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12 Desk Organization Tips for Remote Work Management


Nov 2023


To all Seasoned Remote Workers and Freelancers, 

Are you struggling to keep your work desk organized while working remotely?

On average, an employee spends 4.3 hours a week searching for paper. Their productivity goes for a toss and they aren’t able to churn out quality deliverables on time. This means that cluttered and unorganized tasks often add stress and frustration to the workplace in turn, affecting the concentration and productivity of employees. 

In today’s fast-paced world, free workspace management software has become the norm for many organizations. While focusing on flexibility, you can’t overlook the importance of desk organization while working from home.

Note that, your work desk isn’t just a place to plop your laptop, it’s more of your productivity hub and you can unlock its potential, only by keeping it structured, and organized. 

Let’s be clear - working in a regular office, under fluorescent light in a standard grey cubicle is quite bland and utterly sterile. So, with the opportunity to work from home, let’s design & transform your remote work setup into a systematic and efficient oasis. 

Let. Set. Go..! 

How Can an Organized Desk Contribute To Remote Work Productivity?

Have you ever lost an important confidential document and spent hours searching under a pile of paper? You realize the time wasted and stress taken to search for that document.

Now, imagine what if you could have organized and labeled it under the project-specific head? That would've saved you productive time and effort, right?

Well, it’s time to do some physical struggles and free yourself from stiff muscles, chaotic desks, and strained vision. Invest in quick desk organization to invest in your remote work productivity. Here, from decluttering tips to ergonomic logic, we've covered it all.

Consider these desk organization tips to transform your workspace from chaos to calmness and bring clarity to your tasks -

Desk Management Tips For Remote Management 2024

(A) Desk organization ideas to organize paperwork 

Nothing is more disturbing than finding cabinets and drawers full of paper and files. Here’s a quick overview of how to avoid piles and keep them organized at your workstation-:

1. Invest in the filling system 

Purchase a filling system and label every file with specific project details and date of commencement. Categorize them based on priority, status, or project name for quick retrieval. Also, check regularly and delete documents that are no longer needed. You can invest in project management software to manage all your project and project-related resources in one place. In many tools like Kroolo, you can create, manage, and track as many projects and convert them into small tasks. 

Want to view your projects in Kanban view? Sign up with the best workspace management software now!

2. Desktop trays and organizers 

Keep a separate tray to organize your important documents, display decorative items, and incoming & outgoing bills, or hold cups with miscellaneous stationery items. Such desk management tips will make your desk look cleaner and tidier than before. 

3. Labeling everything 

Label everything – from drawers to folders and containers with color coding for quick identification. Also, you can even install wall-mounted pockets for storing documents that are used often. This will make your desk clutter-free and allow you to get documents within a stretch. 


(B) Small office organization ideas 

Whether you’re a freelancer or homeworker and want to organize your small office space, implement these little changes to leave a huge impact on your working space.  

4. Invest in multi-functional furniture and the right office chair 

Choose furniture that can be multi-purposed like a desk. See if it can be used as a cabinet and has built-in drawers and storage or that can even work as a printer stand. Importantly, you must invest in the right chair too. According to ergonomics experts, you should search for the right office chair that has- 

  • A backrest that’s 12 to 19 inches wide
  • Adjustable seat height and armrests
  • Lumbar support for your lower back

This helps you to work in a comforting position & reach different areas of the desk without straining much. 

5. Use a timer 

Even if you’ve most creatively set up your workstation, you still need a break from work to charge up your productivity, right? According to the American Psychological Association, taking “microbreaks” (for example, getting up from your desk to stretch or grabbing a cup of coffee) charge your body and bring productivity to work. That’s why you should invest in a handy timer to take short breaks. 

You can try the Pomodoro Technique – a commonly practiced time management technique. Start with 25 minutes. Take a 5-minute break extra when the timer goes off. In that extra break, stretch your muscles, take a quick walk, and refill your bottle. This small activity brings you back to your desk with 2x more energy.

6. Use translucent containers 

Store office supplies in translucent containers or bins so you can easily see what’s inside. You can use bright fluorescent colors to label them for quick identification. 

7. Whiteboard or green board 

Fix a whiteboard or greenboard where you can write your daily tasks or monthly targets, reminders, and to-do lists. You can use pushpins to insert motivational quotes for your leaders as work inspiration. 

8. Use floor lamps instead of desk lamps 

Shift to floor lamps and illuminate your office space with different light intensities. It serves as a decorative element and ensures proper lighting without cluttering your work desk. Make sure the cord of the floor lamp is long enough to connect to a nearby power switch. 

According to WeWork, floor lamps with warmer orange or yellow make you feel more relaxed, calm, and less stressed. While desk lamps with white and blue lights keep you active and help you concentrate better. 

P.S. If you've to attend a lot of video calls, it’s suggested to add a ring light to your office room. Such work desk organization ideas will help you interact better with your team. 


(C) Desk organization ideas to conceal clutter

Conceal clutter and make your workplace look cleaner. If you can’t cut the office supplies but want a neater and well-organized-looking desk, consider these ideas to smartly hide any additional clutter -: 

9. Group similar categorial items together 

To avoid clutter, avoid managing multiple drawers for storing office supplies. From scissors to sticky notes and your washi tape, put everything into one drawer. You can put small size adjustable organizer into your drawer to categorize the stationary items.

10. Choose the smart workspace management software

Are you someone who writes everything in sticky notes and calls it important? However, this isn’t the right route to take. Pinning so many notes can make your desk look cluttered. Instead, choose the smart workspace management software. Create and manage unlimited personalized workspaces in Kroolo. 

Whether it's personal or professional, you can seamlessly create goals, assign tasks, and share documents within each workspace. Treat your workspace as your team space and collaborate with your team without switching apps. 

11. Limit personal items from your desk 

Many times we clutter our desks with overwhelming pictures and knick-knack items. Limiting or removing such items from your desk can make it look organized. Although, it might be tempting to décor your workstation with creative items & motivational artworks. But that can quickly become a distraction. So, follow the principle of 'the lesser, the better' always!

12. Clean before you leave 

According to a Princeton University study clutter makes it challenging for people to focus on particular tasks. Imagine it’s Monday morning and you’ve grabbed a cup of coffee and entered your workspace to get started with your routine. And, today you've to create an important compliance document and send it to your project head. But, looking at this clutter, you are confused as to where to start cleaning. 

So, having a messy workstation often affects your productivity. Instead of kick-starting your day, it spoils your mood and makes you less active because you've to drain your energy in cleaning that stuff first. This is the best way to organize desks for remote work management.

Therefore, make it your habit. Clean your workplace before you go.  


Free Yourself From Clutter. Free Yourself To Create

Remote work is a lifestyle. In the coming years, this will become a norm rather than just an exception. In fact, according to FlexJobs, remote work is expected to grow tremendously over the next decade. Therefore, start investing in finding and implementing the organization hacks that help you work better and more productively from home too. 

And as we discussed above, organizing your desk and keeping the right thing in its right place, drastically improves work efficiency by cutting off visual clutter from your workstation. A clean and neater workspace puts the best mindset to succeed and helps you create a peaceful work environment free from any distractions. 

So, do you want to boost the productivity of your remote employees and help them streamline tasks while working remotely? It’s time to invest in the best productivity software.

Kroolo will help you manage your projects and reach your goals by creating, managing, and integrating everything into one central place without any mess. 

Sign up on Kroolo. Let’s get organized today! 


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