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10 Best Legal Project Management Software for Lawyers in 2024


Feb 2024


Ever find yourself in a legal maze👨‍⚖️, juggling tasks and drowning in paperwork? Well, fear not!

In 2024, we're unveiling the "10 Best Legal Project Management Software for Lawyers." Ready for a game-changer that simplifies your legal hustle?

Imagine tools crafted just for you – tackling tasks📚, handling docs, and boosting collaboration. Intrigued🤨?

Join the ride🏂as we unravel how these powerhouses are reshaping legal project management, making your journey through the legal landscape a breeze.

Ready to elevate your game? Let's dive in!


What is Legal Project Management Software?

Legal Project Management (LPM) software is a specialized tool designed to streamline and enhance the management of legal projects 📃within law firms and legal departments.

It provides a centralized platform for legal professionals to plan, organize, and execute tasks and projects efficiently.


Key Features to Look for in Legal Project Management Software

Key features of legal project management software typically include:

  1. Task management: Enables the creation, assignment, and tracking of tasks📒 related to legal cases or projects.
  2. Document management: Facilitates the organization and storage of legal documents, ensuring easy access and collaboration among team members.
  3. Communication tools: Provides communication features such as messaging📩, commenting, and discussion threads to enhance collaboration among team members👥.
  4. Workflow automation: Automates repetitive processes, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency in project execution.
  5. Integration with legal tools: Integrates seamlessly with other legal software and tools, such as case management systems and billing software.

By incorporating these features, legal project management software aims to optimize workflow, enhance collaboration, and improve overall efficiency within legal teams.


legal project management software


10 Best Legal Project Management Software for Lawyers in 2024

Here are some of the top legal project management software for lawyers to try in 2024 -:

1. Kroolo

legal project management software

Kroolo is one of the best legal project management software for law firms. Whether you’re a lawyer, advocate or practicing law, you can use Kroolo to create and manage your multiple projects with utmost use.

Utilize diverse project views, including List, Kanban, and Timeline, to align projects with the specific needs of your legal team. 

Start prioritizing your tasks. Break down complex cases into organized lists, to enhance clarity and provide a structured approach to legal project management.

Use Kroo AI to automate repetitive tasks to streamline workflows, saving time and ensuring a more efficient project execution.

Some of the powerful features that you shouldn’t miss are -:

  • Create a personalized workspace where law firms can group multiple projects, allowing for a consolidated and organized view
  • Update project details effortlessly, adapting to changing priorities, statuses, due dates, budgets, and dependencies as legal cases evolve.
  • Centralize all projects within a dashboard for a comprehensive visual overview, aiding law firms in tracking progress and ensuring deadlines are met.
  • Apply filters based on priority, status, dates, and owner to refine project views, allowing law firms to focus on critical aspects and make strategic decisions efficiently.
  • Tailor privacy settings with the choice between Public or Private, providing law firms the flexibility to collaborate securely on sensitive legal matters.


Kroolo’s pricing plan offers a FREE package for Startups. Click here to know more!


2. MerusCase

MerusCase Pricing, Features, and Reviews (Feb 2024)

MerusCase, a cloud-based legal practice management software, caters to law firms, particularly those in litigation. It provides customizable case types, document templates📰, task workflows, and detailed reports. The software boasts a full email client, accounting package, batch scanning, and referral tracking.

Best features

  • Tailored legal workflows and templates
  • Integrated telephony for call tracking and timekeeping
  • Case-specific billing and invoicing options

Pros & Cons


Contact the sales team for a quote


3. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project Dashboard

ProProfs Project, a leading legal project management software, optimizes your legal practice.

Simplify task management with intuitive scheduling and monitoring. Utilize Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, and List views to oversee ongoing legal tasks meticulously. Prioritize work 🗞for seamless case management, ensuring important tasks are promptly addressed.

Best features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Agile Kanban boards with extensive customization
  • Advanced permission controls for data security

legal project management softwarePricing

Annual plan starts at $39.97 per month



wm card img card full

Experience stress-free project management with's intuitive UI. You can easily organize case files and documents using the drag-and-drop feature. 

