAA compliance. After all, you can’t choose any tool at the cost of your privacy, right?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main elements to look for when selecting collaboration software?

Some key things to keep in mind are -

  • Team’s unique requirements
  • Scalability
  • User-friendliness
  • Compatibility with current tools
  • Security
  • Pricing while choosing the right collaboration software for your business

2.  Which type of collaboration software should I choose – Cloud Based or On-Premise?

It depends on the preferences and requirements of your organization. Cloud-based software offers accessibility and flexibility while on-premise collaboration requires a lot of space, power, and maintenance to store.

3.  How can I prioritize the features while choosing the collaboration software for my business?

You must consider some of the important and must-have features like -

  • Task management
  • Real-time communication
  • Version control
  • Deadline tracking
  • Integration while choosing effective and efficient team collaboration software

Set priorities over what your team needs and gradually choose the best fit.

4.  How much does it cost to buy team collaboration software?

Kroolo offers 3 pricing plans.

  1. Startup: Free
  2. Plus: $15 / User / Month
  3. Business: $25 / User / Month

Click here to know what’s included in our power-packed pricing packages.

P.S. There are no hidden fees.


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Level Up Your Team Collaboration with Kroolo

The world of work has brought a paradigm shift in the gig economy. Nowadays, tasks and projects are managed, shared, and spread without any geographical boundaries.

So, whether your team is working in the same locale or in the same wing, or across the globe, you can share the doc and discuss the changes on a collaborative submission through online tools for team collaboration like Kroolo.

Kroolo is a powerful online team collaboration software that lets you manage team communication seamlessly keeping everything in one central place. This maximizes your team’s productivity and helps you find a range of viewpoints.

Hone your team management skills and leverage the best collaboration tools to deliver successful projects intelligently with us!

Sign up with Kroolo and empower your teams to work smarter, not harder. 



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