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7 Effective Team Management Skills Every Manager Must Have in 2024


Nov 2023



You are promoted to the Management.

Does it bother you when you think of acquiring or mastering effective team management skills?

You’re already an inspirational leader. Your existing skills have earned you a promotion. It’s time for you to lead your team, foster synergy, and celebrate small wins toward a common goal objective. 

But, with every award, there comes a new responsibility. Now, being promoted to a team manager, it’s time to pick up some new team management skills, invest in the right team management software & lead your team to bring synergy and camaraderie to the workplace. 


What is Team Management? 

Team Management is a dynamic and multi-faceted process that directs a group of individuals to work together to achieve common goals and objectives. It’s more about communicating, supporting, redressing the grievances, and uplifting the team members to make informed decisions together and faster. 

Importantly, a good manager is one who constantly emphasizes maximizing the collective potential of the group by leveraging the best features of team management software to get things done effectively and efficiently. 

So, are you a newly upgraded leader with intermediate experience, an aspiring manager, or a seasonal executive who struggles to keep up with team manager responsibilities?

Kroolo will help you create goals, manage multiple projects, and bring your team across the same place. Before that, let's understand the difference between project management and team management. 


Team Management V/S Project Management 

Managing a team and managing a complex cross-function project – are completely different. 

Project Management primarily focuses on the overall responsibility for successful planning, strategizing, implementing, and monitoring the success of a project. It heavily relies on team management to ensure that every member is working efficiently on the tasks assigned. 

While, team management primarily focuses on team building, fostering relationships, and working closely as a whole with specific deadlines and budgets. It involves selecting the right candidate with relevant skills and delegating the tasks and responsibilities for better clarity. 

Thus, project management and team management are complementary elements of any organization. Where project management concentrates on the nitty-gritty of time, budgets, and goals, team management complements them by stressing over the human side of the project execution. So, to meet your goal you will need a combination of both these productivity elements. 

team management skills

7 Effective Team Management Skills To Bring in Action in 2024

Want to hone your team manager skills? You need to consider key characteristics for building a strong and proactive team. Because without it, it can be challenging to rally your teammates to work towards mutual goals and give their best. 

1. Train to use the latest tools and software 

The technological revolution has brought a paradigm shift into the digital workforce. From boosting productivity to streamlining the work processes, it’s no wonder that team management tools have positively impacted employee productivity. 

According to GoRemotely, a total of 83% of employees use the latest technologies and tools for collaboration. It can boost productivity by 30%. This shows that every manager must prepare a communication plan and clarify which communication tool will be used by whom. 

Expose your employee to the advanced team management tools online that make their task easier and more productive. Arrange training sessions and teach them how to use Kroolo to improve their productivity and manage different projects all in one space – hassle-free. 

2. Give feedback to your employees

75% of employees believe that feedback is valuable and leaves an impact on their performance. 

65% of employees said that they wanted feedback regularly to thrive in their job roles. 


Member list
To all managers, your employee wants feedback. Constructive feedback makes your team’s job easier and the work environment healthier than before. 

However, don’t make feedback just a tick-box activity. Make it an integral part of your 1:1 sessions and catch up regularly for continuous learning, improvement, and building confidence. 

You can try out Kroolo to prepare your performance report in a well-documented format and share constructive criticism personally to reduce any potential miscommunication. Show your employees the areas for improvement and share suggestions on how they can effectively work on themselves.

3. Promote work-life balance 

According to Research by Deloitte, 77% of employees have experienced feelings of burnout at their current job.

So, whether you’re a gig worker a CEO, or a small-scale entrepreneur, burnout is a deadly force caused by prolonged and excessive stress. This often leads to mental and physical exhaustion and affects the overall performance at the workplace. Understand that, creating boundaries and promoting a healthier work-life balance comes under the team manager's responsibilities.

Every manager needs to speak and be proactive about workload management. Use capacity planning tools like Kroolo to get a good sense of what’s on everyone’s plate and what and how much is delegated. Ensure that no one is spread too thin and he won’t have to deal with too much for too long. 

Importantly, listen clearly to your employee and their expectation and normalize silencing work notifications after work hours. 

4. Celebrate small wins 

According to a recent Nectar Survey, 77.9% of employees would be more productive if they were recognized more frequently. So, if you’re missing out on celebrating team wins, you’re losing out on an opportunity to improve the productivity of your employees. 

It’s a must to recognize every small effort and outcome of your team members and appreciate their brilliance and endeavor; that is what makes a good team manager. This ultimately makes your team more resilient and cohesive. You can dedicate a slot in your agenda –monthly or quarterly to review the results, give positive reinforcement, and publicly conduct an appreciation program. 

5. Resolve team disputes 

Addressing the team issues is every manager’s worst nightmare. No third employee should come in between and deal with an emotionally draining fight. However, if it aggravates, it can impact the environment of your company drastically. Even common sense alone won’t help out here, and that’s where you need the magic of good team management skills.   

Therefore, start with analyzing the problem, propose a solution, and discuss with both the employees until they are satisfied. Give equal chances to spill their concerns. After all, team management is all about settling the issues and promoting camaraderie within the company, right?

A good team manager can use the corrective action plan template for conducting discussions and outlining the problem areas, root causes, and proactive solutions. When you present everything in writing, it makes communication easier, better, and understandable. 

6. Establish group norms

Establish group norms or rules to maintain discipline at the workplace. As a team manager, don’t let every employee decide their norms on their own. This can impact the team dynamics and affect the overall work culture in the organization. Some of the group norms that you can consider are –

  • Decide the start and end time of meetings
  • Make a rule not to interrupt when one’s presenting 
  • Avoid ethnic or gender-based humor 
  • Make sure everyone gets equal time to speak

7. Communicate openly and transparently

Missed deadlines. Long pending threads of emails. Not clear what is your today’s task and respective project deadlines. Scattered meeting files and documents. Ideas not presented in one place. 

Want to get rid of such poor project management? You can’t build your team on grounds of ineffective communication.

So, decide on your goal and neatly store and categorize your parent tasks and sub-tasks in Kroolo. Invite your team members and share projects to work on a common goal. Clarify everyone’s tasks and project deadlines, and make information accessible to every member invested in a particular project. 

The best part of using Kroolo is that you don’t have to use different platforms for managing your projects. You will find everything here at just one prompt with Kroo AI.

This will bring clarity and transparency to your communication and build trust in managers. 


Enhance Team Management Skills with Kroolo

Leading a team is more than just a title. 

It’s about investing in the emotional quotient of employees and developing team management skills to lead the team with emotions and cognition. To get a jump start on your team management approach, you must invest in the right tools and technologies to reduce the work and create a work environment for everyone. This fosters collaboration, transparency, and confidence to work on any complex project. 

At Kroolo, we help business owners and gig workers by offering a variety of visual project management tools and support for your team to view, track, and monitor the information - everything in a single dashboard.  

Stop hustling. Start leveraging Kroolo – The Best Productivity Management Software to lead your team effectively. Sign up today!


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