Promote seamless collaboration 🤝through clear visibility and improved communication, keeping your team and clients informed throughout the case process. 

Utilize's tools for task creation, organization, file management📂, messaging, staff coordination, and status reporting.

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Best features

  • Versatile & visual project tracking boards
  • Advanced reporting dashboards
  • Robust app marketplace for extended functionality

Pros & Cons
Pricing: Starts at $9 seat/month


5. Clio

legal project management software - kroolo

Ranked among the top legal project management software🏅, Clio streamlines work processes, reducing paperwork hassles.

It facilitates comprehensive management from initiation to completion, allowing easy linking of contacts, tasks, invoices, and time entries to specific tasks.

You can collaborate efficiently by adding notes for both your team and personal reference.

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Best features

  • Automated court rules and schedule building
  • Predictive analytics for case outcomes

Pros & ConsPricing

Clio starts at $39 user/month


6. Workzone

law firm project management software

Workzone offers legal teams a solution to streamline daily chaos through project management. Its cross-project dashboards enable swift review of task and activity status updates.

Additionally, personalized to-do lists can be created for individuals, ensuring efficient task completion without delay.

Best features

  • Robust document management with version control
  • Gantt charts for high-level project visibility
  • Custom alerts for key project dates and deadlines

Pros & ConsPricing

Workzone offers $24/userper month


7. Redbooth

legal project management software

Redbooth Legal stands out as a user-friendly legal project management software, providing lawyers with a centralized platform to streamline workflows. It facilitates seamless collaboration 👬among team members, enabling efficient project tracking.

With robust features like task management, document sharing, and communication tools, Redbooth Legal is dedicated to elevating productivity and organizational efficiency within law firms.

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Best features

  • Clean, easy-to-understand matter views for case management.
  • Gantt charts and workload charts to visualize scheduled work.

Pros & ConsPricing

Redbooth Legal Edition offers $9/user/month


8. Wrike

wrike review slider 5

Wrike is a standout ClickUp alternative, that offers a user-friendly interface for seamless adaptation. 

It's advanced project management features streamline case outlines, utilizing templates for time-saving and tools for task efficiency. Navigate files 📁effortlessly, track edits for real-time case updates, and generate detailed reports. 

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Best features

  • Customizable request forms for client and internal team communication.
  • Advanced reporting for data-driven decisions.

Pros & ConsPricing

Wrike offers a tiered pricing structure starting at $9.80 per user/ month


9. HighQ

legal practice management solution

HighQ is your comprehensive legal practice management solution, tailored for teams of any size👩‍💼👨‍💼. Easily establish a working dashboard, create defined workflows, and efficiently manage external stakeholders through vendor management.

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Best features

  • Real-time collaboration and communication tools
  • Document management with high-level security features for sensitive data

Pros & Cons

HighQ's pricing is available upon request.


10. Evernote Teams

Evernote Teams Dashboard

Evernote is your go-to for a digital workspace that organizes notes 🗒and archives seamlessly. Store document📓s, case notes, and meeting minutes in one place. The search feature enhances efficiency for effective legal project management.

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Best features

  • Capture and store meeting notes, documents, and research in one place
  • Advanced note organization and tagging for easy retrieval

Pros & ConsPricing

Pricing for Evernote Teams starts at $14.99 per user per month


legal project management software


The Best Legal Project Management Software – Final Verdict

Legal project management software can be a game-changer for law firms looking to enhance collaboration, improve client service, and increase efficiency.

As you consider the right solution for your practice, think about your firm's specific needs, the size of your team, and your budget.

With a myriad of choices, it's essential to not only choose software that fits your immediate requirements but also one that will grow and evolve with your practice.

Therefore consider the above checklist and make the best choice to boost your law firm’s efficiency and productivity.

Sign up with Kroolo and manage your law firm’s projects like a pro!


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