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What is Scope of Work? How to Define Scope of Work For Your Next Project


Nov 2023


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Well, before getting overwhelmed, hold your horses as there’s something that you need to nail down before giving a headstart. Yes, we’re talking about –

“Scope of Work”

It’s important to be well-armed with detailed information 📜on the scope of work to avoid any dreaded scope creep. Your scope of work is more like the project GPS🗺 that navigates your direction and lets you define your project limits, directions, and what’s expected at the end of the particular timeline.

In the dynamic world of project management, staying organized is key.

Consider leveraging online SAAS project management software to streamline your efforts and enhance collaboration 🤝among your team members. Fasten your seatbelt and tackle your next project like a pro with detailed insights on the Scope of Work and how it works –.


What is the Scope of Work?

The scope of work is a document that gives details of the expected project work and spells out the agreed-upon terms of work. It involves setting specific limits for the tasks 📚and going in-depth as to how to accomplish the project on time.

Typically, a fully fleshed-out scope of work template defines the project controls, services, and deliverables in the early stage of any project. Such a document includes-

  • Project milestones
  • Tasks that need to be done with a timeline
  • Objective metrics
  • Parties involved in the execution of a project

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Is Scope of Work and Statement of Work the same? 

Well, scope of work and statement of work are used interchangeably quite often. They aren’t the same.

A Scope of Work and a Statement of Work may often be used together in online project management software and contracting, but no, they are not the same document.

  • Scope of Work

A project document defines the overall objectives, deliverables, and tasks that should be undertaken to complete a project. It describes the scope of the project, and what is and is not included in it.

Details about project goals, timelines, resources, and high-level task descriptions 📰are usually contained in the SOW. It is an overarching and strategic document that sets the overall goal and objectives of the project.

  • Statement of Work

The SoW is a more elaborate document that most of the time, emanates from the scope of work. It gives the exact details of what will be done in every step🔎. This involves specific tasks, activities, duties, and schedules, and can also entail resource needs, standards of performance, or payment terms.


To summarize, the scope of work is a general document describing the project’s scope and objectives, while the statement of work is a finer detail document that outlines how the objectives will be met and serves as a contract between the parties.


Why Do You Need a Project Scope Document?

The first step in scope management is creating the project scope document in the best SaaS project management software. This lets you maintain a meticulous record of what was agreed upon to avoid any confusion once you get started with the project.

With this document, you don’t have to rely on memories and create assumptions about what was contractually decided. From the project manager's perspective, this document shields your team from over or under-delivering.

The absence of one could be overlooked or skipped from your overall project plan. The customer can even demand new special features.

However, you and your team will not produce the necessary documentation to support that what you’ve requested is out of scope and will require an extra amount of time and money to integrate it into your project scope.


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Who Writes a Project Scope Document?

The project manager in cooperation with stakeholders and the subject matter experts usually writes a project scope document. Depending on an organization and a project’s scale, the responsibility of creating this document may differ. Here are the key steps and stakeholders involved in creating a Project Scope Document:

1. Project manager

In many cases, it is the responsibility of the project manager to draft the project scope document. They consult various stakeholders, develop the scope of work, define the project’s objectives, boundaries, and constraints, and check if the document complies with the project goals.

2. Stakeholders

Any project stakeholder such as the sponsor, the end-user, the client and any other person interested in the project has to be covered by the project scope. Through this feedback channel, they offer their opinions on what should be expected regarding the objectives as well as specific requirements.

3. Subject matter experts

This depends on the nature of the project. Subject area experts may have to participate to define it with great precision. For example, during the technical phase of an IT project, technology specialists can make a list of the requirements for technology.

4. Team members

These other inputs could, for example, come from fellow team members involved in the project execution. This is because they can aid in the comprehension of the feasibility of a task and the associated problems.

5. Historical project documents

The historical project documents in such type of organization can be used to scope as a reference point. The scope of the current project can also be guided by previous projects which may act as great lessons.

6. Regulatory bodies

If the scope of work in project management is susceptible to particular regulation or compliance, it would be worthwhile to have representatives from relevant regulatory bodies to review and approve it.

Afterward, the project scope document is normally scrutinized by critical parties to verify that everyone is on board with the project’s scope, objectives, and boundaries. Any changes/adjustments approved are documented under the approved scope which acts as the basis for planning and implementation of the project.


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How to Define Scope of Work For Your Next Project?

We have discussed the best practices of a scope of work, now let us write one. Check the step-by-step process below-:

1. Define the project: As a first step, delineate the project and its objectives. It should involve identifying the goals of your project, why you are carrying out the initiative, and the anticipated outcomes or benefits.

2. List deliverables: However ensure you have a clear list of all deliverables required in the project. Other articles such as documents, registers, reports, software, and other related things.

3. Determine tasks and timelines: Break down the mission into smaller tasks with deadlines. The schedules should indicate the start and end dates of each activity and a general project plan.

4. Identify resources: Assess the resources required for the project like manpower, machinery, and finances just to mention but a few.

5. Define quality standards: State the particular attributes of the project quality standards. It should also entail, testing, quality control management, and quality assurance maintenance.

6. Determine communication procedures: List the channels that are going to be involved in the communication process during the undertaking of the project. Therefore, this will include highlighting the way it will take place, those who will participate, and the resources that will be used.

7. Identify risks: Identify all possible risks that may impact the project. These should be timelines, resource-based, quality, and other types of risks.

8. Define acceptance criteria: Specify the acceptance criteria that you will employ in defining the success of this project. This should entail the use of specific indicators or criteria that can help in ascertaining if the project has achieved its goals or not.


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Scope is one important element of project success which allows project managers to prevent creep scope and set expectations in advance, serving as a benchmark for the entire implementation period. This serves as your compass on the project’s path.

When starting your next project, ensure you involve all the stakeholders from the client, and subject matter experts, to create a clear and effective Statement of Works (SOW). Collaborate to establish boundaries, constraints, and goals for the project. Make sure that you have covered all deliverables and specified tasks.

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