Benefits of Team Management Software in the Modern Workplace
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7 Unexpected Benefits of Team Management Software in the Modern Workplace


Nov 2023


Do you know that 68.3% of managers struggle to manage their team with multiple responsibilities?

Well, it’s no surprise that in this fast-paced world, businesses often juggle managing multiple tasks, seamless collaboration across time zones, and organizing tasks in one place amidst chaos.

So, how to structure everything – from projects to teams in this demanding business landscape? Invest in team management software and ensure efficient productivity.

Whether you're a small-scale business owner, freelancer, or gig worker, unlock the benefits of team management software to manage your tasks and projects and collaborate seamlessly erasing the boundaries of time zones.

Dive into the world of workplace productivity tools and explore how it is adding million-dollar value to the modern workplace. Let’s get started!


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7 Unexpected Benefits of Team Management Software

Let's jump straight into some of the unexpected benefits of using team management and collaboration software -: 

1. Agile task management 

Are you struggling to structure your tasks and oversee the progress of every assignment? Well, your team is losing their valuable time in taking notes of what’s done and what’s left undone. Work smarter and not harder with free team management software. Leverage these powerful features -

  • To-do lists

Make an interactive to-do task list, add all your upcoming projects, and set start and end date for assignments with upcoming deadlines. Use Kroolo to create tasks, add your task details, and prioritize filtering or sorting, either by Due date, Priority, Status, Assignee, and Tags. 

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  • Notification 

As a team manager, always notify your team members that they've been assigned a new task. But, don’t do it manually or verbally. This won't be possible in case of large team size. Instead, do it modernly with the latest team management tools that keep you posted when anything is assigned or shared with you.

  • Shared tasks

Do you know that 57% of projects fail due to a breakdown in communications? Don't let your team collapse due to a lack of communication. Sign up with Kroolo- the best online team management software, and empower your team with hassle-free discussion. Create teams, assign tasks to your colleagues, add members, define roles, and customize team settings to ensure seamless collaboration.


  • Time Tracker

Time Management is the strongest pillar of any successful organization. You can lose your dream project if you lose track of your deadline. So, invest in team management tools and keep track of the time spent on each task assigned.

2. Task reporting

Team management software offers beyond tracking time and marking off completed tasks. Yes, it gives you a detailed report to have complete control over your team’s work. With Kroolo, you can leverage the benefits of team management software in task reporting like–

  • Summary of your team’s work
  • Detailed report on time spent on certain activity type
  • Task reports to bill the client on an hourly basis

3. Shared calendar and event scheduling

A shared calendar lets you schedule a team meeting and other collective events to connect with your business partners. With this, you can coordinate activities, manage time and events, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Such systems are commonly used in both personal and professional settings to streamline communication and organization.

4. Collaboration and team communication

Team management software offers an in-built messaging app. Like, in Kroolo, you can create channels and chats in threads where your conversations and documents become a searchable archive. Speed up your communication and focus on the conversations that really matters to you.

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5. Review team and project performance 

Want to get an instant overview of your team and project’s performance?

Choose the best team management software and create team dashboards to review visual metrics, charts, graphs, and KPIs with a visual presentation. You can leverage these metrics to compare your KPIs and real-time results with your expected metrics and present them in meetings for decision-making.

6. Project management 

Do you know that 39% of projects fail due to insufficient planning, resources, and activities?

Today, in modern workplaces, companies are leveraging project management software to plan, control, and evaluate teamwork and their contribution to multiple projects. This includes keeping everyone posted on upcoming events and tasks, outlining the team's schedule and work hour by hour, and managing project-related activities with work scheduling tools.

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7. Resource management

We know that teams are your most valuable resource, but you can't skip on a few more important resources of team management software. It includes a variety of tools and features for scheduling and planning resources and calculating the cost involved for their usage.

Schedule meetings and present a list of used resources with team reports to clarify the aggregate team budget and past expenses. This helps you understand how much in total you've spent on resources to avoid the possibility of conflicts in the near future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is team management software and why is it so important today? 

Team management software is very important for effective coordination of tasks, projects, and teams. It enhances communication, information centralization, and promotes collaboration in modern remote working conditions. 

2. How do we improve team management skills in the workplace?

Whether you’re a first-time manager or looking to hone your skills, you should –

  • Be transparent with tasks, and roles
  • Invest in team collaboration for clear communication
  • Give and seek feedback
  • Use team management software to structure all your tasks and projects

3. How does a team management software like Kroolo support remote teams?

Kroolo is a team management software that helps in maintaining an organized remote team environment with all essential tools of communication, collaboration, and task management. 

4. Can I review my team and project’s progress with team management software? 

Yes, obviously! Online team management software offers visual representation tools to review your team’s and project’s progress with Gantt charts, Kanban View, and List form.

5. What’s the future of Team Management Software in the modern workplace?

Team management software will continue to evolve with the latest technologies. However, it looks like VR-led collaboration, AI-led automation, and continuous integration with newly launched techs would reshape the entire gig industry and a few business landscapes.


Embrace Stress-free Productivity with Kroolo

Keeping tabs on everything manually with pen and paper often adds stress to your daily workload. Could you stop recording manually and start using team management software to offer a collaborative workspace for your team?

This tool delves deeper into complex project planning and empowers your team with better and more effective workplace management to foster communication and collaboration in one place.

NOTE: Choose the best team management software as per the size of your team and the nature of your work. Prioritize the features you need within the software. 

P.S. Would you like to keep track of your team and add value to your projects?

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